Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth'n

Ogier Sentinel


Str – 24 (7)
Dex – 10 (
Con – 16 (3)
Int – 12 (
Wis – 13 (1)
Cha – 12 (

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Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth’n was born in Stedding Chiantal in the central borderlands. Living so close to the Blight, Kael was not only aware of the effects of the Shadow, but often saw them first hand. In his youth, Kael was exuberant, passionate, and often brash. While others were content to study and remain secluded in the Stedding, Kael was constantly chastised by the Elders for his impatience. Kael would take any excuse to leave the Stedding, so when the opportunity came to learn stonework and masonry for use in the building and repairing of the borderland defenses, Kael jumped at it.

When the trollocs flooded out of the blight and swept over the borderlands, Stedding Chiantal was among those who were abandoned. Kael soon found himself a refugee in Stedding Jenshin. Frustrated and restless at the loss of his home and the seeming lack of response of the Elders, Kael left Stedding Jenshin searching for a way to fight the shadow and reclaim his home.

In Stedding Taijing, Kael met with a small group of Aiel. The fierce and unrelenting Aiel nature rebuffed the trolloc invasion into the Waste and Kael couldn’t help but wonder: “If these humans can turn back the Shadow, how much more could the Ogier do?” It was then and there, Kael decided to fight the Shadow and take back his home by force.

He was not alone.

Others felt and thought as he did, so Kael set out to find the Ogier Sentinels. At Stedding Tsofu his search was rewarded and he was trained and equipped. Due to his late arrival though, nearly all of the Ogier who had chosen to fight had already left for Al’Cair Rahienallen to join with the human armies massing there.

Upon completion of his training in Stedding Tsofu, Kael left for Al’Cair Rahienallen in hopes of meeting up with the other Ogier Sentinels. When he arrived, however, he found it difficult to find those he sought. He stopped at the Wandering Man Inn to eat and shortly after his meal he found himself on a 2nd floor patio area of the inn when the sound of combat drew his attention. Kael looked down into an alley behind the inn just in time to see a massive ball of fire explode among a group of humans, killing most of them. He watched as an Aes Sedai lashed out with the One Power and killed those who stood against her.

Without hesitation, Kael took up his belongings and rushed down to her aid not knowing why and unable to stop himself.

Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth'n

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