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Vandred Cazvalo

General Information

Vandred is a male channeler, though for reasons unknown, he has avoided the Taint induced madness for nearly 300 years. He is quite strong in the One Power, perhaps the strongest of all of the Dreadlords, save perhaps for Josine Feldramon.

Little is known about Vandred’s beginnings. It is whispered that he came from a once powerful noble family in Safer, though if that is true, they have long since changed their last name or the house itself has died out.

Vandred has been encountered by Aes Sedai in the past. He has killed or stilled several prominent sisters throughout the Trolloc Wars. Thus far, he has not been defeated in combat. As a field general, he is considered to be quite capable, and has commanded several Shadow legions throughout The Trolloc Wars. He is known to be high on the Shadow’s Council.

He is very skilled with the longsword, though he is not considered a blademaster by any means, and though he may occasionally use a sword simply for the pure enjoyment of it, he always falls back on the One Power when dueling non-channelers. Those that do not use the One Power are advised to never engage the man despite his claims to “fight honorably and without the True Source.” He has tricked more than one foe into accepting, and unfortunately, has never followed through with his promises. The moment Vandred realizes he is close to being bested with the sword, interesting things happen to his opponent, and they always end up dead.

General Personality

Vandred has a very serious demeanor. Some might call it arrogant. He is vain, despite his pockmarked face, and has a violent temper when angered. He has a habit of occasionally picking at the flesh around his neck and lower face when he is agitated or concentrating, which may have contributed to the pockmark scarring found there. He takes a lot of pleasure out of torturing his victims, and wears a perpetual grin while doing so. Legend has it, he was a cruel child and enjoyed torture even then, though at that time he was torturing small animals, not people.


As if swearing one’s soul to the Shadow isn’t enough, Vandred Cazvalo has committed atrocities too numerous to list. However, some of his more notable crimes are:

  • Fond of hurling live prisoners at the walls of any fortress he assaults via catapult and trebuchet. He has done this during the sieges of Shaemal, Hai Caemlyn, Deranbar, and Tar Valon, among others. He uses this tactic often to lower defender morale, and it has been quite effective.
  • Has crucified captured enemy commanders and Aes Sedai, and flayed them alive in the past. Using a skill that is known to the Aes Sedai in the White Tower, he apparently has some talent for Healing, as he has been known to keep these crucified and flayed individuals alive for some time after crucifixion, so that his opponents across the battlefield can hear their cries of agony before battle is engaged. Again, this is a morale reducing tactic, and he employs it often when he has the opportunity.
  • Is known to have an appetite for captive women. He kills most when he is through with them, though he has saved some of those that he really liked, to keep as his “playthings”.


Vandred is of average height. He has olive colored skin, white hair and a pockmarked face. His eyes are dark, and his nose is long, slender, and bent like a hawk. Vandred prefers to dress in the finest clothing and looks as though he is dressed for a grand event at any given moment. He prefers to dress all in black, with silver trim on his boots and white lace at the neck and cuffs of his coat. He wears a black cloak, trimmed in silver, with a dead silver oak tree emblazoned on the back, which he claims is inspired by his former house in Safer. The house sigil at the time was a silver oak in full bloom. According to Vandred, his version of this emblem represents the death he brings to all. In battle, he wears a suit of black and silver plate and mail armor.


Vandred was killed during the battle for the White Tower.

Vandred Cazvalo

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