Sochaia Doisech

39-year old Eharon with long dark brown hair and green eyes.


Sochaia Doisech
Sochaia was born to Pyeter and Elonica Doisech in the countryside of Eharon. Being one of 8 children (5 brothers and 2 sisters) meant that Sochaia was never at a loss for something to do or friends to play with. As Sochaia grew up she found she liked helping people. She particularly liked helping an elderly neighbor, Bolgera Farsong. Bolgera was kind and capable but sometimes lapsed into incoherency and would ramble about strange things, and cause objects to move around. Both in and out of coherence, Bolgera taught Sochaia much about weaves and the One Power, cautioning her against revealing it to her parents. Bolgera also taught Sochaia a strong distrust of Aes Sedai. Sochaia is very protective of her ability to channel and has always refused any calls to the White Tower, preferring instead to “stealthily provide” whatever benefit she sees for a family, a stranger, a friend, without calling attention to her actions. Thus far, she has managed to keep her particular skills secret.
Sochaia’s father, impressed with his favorite daughter’s intellect, began teaching her the art of selling the family’s spices in the nearby city. Sochaia soon became known as a formidable trader in spices. As a successful trader, Sochaia is rarely troubled with finances, and it is difficult to trick her into a poor deal. On the other hand, she typically pays for drinks for all, and sometimes meals.
While trading, Sochaia was robbed by a clever and amusing thief. In the process of retaking her purse, she became captivated by him. They married within days. Within weeks, he had disappeared. She will not discuss his disappearance, but he lives…somewhere. She’ll often pretend mysteriously that she murdered him, but that’s something that’s just not in her nature.
She’s flirtatious to the point of lasciviousness, but is actually a loyal and fierce friend. She may insult and offend her friends, but woe betide the stranger who insults her friends in her presence. Loyal to a fault, Sochaia has started tavern brawls defending a friend.
Sochaia’s trade route takes her into the Aiel waste, to Shara. Her two most recent guards abandoned her in Mora’s Eye upon learning that Shara was the intended destination. While looking for new guards, she encountered Nevren.

As of 8/14/12, Sochaia has been raised to Aes Sedai and chose the Green as her Ajah.

Sochaia Doisech

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