Callah Besharn


Callah Besharn is the Keeper of the Chronicles. She was raised from the Green Ajah, as is customary since the Amyrlin herself was raised from the Green Ajah. She hails from Ancohima in Aelgar, and her accent is still thick.

She has a smoky voice and a seductive way about herself. She is a strikingly beautiful woman with black hair that hangs down to her back. She has green eyes and is fond of Saferi powders and lipsticks to highlight the natural beauty of her face. She has been accused of being vain from time to time, though what Green isn’t at least somewhat concerned about her appearance when they deal with so many men?

Callah replaces Genoa Madari as Keeper. Genoa passed away from natural causes four years ago. When she died, Callah…newly raised only two years before to Aes Sedai…was chosen as her replacement, having shown a good head for problem solving and an efficiency and orderliness that the position required.

Callah is a very opinionated woman and is very quick to express herself, often to the Amyrlin’s chagrin. She despises wilders, yet since being raised to Keeper she has tried to keep this opinion to herself as there are many women considered “wilders” in the Tower. She still fails, but is still better than she was before her raising.

Before being raised to the Shawl, she was known for mean spirited pranks she would play on her fellow novices and accepted. Those pranks have stopped since she attained the Shawl, yet some of her mean spirited nature still surfaces from time to time. Callah is also known to have a legendary temper as well.

Revealed as a Darkfriend

Callah Besharn was revealed to be a darkfriend Aes Sedai. Given her status as Keeper of the Chronicles, she was given a great deal of leeway and power within the White Tower’s hierarchy. As a result, no one could have forseen the damage Callah would do during her service to the Shadow.

It was Callah that formulated the plan to destroy the White Tower from within. In the past the Shadow had assaulted Tar Valon three times, failing each time. Callah’s plan very nearly ensured success.

Using the rent in the side of the White Tower as an excuse (coupled with the fact that any Ogier stonemasons of fighting age were withdrawn to defend their Stedding), Callah hired common “laborers” amongst humankind for the repairs. Their work was to be supervised by several elderly Ogier that were too old to fight and too old to do the stonework themselves. What only the Shadow knew was that these common laborers were in reality darkfriends. Men hand picked from every corner of the earth for their ability to kill. Aiel, Sharans, and men from an unknown continent were chosen, as well as darkfriends from the Westlands themselves. Each man had been an assassin, thug, soldier, or warrior. All were very skilled with their weapons, and each man was deadly.

Vandred moved his army into position to assault the White Tower and act as a decoy, while Callah coordinated with the Black Ajah within.

Not all pieces of the plan were in place when an unexpected bonus arrived via a riverboat on the Erinin. One of the three remaining seals to the Great Lord’s prison was being delivered to the Amyrlin Seat herself. When Callah learned of it, she immediately contacted Vandred and Aaryvn and their plans were escalated.

The attack on the White Tower began a few days later. It failed, in large part, to a treasonous letter from one of the “laborers” sent to the PC’s, warning the party of what the Shadow had in store for them, the White Tower, and the seal they had tried so hard to protect. The PC’s acted quickly, rescuing a kidnapped Amyrlin and slaying many darkfriends and Black Ajah in the process before confronting the dreadlords Aaryvn Malendre and Vandred Cazvalos outside of Tar Valon and defeating them and an entire host of lesser dreadlords. In the end, the Shadow as routed, and forced to retreat.

Callah herself was captured during the battle and sent by the Amyrlin to the jails, where she was to be shielded and guarded night and day until the day of her trial and execution. In the meantime it was the Amyrlin’s plan to see that every ounce of information she could glean about the Shadow and their plans was squeezed from Callah’s pretty head.


Callah Besharn

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