Raefari Jenar


Raefari Jenar is from Jaramide, hailing from the coastal city of Alorallen. He is very proper and only refers to Telandria by her name when they are in private. Otherwise he answers her commands with “Yes, Aes Sedai” or “No, Aes Sedai”.

Raefari is 22 years old and was raised on a farm on the outskirts of the city for most of his life, though constant raids by trollocs coming from the occupied northern parts of Jaramide made life difficult at times. He learned early on how to use a sword and is very good with it.

Living on a farm in a rural environment so close to the occupied lands has its drawbacks. Raefari has lost two sisters, a brother, and several cousins and an uncle to those raids. He misses those family members terribly, as his family…even his extended family…are all very close, and it was his lust for revenge that brought him to the White Tower for training as a warder. Well, that and the fact that he was considered one of the finest swordsmen in the area and was actively encouraged by both family and friends to seek further training with the fabled warders of Tar Valon.

He did so, and after training for almost two years under Master Ronan Jafar, was eventually chosen for bonding by Telandria Aislyn, a newly raised Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. He considers such a choosing to be a great honor and takes his role as Telandria’s first warder since her raising with great pride.

Raefari is a soft spoken young man who rarely speaks unless spoken too first. This makes him a perfect example of what a warder should be.

Raefari was killed when Telandria was taken by Laen the Tinker.


Raefari Jenar

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