Hedara Tinowa


Hedara Tinowa descends from survivors of the fall of Aramaelle. He swore his soul to the Shadow but later realized that he hated what he had become, and despised everything the Shadow stood for.

On the night Tar Valon was assaulted by Vandred and the “Black Ajah” revealed itself for the first time since the Trolloc Wars began, Hedara turned on his darkfriend allies and killed them, figuring he too would be killed in the process and that his sacrifice would be enough to allow his soul to return to the Light. In the process he also betrayed the Shadow’s secret plan to attack the White Tower and kidnap the player characters just before the attack unfolded. By doing so, he helped them avoid being captured and the possible deaths they may have received as a result. He did so for one reason alone…the player characters were the ones responsible for bringing the Seal back to Tar Valon, and by saving them, he also saved the Seal from capture. He was right.

After the battle for Tar Valon ended, Rashima Kerenmosa had Hedara executed alongside the other surviving Black Ajah and darkfriends. She didn’t want to do it, but Hedara demanded it, and the Amyrlin complied.


Hedara Tinowa

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