Aaryvn Malendre


General Information

Aaryvn Malendre, like the majority of the Dreadlords, was trained at the White Tower, and as a result, more is known about her and her past before she became a dreadlord.

She was raised in a small fishing village in the Mountains of Mist. Her father, by all accounts, was a drunkard and not very close to his daughter. As a child, Aaryvn was picked on by the other children and outcast at an early age. When she was 14 years old, she ran away from home and was found on the streets of Hai Caemlyn by an Aes Sedai who recognized her ability to channel right away. She was whisked off to Tar Valon, and 9 years later was raised to full sisterhood, choosing the Green Ajah.

It is unclear when she swore her soul to the Shadow, but five years after her raising, she disappeared, along side several other sisters who had been sent on a mission to bring a male channeler back to the White Tower for gentling. That man was Vandred Cazvalo. The expedition disappeared right at the same time Trollocs poured out of the Blight in what would soon become known as the Trolloc Wars. The rest, as they say, is history. Shortly afterward, Aaryvn and the rest of the “escort” party meant to bring Vandred to Tar Valon, revealed themselves as servants of the Shadow in different forms. Aaryvn and Josine Feldramon (a member of the gentling party) were placed in charge of armies, as was Vandred himself.

Aaryvn was removed as a field general after her defeat at the Battle of Ghedron, and has not commanded an army since. She is more useful working behind the scenes and from the shadows. Rumor has it she was placed in charge of the darkfriend networks operating throughout the world, and by all accounts, appears to be very good at what she does.

General Personality

Aaryvn has a fiery temper and hates to lose. She is a very angry person and is known to stalk while she walks even when she isn’t agitated. She wears a perpetual frown on her face and has never been seen smiling, not even in triumph.

Aaryvn loves to duel her former Aes Sedai sisters. She has issued many challenges in the past, sometimes in writing, other times while on the field of battle. While she may have no talent with tactics and strategy, she is certainly good at one on one combat. The deaths of several prominent Aes Sedai can be laid at Aaryvn’s feet, having lost only one duel to Cara Mosvenya.


Aaryvn’s crimes are severe, but not as severe as some of her compatriots. Still, the one crime against humanity that she is most well known for, was the razing of her hometown, Paerish Shar.

Approximately 20 years after the Trolloc Wars had begun, Aaryvn led a Trolloc horde into the Mountains of Mist on campaign. While there, she siezed the opportunity to overrun her hometown. After a short battle in which the villagers fought against the trolloc army alone (Manetheren’s own military forces were dedicated elsewhere), the small village was finally taken. Those not killed in the fighting were eventually killed and fed to the trollocs. Among these was Aaryvn’s own father. It is said that she served the stew made from her father herself. Such was her hatred for both her father and the tiny village she grew up in.

Another crime Aaryvn is rumored to be involved in is the murder of the hero Aes Sedai Cara Mosvenya, while she slept in her bed in the White Tower. Cara defeated Aaryvn in a duel at the Battle of Ghedron, and Cara’s warder, Teren, killed Aaryvn’s only remaining warder (and fellow darkfriend), Garik. Aaryvn escaped, but not without considerable damage to her pride or her standing within the Shadow’s hierarchy. Shortly afterwards she was relieved of her command over the trolloc legions and put to work elsewhere. And with her lone remaining warder dead, she experienced a long period of maddening depression and despair. As a result, Aaryvn’s hatred for Cara burned hotter with each passing day.

One night, several years later, Cara was found dead in the White Tower. The only clue to what had killed her was a dagger forged at Thakandar piercing her breast. It is widely rumored that Aaryvn was responsible, but the White Tower denies this, claiming it would be impossible for such a well known Dreadlord to make her way through to the upper levels of the White Tower without drawing attention to herself. The official explanation is that a darkfriend, most likely posing as a servant, managed to enter Cara’s room and kill her while she slept. Cara’s warder, Teren, never believed this. He rode out of the White Tower shortly after Cara’s death, intent on taking Aaryvn’s head. He never returned.


Aaryvn was killed by the PC’s during the assault on the White Tower.

Aaryvn Malendre

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