Session August 21st, 2012 Chat Log

[As requested, a snippet of the pregame convo so James can know he was ribbed mercilessly for being late.]

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): For the record, for posterity, let it be known that JAMES IS LATE! LATER THAN LISA!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): exactly
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): this time Lanndon didn’t have to text me and ask me if I was gonna game
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): thats cause ur right there… no wonder your on time =P
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I know I can’t make up an excuse
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): maybe the wolf dream scared off our friend there
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): bet he did.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): lets do this.. I need to spend time with my new hottie warder!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): bleh.. now you got mike behind me telling me to quit my bitching that I’m always late
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): LOL. right ON, Mike!


GM: Here we go.

Tasalaya, you eat dinner with Nevren and the Amyrlin. It’s a nice dinner. You’ve never had the opportunity to spend much time around the Amyrlin, though you have spoken to her on several occasions, one of those being your raising to Aes Sedai. She and Nevren provide good company and you spend a good two hours after the meal discussing all that you and Nevren have seen since departing Tar Valon. Nevren has seen much more, and as a result, spent the majority of those two hours telling her tale, but you were able to fill in details before the fall of Al’Cair’Rahienallen, as well as your own observances during the boat ride on The Swift on your way to Tar Valon.

You learn a great deal as well. The dreadlord’s armies beset Tar Valon about the time you arrived in Al’Cair’Rahienallen, and it was during that initial assault that things were most chaotic. The immediate attack consisted of much more of those balls of fire than has been seen recently, and it was during that first attack that the White Tower itself was struck. The Shining Walls that protect the island city were also hit, as were some of the ogier built buildings in the city, but the Aes Sedai reacted quickly and began fighting off the assault almost as soon as it had begun. Almost all of the destruction created during that initial attack has already been repaired by the human and Ogier teams outside before any of you arrived. All that remains now is the hole in the side of the Tower, and that is quickly being repaired as well.

Immediately after the first attack, the Amyrlin organized the Ajah’s into rotating shifts to patrol the walls and streets of Tar Valon, watching for more of these balls of fire. This is a new weapon the Shadow is using, one that hadn’t been seen before, though it is easily countered by Aes Sedai. Unfortunately most of the cities facing attack by these weapons do not have Aes Sedai support, so they are at the mercy of their enemies.

Each patrol is to be accompanied by groups of novices and Accepted who link with the sister in charge and lend their power to hers. In this manner, the single Aes Sedai is much stronger and capable of unraveling the weaves used on these balls of fire before they become a threat. At the same time, the novices and Accepted receive valuable real-world experience. Not only do the girls get to watch an experienced Aes Sedai at work and perhaps learn from her, but they also learn about linking and the effects it has on channeling, and perhaps these girls will find themselves better prepared to face the stresses of battle given this experience as well. Battle is an inevitability in today’s world, and there is no telling when or if these “Trolloc Wars” will ever end. The experience those young women are gaining today may be invaluable to them in the future.

The dinner ends, and you are dismissed with a gracious hug and thanks for the good company. The Amyrlin, despite being a very stern, officious woman in public, is actually a very gracious host in private. You enjoyed your evening. Afterwards, you returned to your old rooms in the Tower and began to settle back into a day to day routine.

The following day Telandria is tested for the Shawl. At the same time, Sochaia is tested for Accepted. Both pass their tests. The second full day in Tar Valon, Telandria is officially raised, and Sochaia is tested for the Shawl. She passes, and is then raised to Aes Sedai the next day.

For everyone:

The next week passes uneventfully, though each of you are active in your own ways. Clouds roll in, and at random times a light rain falls, accompanied by bursts of lightning and peals of thunder. The sun hasn’t shown itself since just before your arrival in Tar Valon. At least it’s not snow. Each one of you, save for Tasalaya, are sick of the snow. But its still cold, and if the temperature drops anymore…that light rain may very well turn icy.

Kael, to pass the time, you began helping Terith and Elder Inoa direct the humans working on repairing the hole in the side of the White Tower. Under the approving stares of Aes Sedai of different Ajah’s, including the Amyrlin herself at one point, you sometimes scale the scaffolding and do the work yourself, when the humans that were hired to perform this task either seem too incompetent or outright incapable of understanding the Elder’s instructions. Working with stone is not difficult, but the concept isn’t easily grasped by human beings for whatever reason. Working with humans on such a delicate task as stoneworking quickly becomes a chore, but you perform it nonetheless, showing the same patience the elders show when dealing with the workers. Terith, to his credit, does the same, though he is still quicker to criticize the humans than you are.

Tasalaya, after returning from your dinner with the Amyrlin, you had a meeting in your quarters with Kedra Beregostian, head of the Red Ajah. Her title is actually “Highest”, and you referred to her as such during your meeting. Of course, she wanted to know about what you had experienced in Al’Cair’Rahienallen, and you spent another hour of your time filling her in about the destruction of the city. You had been sent there to establish a new network of eyes and ears, but that task was no longer relevant since those eyes and ears were most likely dead now, given the destruction of the city. The Highest is a rough woman, stern and unforgiving of mistakes, but she holds nothing against you. You performed your tasks for the Red Ajah admirably, and before the fall of Al’Cair’Rahienallen, that network of eyes and ears had indeed established contact with Kedra via pigeon, just as she had requested. Kedra rewards your good work with four days of rest, despite needing every Red to perform patrols on the walls to keep those blasted balls of fire and the shadowspawn from swarming across the bridges again. She feels you’ve earned it, and while you accept the first day off so that you may rest and recuperate and perhaps do a little shopping to replace the things you lost when you had to flee Al’Cair’Rahienallen so suddenly, you tell her you’re ready to begin doing your share of the patrols on your second day back. She accepts your help with gratitude and allows you to do so.

As a result, you’ve spent eight hours a day over the last six or so days patrolling the walls and streets of Tar Valon, generally with a group of between four and eight novices and Accepted. But you were given your choice of which hours you would patrol, most likely as a reward for being such a diligent Sister and returning to action far sooner than expected. You chose to patrol at night, when you knew the shadowspawn would be most active. You have too much pride to be seen shirking your duties, and besides, you prefer to be where the action is. When dealing with shadowspawn, that time is night time.

You work eight hour shifts, and they are never dull, as the Shadow’s armies are constantly testing Tar Valon’s defenses, though their attempts seem only half hearted. Several times you’ve had to weave Fire and Earth to counter and destroy those flaming balls of fire as they hurled through the air at Tar Valon. You were successful each time, and given the link you form with the novices and Accepted following you, your power is amplified so much higher than what you could ordinarily channel on your own unaided. The novices and accepted following you seem to be in awe of your abilities. You humbly tell the girls that they too will one day wield such power, if they are diligent in their studies and work hard to attain the Shawl. You always use such opportunities to teach, when given the chance. It breaks up the long hours spent on the walls and makes the shift pass faster.

The rest of your free time has been spent either reacquainting yourself with your fellow Red sisters, or spending time walking the gardens of the White Tower. You even participated in Telandria’s raising on your second day back. Outside of that, you spend a good deal of time reading in your room. Aside from your patrols, your free time is very peaceful, and you’re enjoying being back home.

Telandria and Sochaia

You spend the next couple of days getting yourselves situated in the quarters of the Green Ajah and getting used to life as a full Aes Sedai. Neither one of you have spent a moment anywhere outside of your quarters without your new green shawls since your raisings, though the newness is wearing off.

You were given a couple of days to get yourselves moved in and set up. You’re each given a small stipend courtesy of the White Tower to purchase new furniture and decorations for your quarters and to help you transition to your new lives within the White Tower.

Ni’tareus collects his things and moves into the extra room in Sochaia’s quarters so that he can be near her whenever needed. Shortly after Sochaia’s raising he was allowed to keep the warder’s cloak he had been using, officially being recognized as a warder of the White Tower. He helps Sochaia move in the new furniture purchased with the money you were given. For Telandria, Tower servants help you move in your new furnishings.

The Amyrlin sends word to both of you that you are to stay in Tar Valon for the time being. She has plans for the two of you, but needs time to get those plans fully formed and ready. Her letter never says exactly what it is that she is planning.

You do not see Nevren at all. You have to presume she is off on her own tasks, or perhaps resting from such a stressful ordeal. Neither of you see any point in bothering her and you’re too busy with your own tasks to do so anyway.

After you get settled in, both of you begin working the patrols of the city, as ordered by Jessa Coraleo, the Captain General of the Green Ajah. Like Tasalaya, both of you see your fair share of the balls of fire, and you find yourself having to counter them occasionally. Each time you go out, several novices or Accepted accompany you, unless you’re on street patrol, at which time only your warders, if any, are allowed to accompany you. That sort of patrol isn’t meant to counter the attacks of the trollocs outside Tar Valon, but to counter a rise in criminal activity within the city due to the rise in population as a result of having so many refugees crowding the city streets.


You spend what free time you have in between getting settled in and the patrols, down at the training grounds where new warders are being trained. Your first day down there, you join a small group of other women…Aes Sedai mostly, though there are a few Accepted as well…watching the new recruits train.

Ronan Jafar is the master trainer. He is also one of Rashima Kerenmosa’s warders. The man’s skull is completely shaved and if the sun were shining, it would reflect off of his bald pate. He’s built like an oak tree, big, tall, and broad, and he yells with a rough voice at the recruits while they spar.

To Ronan Jafar’s side are two men. One of them you’ve already met. Christoff stands with his arms crossed, watching the sparring sessions and here and there pointing out mistakes made by the recruits. The other man you’ve never met before. He, along with Christoff, appear to be assisting master Jafar in training these men. Something about him seems familiar, and then you remember where you know him from. This was the man that was sparring with Tymire on the day you chose to bond him, just before you left Tar Valon with Narna.

Thinking of Tymire once again hits you hard and you feel your throat tighten. The pain from losing him hasn’t completely dissolved yet, and the emotion of it sometimes hits you at odd, random times now. You’ve found yourself waking up in tears in the middle of the night just from dreaming of Tymire. But you push the emotion down and focus on your purpose. You need a new warder. What is a member of the Battle Ajah without a warder?

Focusing, you try to remember the other man’s name. Raefari? That sounds right. He and Tymire were friends, having trained together for quite some time before you took Tymire as your warder. And then you remember a short discussion you had with Tymire as the two of you were traveling with the convoy just after departing Tar Valon. He had asked that when you were raised and officially made a member of the Green Ajah, that you consider taking Raefari as your next warder. You had agreed to consider it, but made no promises that you would. Honestly, you expected the man would have already been bonded by another woman and never thought you might have to live up to the promise.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk 1

With that memory locked in your head however, wrapped up in the fresh emotion of Tymire’s death still bubbling to the surface, you nod to yourself. You’ve found your next warder. Sure, there are others available, but most of them look too new to the sword to entrust with your life, and this man…as you recall, he was every bit as good as Tymire with a sword. And you feel like you owe it to the warder you lost.

You approach the man. He is watching the recruits as you do, but he quickly looks your way once you’re close enough. He unfolds his arms and bows to you. When he realizes your eyes are locked on him, his own eyes widen slightly.

Raefari Jenar: Is there something Raefari can do for you, Aes Sedai?

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): shit phone
Lanndon: lol
DragonSypher (Kael): back
Sochaia Doisech: he’s here, but he’s static.
‘l1wolf-WoT’ connected
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok sorry
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): was mom
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lisa, look! wold-face!
Sochaia Doisech: wolf

Telandria Aisalyn: Yes I would ask you to join me this evening.. there are things I would like to discuss with you
Raefari Jenar looks around to make sure she is addressing him.
Telandria Aisalyn: Yes you Raefari I will expect you around 7
Raefari Jenar: Me, Aes Sedai?
Raefari Jenar bows
Raefari Jenar: As you command. Where shall I meet you?

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lion king? shaman-esque guy?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): what james is saying…

Telandria Aisalyn: In my study nods at Christoff as she walks away
Raefari Jenar: I will be there.
Raefari Jenar bows as Telandria leaves.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I gotta work him up

Christoff eyes Telandria as she walks away.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I don’t just go and bond
Lanndon: Okay, backing up to get James caught up.

[James, we’re going to make it so that your Wolf Dream night was a few nights after your arrival in Tar Valon, so that it better fits my timeline of events. I should have thought that through better, but didn’t have a lot of time for preparation or writing last week and that little detail didn’t become evident for me until this week. Just letting you know. We’re going to push that Wolf Dream sequence in a few days, so that everything flows better.]

Sandulf, on your second night in Tar Valon you grow bored with your accommodations and decide to set out to explore the city. You’ve begun to take a more active interest in the “nightlife”, so to speak, in recent weeks. You’ve always had a desire to hunt down thieves, murderers, and every other criminal element and bring them to justice, and with so much time on your hands you at the moment, you decide now is a good time to start doing so. It’s something to do while you figure out your next move, anyway.

Ordinarily, crime in Tar Valon is minimal, but given the siege and the influx of refugees from both the surrounding villages as well as the outlying farms and villages in other parts of Tar Valon’s territory, the population has swelled dramatically. As a result, crime has risen too, despite the threat of punishment by Aes Sedai. It’s a rough world you’re living in now, and at least in your opinion, the world could use a person of your skill helping clean up the city. Over the course of the next two evenings, you find yourself scaling rooftops, prowling alleys, and frequenting some of the more ill-reputed taverns and inns near both docks. Twice you’ve tracked footpads to a place they planned to rob, and one of those times you apprehended the men responsible for one of the robberies, turning them in to the Tower Guard. The other set of footpads managed to escape once they realized they were being followed. You never got a good look at them.

You receive 1 gold crown as a reward for turning in robbers.

Both nights you returned to your room at the Ivory Guardian with more bruises than you had when you left. Being a Thief-Taker isn’t easy work, that’s for sure, but its worth it, in your opinion.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): tasalaya will have plenty of time to abuse men
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): and plenty of them to abuse =)

Telandria, as you walk away from the training grounds, you can’t help but notice the other women watching the warders train. Most are Aes Sedai, however a couple of them are Accepted. The Aes Sedai are mostly there looking for warders, though a few are obviously just there to stare at sweaty men with no shirts on. The Accepted, you’re sure, are there for the same. A light sprinkling of rain begins to fall as the men train.


Several nights in to your stay at the Ivory Guardian, you have your epiphany and decide to visit the Wolf Dream. After a very harrowing experience that left you slightly shaken inside…due to the information you gleaned about the seals and who possesses them…you awoke, and immediately penned a letter for Nevren, dispatching it right away with a bleary eyed runner from the Ivory Guardian at roughly around midnight.

Now it is the following morning and the sun is just beginning to rise, though the clouds are dampening the light. A light rain falls outside. You peer out your curtains and look at the magnificent city outside, smoking a pipe and trying to wake up, when a light tapping comes at your door.

You turn, wondering if it could be Nevren and cross the room. You crack the door to see one of the Ivory Guardian’s servants standing outside holding a silver platter containing a wet letter addressed to you.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): horrible dog.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I told you I could have widdled!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol. fricking shit eating pet.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): no I said I would play you while you were mia
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i broke my stupid headset trying to adjust the mic position so deaf old man lanndon could hear me…

“My apologies for the hour, Master Machera, but this arrived for you not twenty minutes ago and I came to deliver it. I would have simply slid it under your door so as not to disturb you, however the letter is wet, and we felt it might be best if you knew it was delivered to us this way.”

You open the door and toss the man a silver, then take the letter. Closing your door with your back, you open the letter and find Nevren’s neat hand inside, though some of the ink has smeared. It is still legible though, and you read.

“Master Machera,” it begins. "I apologize, but I am unable to attend you. I do not have time to explain here, but I have already written a letter to Telandria and Sochaia. I will add a note to that letter notifying Telandria and Sochaia that you need to speak to an Aes Sedai. Now would be a good time for all of you to regroup and ensure everyone is doing well anyway. Meet everyone at the Waygate in the Ogier Grove when the mid-morning bell rings at 9 am. The grove is a very easy landmark to find in this rather large city and it will ensure your privacy. You should have no trouble finding it. The Waygate can be found in the center of the grove. I would suggest meeting at the White Tower if it were safe for you, but it is not. The Grove will serve fine in this respect.

“I am sorry I cannot come in person, but Alreghar and I are preparing to leave Tar Valon this very hour. We have urgent business of our own to attend to. Good luck to you, Brother to Wolves. Keep yourself and your friends safe.”

It is signed simply “Nevren”.

Brother to Wolves? How could she know? Aes Sedai are mysterious folk, but why did she never say anything? The thought confounds you, but you have no answer. Finally you just fold the letter and head downstairs to have breakfast. After you eat, you leave the Ivory Guardian and head out into the city to find this grove. The mid-morning bell will ring in a couple of hours, but it doesn’t hurt to find this place ahead of time so that you aren’t late.

You put on your cloak and head out into the rainy morning.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): FOOL
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hell yeah.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nope


You’ve just finished eating breakfast in the comfort of your room when you receive a knock at your door. You open it to find Alreghar standing outside with two Tower servants behind him, each holding wrapped packages in their arms.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): poof
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I can fix that :P

Alreghar nods to you. “Good morning, Telandria Sedai. Can you come with me to Sochaia’s quarters? I have a matter I need to discuss with you.”

You nod and head outside. Alreghar leads the way, with you in the middle and the two servants taking up the rear. You wonder what’s in the packages, but refrain from asking. Alreghar doesn’t speak a word while he walks.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): one of you people?!?!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): sandy, get bonded and I promise…thrice a week!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): it’s now one of you people sedai!

You arrive at Sochaia’s door, which is on the opposite side of the Green Ajah’s quarters, on the southern side. Alreghar knocks at the door and waits. In moments Ni’tareus opens the door and grins at Alreghar. “Good morning, Alreghar. What brings you here? And Telandria?” He says with a look from one of you to the next.

Alreghar simply nods to Ni’tareus. “May we come in? I have a letter for Sochaia and Telandria.”

Ni’tareus nods and opens the door, allowing each of you to enter. Sochaia stands from the chair at her breakfast table. There are two plates on the table, and both are only half eaten. Apparently you interrupted breakfast. Alreghar doesn’t seem to notice. He stops in the center of the room and places his packages on the floor. The Tower servants do the same thing, placing the items near Alreghar’s, then bowing their way out and leaving the room. Alreghar pulls a letter from his coat pocket and hands it to Sochaia. She reads it, then hands it to Telandria. As Telandria reads, Alreghar speaks.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): home-cooked meals…

“She said she left instructions in the letter for these.” He says with gesture at the packages. He looks as if he’s just eaten a sour plum by his expression. Whatever he has to say next isn’t coming easy. “It was a genuine pleasure to travel with each of you, Sochaia Sedai, Telandria Sedai. And you, Ni’tareus. I wish each of you well in whatever comes next for you.”

“You’re leaving?” Ni’tareus asks.

Alreghar nods. “Nevren explains in the letter and she said that I was to say no more. Good luck to you, Ni’tareus, and to you, Sochaia. Telandria.” He says while extending his hand to Ni’tareus, giving a bob of his head to Sochaia and Telandria. Ni’tareus grabs his arm and shakes it. Alreghar continues. “I don’t know what the Amyrlin has planned for these two Aes Sedai, but whatever it is, it won’t be easy. Not given what she knows about their Ta’veren nature. Do your best to keep them safe, Ni’tareus. Maybe those will help.” He says with another gesture towards the packages.

With that, he nods at Ni’tareus, then walks out of the room, closing the door behind him. You are left with seven wrapped packages and a letter from Nevren. The letter is as follows:

Sochaia and Telandria,

I must take my leave of you for the time being. Now that we are in Tar Valon and you have both been raised to full sisters, your need of me is finished. Besides, the Amyrlin has special plans for the two of you, and she has plans for me as well. Plans that, unfortunately, do not coincide with one another. I have enjoyed your company, but all things must end.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): anyone want a free dog? I’ll ship him cross-country, no charge…

You have grown in strength since we first met, and I hope that you have learned from me, as I have from you. Although I may not have shown it, I thought of the two of you as more than just sisters. I thought of you as daughters. That being said, I have business to attend to here in Tar Valon and shortly afterwards I will be departing the city on other affairs. I will see you again eventually, but for now, this is goodbye.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): wait.
Sochaia Doisech: we’re LOSING NEVREN???
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): BUTBUTBUT
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): mama?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): she smelled of lavender…

I know that the journey you are on has been a difficult one, but difficult tests only shape us into the people we need to be. You have done well in facing these dangers and you’ve proven strong, capable, and intelligent. Just the type of women the White Tower needs. In the years to come, I am sure you will both be integral to the Tower’s future.

Telandria Aisalyn: Its what is required of Aes Sedai, we have to do what must be done
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): OMG I’m nothing but sweet!

As a parting gift, I present to you another ter’angreal. A simple tiara that Alreghar has been charged with giving you since I will be indisposed after I finish this letter. This tiara was crafted to detect the presence of Saidin, the male half of the One Power. Should a man be holding Saidin near you, it will instantly grow cold on your head. It will also resonate in the presence of residues of Saidin that were channeled within a days time. You should feel a slight hum in your skull when near such residues. I am sorry I didn’t have time to procure more than one of these, but this, coupled with that ring Sochaia found on the Raighan woman should provide protection enough for the both of you. Wear these things at all times. I fear that disgusting Tinker will indeed return to make good on his threats.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): a tiara. perfect.

Alreghar, much like myself, is not very good at expressing himself. Over the last few weeks he has grown to look upon the men in this little party as friends, which is not easy for Alreghar, the Light bless him. As a result of the bonds he developed over the last month and a half or so, he wishes to leave each of them with a parting gift as well. He should have brought these items with him along with this letter. Each item is labeled to whom he wishes it to go, and comes from Alreghar’s personal collection kept here at the White Tower. Alreghar is a collector of rare or exotic artifacts, which he keeps here in my quarters. These are items he gathered either through barter or battle.

See that they get these items, would you? And tell them that Alreghar sends his regards. He’ll never say it himself.

Tell Tasalaya that I wish her well. Tell her that not all men are evil, and some can be quite useful, if she can put aside her biases and learn to trust one of them. It’s unfortunate the Reds do not believe in bonding warders. Of all the Ajahs, you would think that the Reds would want someone to watch their backs above all others, The Battle Ajah aside, that is. But that is the tradition they choose to follow, and who am I to question it? Mother and I spoke briefly about Tasalaya and her Ajah’s choices, and the Amyrlin agreed that the Red sisters should be given angreal to help protect them since they have no warders. Especially in light of this new false Dragon roaming the world. Whether or not Mother will grant the Red’s these angreal, I cannot say, however I took it upon myself to procure one for Tasalaya myself. By the sounds of it, the Amyrlin’s plans for the two of you DO coincide with her plans for Tasalaya. If she is to be accompanying you, then I want her to be prepared for what she may face. Your party has acquired quite a few enemies, I believe.

That being said, see that Tasalaya gets the golden ring. It is a moderately powered angreal, and she will need it, as she has nothing. As for me, yes, I have acquired the same enemies each of you have. But do not fear for my safety. I am amply prepared to face whatever comes.

I wish you well in the coming days. As a last word of parting advice, I warn you: Be wary of the Shadow. There are more people serving them then are a view, and some of them call you sister.

The Light illumine you on your journeys,

Nevren Quista

P.S. Master Machera asked to speak with me about an ‘urgent’ matter. Unfortunately I do not have time to visit with him. However, I sent a letter informing him that the two of you would meet with him and see that his problem is dealt with. I told him you would be in the Ogier Grove at 9 am, at the Waygate. The grove is the easiest landmark to find in Tar Valon. You may wish to leave early as the Tower Guard will not let him in without Aes Sedai permission beforehand. So I would suggest you get there before he does to ensure he’s granted entrance. It is a peaceful place, one the Ogier in your party would no doubt enjoy visiting as well. Gather them all, and see to Sandulf’s problem.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): so we meet him at 9 am this morning or is that tomorrow? confused on the time line right now
Lanndon: This morning.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok what time is it now? give or take
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ah. possbilealkdjf black ajah?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i love typing.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): cool

Ni’tareus looks at the package addressed to him and picks it up.

He opens the package and pulls out a sword sheathed in a scabbard. There is a note inside the package that he opens and reads. He puts the note down, the unsheaths the sword, revealing a heron engraved in the hilt and the blade.

Ni’tareus whistles softly
Sochaia Doisech pushes down the intense feeling of abandonment at reading Nevren’s letter.
Ni’tareus: He shouldn’t have…
Sochaia Doisech: Oh, Ni’tareus. Light.
Ni’tareus feels something through the bond and looks at Sochaia curiously.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok then this changes things for me.. cuz I know what kind of trouble these tavern cause :P
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): he can dual wield it…

Telandria Aisalyn: A very generous gift

Lanndon: No, Ni’tareus isn’t a dual wielder. He doesn’t have the feats.
Lanndon: He would really suck if he tried to dual wield.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): twas a reference to Kael…

Ni’tareus: Yes it is. Very generous.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I wanna send a novice or accepted or whoever is near to summon Christoff and whats his name cuz I already forgot
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Ni’ty, baby. Your sword is…amazing…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and have them meet me in my quaters

Ni’tareus: I wonder what’s in the rest of the packages. There’s one for Sandulf…one for Kael…one for Terith…one for Christoff? Why Christoff? He was only with us for a short time.

Lanndon: Raefari. Can’t even remember the name of the guy you’re gonna bond? :|
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol
Lanndon: Okay Lisa.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol @ james, I meant…
Telandria dispatches a novice to collect Raefari and Christoff and have them brought to her rooms.

Telandria Aisalyn: I have business of myself, I will take what was left for Christoff as I will be meeting with him this morning
Sochaia Doisech: Light, Ni’tareus. That’s a gorgeous weapon.
Ni’tareus: Yes, it is.
Ni’tareus nods at Sochaia
Ni’tareus stares at Telandria
Ni’tareus: You’re going to bond Christoff then? Is that what this is about?

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I thought she already did?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): huh

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok well then I can do it this evening.. forget the novice thing
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): can she bond two at once. dirty dirty
Lanndon: Okay. We’ll do it after the meeting. Or tonight.
Lanndon: Yes, she can bond as many as she wants, lined up factory style if she likes. She’s Green Ajah ;)
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): simulatneously, though?

Telandria Aisalyn: That is no concern of your Ni’tareus. Who I choose to bond is my disgression. Now please excuse me I have a few things to tend to before we meet with Sandulf

Lanndon: No, they don’t bond at the exact same time.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): wow. fail simultaneously.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ok

Telandria Aisalyn: nods at Sochaia
Ni’tareus smiles at Telandria’s rebuff.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): oops that was s’pose to be an action
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): nothing just chill before we head out
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): it’s not long

Telandria and Sochaia see to dispatching messages to the rest of your party and each of you are informed of a meeting around 9 am at the Waygate in the Ogier grove on the southeastern side of Tar Valon. Finishing whatever you’re doing, you head out.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): or that
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh

It is a dreary morning when the entire party begins gathering in the Ogier grove. Each one of you has arrived by now, save for Sandulf, and you stand under the thicker branches of one of the overly large trees found in the grove, trying to stay out of the light sprinkling of rain as it falls from above. While you wait for Sandulf to arrive, you make small talk, asking how each of you are doing. It’s been a week since you’ve seen each other in anything other than passing. During the small talk, you learn that Kael and Terith have volunteered to help repair the tear in the side of the White Tower, and they have both been kept very busy ever since. You also learn that Sochaia and Telandria have been raised to full sisterhood and are now officially considered Aes Sedai. Congratulations are passed around.

Ni’tareus mentions that Telandria is considering taking another warder, and you learn that all three Aes Sedai have been involved with the patrols that ward off the attacks from the shadowspawn, which explains why the three of them haven’t had any contact with any of you recently.

Then Telandria announces that Nevren is leaving Tar Valon and has written a letter, which she will read when Sandulf arrives, and that the packages gathered near her are gifts from Alreghar for members of the party. She hands the packages out to everyone, starting with Kael. Terith receives one, then Tasalaya. Each one of you couldn’t help but notice that Ni’tareus is wearing a new scabbard, one with herons marked on it, as is the hilt of the single edged blade holstered within. Somehow he has attained a heron-marked blade.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): rain. yay.

Kael, your package is smaller than some of the others. You open it and find a pair of heavy gauntlets inside. There is a note inside the package, which you read.

[Message from Alreghar] Kael – Nevren told me these were special gauntlets on the day we found them on display in a museum in Mainelle. They are. Knowing I collect such things, she managed to talk the curator into selling them – lest Nevren return with the full support of the White Tower and demand they be brought back to Tar Valon for free. They are ter’angreal, made with the One Power sometime during the Age of Legends. Probably the War of the Power. They size themselves to fit any hand, even those as large as yours. Nevren says they make it easier to kill shadowspawn. I rarely wear armor, and these were too valuable, so I kept them here in my collection. Now I give them to you. To hold on to them any longer is selfish…especially given what the world faces now. Use them well, Blightslayer.

Lanndon: For future reference, these gauntlets give you a 3 to hit/3 damage bonus when fighting Shadowspawn. Against all else, you gain only a 1/1 bonus.

Kael takes the gauntlets and puts them on smiling slightly. “I shall have to thank the Warder for gis generous gift.”

DragonSypher (Kael): do they have a name?

Ni’tareus stares appreciatively at the gauntlets. He is astounded when he sees they grow to fit Kael’s hands as they are pulled on.

Lanndon: No, no name or engraved words. If you have Knowledge History or Knowledge War of the Power, you can make a roll for information on them if you like.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): Ni’tareus is like a kid at christmas

Tasalaya, your package is very small. When you open it, it is a very plain gold ring. When you put it on your finger though, you instantly recognize the ring as an angreal. It will boost your channeling level by +3 so long as you wear it.

DragonSypher (Kael): I will just call them Shadow’s Bane Gauntlets.

Lanndon: Works for me.

Telandria Aisalyn: looks at Tasalaya’s ring" That is a very generous gift she left you
*Tasalaya Rosalynn:
yes it is…

Terith unwraps his package and pulls out two large axes. Large to human hands, anyway. In Terith’s hands, they look like handaxes, just as he’s always carried. The blades shine silver, despite the gloomy day, and Terith’s eyes draw down as he reads his note. He puts it away, then hefts his axes. He nods at them as he does so.

Terith: Power-wrought axes. I never thought I would see the day…
Ni’tareus: I have never heard of such a thing.
Terith eyes Ni’tareus
Terith: Nor have I, gaidin. Nor have I.
Kael: An impressive gift, Brother.
Terith hefts his axes and gives them a test swing.
Terith nods at Kael
Sochaia Doisech: Terith, my friend, I can already see you dismantling a Trolloc with those.
Terith gives Sochaia a wicked grin
Terith: So can I.

You are in the center of the grove, where you have found an incredibly tall standing slab of stone that looks as if it grew right out of the earth. The face of this stone is covered in delicate etchings of leaves and vines so perfectly detailed that they look as if they might rustle if the wind blows just right. This is a Waygate, an entrance to an alternate world where time flows differently and as a result permits travel of great distances in a very short time. They were built by male Aes Sedai during the time of the Breaking, as a gift for the shelter that the Ogier gave to the men in their time of need. A gift to the Ogier to help connect all of the Stedding, as a way of combating the Longing…an illness which affects Ogier that have been away from the Stedding for too long.

Sochaia Doisech attempts to lift one of the axes.
Terith eyes Sochaia, but allows her to handle the axe.
It is too heavy for you to swing effectively.

You stand under the shelter of the great trees of the grove, staying out of the rain, though it is only sprinkling right now. You wait for thirty minutes, making small talk and discussing these gifts left with you when Sandulf walks out of the trees and meets the party. He has a black eye and a bruise on his left cheek, accompanied by a small cut that may have been made by a fist.

Telandria Aisalyn: I see you have been busy Sandulf
Terith: I hope the tree you hit with your face is in worse shape than you are, woodsman.
Tasalaya Rosalynn: off causeing trouble I assume
Ni’tareus chuckles at the ribbing Sandulf is receiving.
Kael: Welcome Sandulf. I assume the other man is in worse shape than you?
Sochaia Doisech: What I wouldn’t give to have been dancing with you last night. Haha, Sandulf. What have you been playing at?
Tasalaya Rosalynn rolles eyes at Sandulf
Kael grins.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I say Tasalaya should bond Sandulf.. would make traveling them them sooo much more interesting

Ni’tareus guffaws at the ribbing.
Sandulf Machera: Ask the tower gaurd. That is where I delivered them.
Terith nods appreciatively.

Lanndon: Yeah, if she could, it would be awesome. But she can’t.

Telandria Aisalyn: So Nevren asked us to meet you here, Sandulf
Terith looks at Telandria
Terith: And you said you would read this letter. Which news do we take first?
Sandulf Machera: Nevren’s letter.
Telandria Aisalyn: Ah yes
Tasalaya Rosalynn: yes lets hear what Nevren wanted us to know
Telandria Aisalyn: reads the letter to the party gathered

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I’ll get this action thing one day

Telandria reads the letter aloud.

When she finishes, she leaves it up for comment.

Ni’tareus: So she’s left us. I wish her well.
Ni’tareus shrugs
Terith hands Sandulf his package.
Sochaia Doisech gazes at Ni’tareus, wishing for more of his strength.
Tasalaya Rosalynn: I cant believe she is leaving us, but it must be of dire importance cause I am sure she wouldnt want to leave you two.
Telandria Aisalyn: It was not by her choice.. she was needed elsewhere
Terith looks at Tasalaya
Tasalaya Rosalynn looks at Telandria and Sochaia
Terith: Who are you referring too, Aes Sedai?
Tasalaya Rosalynn: yes, she spoke highly of Telandria and Sochaia, I am sure she wouldnt want to leave them on her own accord
Terith nods

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lovely rain…

Terith: You Aes Sedai tend to stick together. It is, afterall, a ‘sisterhood’
Tasalaya Rosalynn: yes we are

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): open it.. don’t make Ni"tareus wait
Lanndon: lol

Sandulf Machera: Telandria Sedai, Sochaia Sedia may I speak with you in private please
Sochaia Doisech: What is it, friend?
Terith and Ni’tareus step off to the side to give them privacy.
Telandria Aisalyn: Of course
Kael follows with Terith
Tasalaya Rosalynn steps away causiously but not so far that she is out of ear shot to what is being said…
Terith eyes Kael’s gauntlets.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha a true red

Terith: He gave you gauntlets, but gave me power-wrought axes. I assume they are special?
Sandulf Machera steps away from Tasalaya Rosalynn after she stops moving until she is just in his hear range
Kael shows Terith his gauntlets, turning them. “I believe so they are Power-made and intended to help against shadowspawn.”
Telandria Aisalyn: What is this about Sandulf? And would you like for me to mend those wounds they do look uncomfortable

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh, please repeat that.

Kael flexes his fists. “I believe once i have my hands on their necks I will know.”
Terith nods with a dark grin on his face, obviously appreciative of the shadowspawn killing quality.
Kael grins.
Sandulf Machera: They will heal .. is there a way that you can make sure noone can hear what we say, it is of a private nature

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ah

Terith: Indeed you will. This Alreghar fellow…I think I will owe him much when this is over.
Sochaia Doisech: Would you have us keep secrets from the rest in our party?
Telandria Aisalyn: I’m sorry, I can not
Kael: We will indeed, Brother.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no, i’m just asking…

Sandulf Machera: Then I have nothing to say

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I don’t have the spell
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i’m so buying a mic this week. damnit.

Sandulf Machera: I do not trust Tasalaya Rosalynn or her intentions
Terith’s ears quiver as he examines his axes.
Kael smiles at Terith’s new axes. “The shadow has something more to fear from you Brother.”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I have Voice of Power
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahahaha
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): irony…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): but I don’t have the affinity
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): casts Circle of Silence around the appropriate group.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I can’t do wards
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): or can you cast a lvl 9
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): errr 0

Tasalaya, you see Sochaia embrace the source and then weave Circle of Silence around her, Telandria, and Sandulf.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ahhhh ok
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I meant the talent
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i’m not a warder…
Sochaia Doisech: wearderasasdl;gj
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): warder
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yes

Sandulf Machera: After how much time we have spent together I feel I can trust you and have earned your trust.
Telandria Aisalyn: I’m am glad you feel this way
Sochaia Doisech nods.
Sandulf Machera: I believe Nevren Sedai had found this out but I don’t know how

Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): I cant believe you guys are blocking me out =(
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): its not me.. its your fellow wilder
Lanndon: They’re blocking Terith, Kael, and Ni’tareus out too. Don’t feel left out ;)

Sandulf Machera: The easiest way to explain is as nevren Sedai called me … Brother of Wolves.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I said appropriate group.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I couldn’t ward a sneeze

Sandulf Machera: I have a contection to wolves, I can sense them and speak with them
Telandria Aisalyn: hmm.. That would explain your eyes

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Folded light?

Tasalaya Rosalynn begins to strengthen her suspitions about how much Sandulf is NOT to be trusted
Telandria Aisalyn: and the assistance we have recieved lately from them when fighting the shadow

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): haha

Sandulf Machera: nods, yes I called them to help us in the Vale

Both of you have seen wolves appear and assist you. It certainly makes sense.

Sandulf Machera: I believe you will believe when I say this has nothing to do with the shadow, in fact wolves hate the shadowspawn as much as us

Telandria Aisalyn: With all that I’ve seen and all I have learned in the last few days I’m not surprised to hear this
Sandulf Machera: but I do not believe Tasalaya Rosalynn is capable of seeing that.
Sochaia Doisech: I have seen you at battle, Sandulf. I know your strength. Thank you for sharing this with me, wolffriend.
Telandria Aisalyn: At this point I would have to agree with you Sandulf

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I know you’re taveren.. you don’t :P

Sandulf Machera: That is not the full extent of the what I had to say.
Telandria Aisalyn: I see..
Sandulf Machera: I had to tell you this much so you could understand what comes next.
Sochaia Doisech: Go on…
Sandulf Machera: Part of what my connection iwth the wolves allows me to do is enter into a communal dream with them.
Sandulf Machera: that is how I knew about the enemy camp in the mountains.
Sochaia Doisech: Light.
Telandria Aisalyn: What more have you learned from this?

Sandulf begins to go into detail about the Wolf Dream he had last night. He tells you of a wolf he has conversed with, one that survived the ambush at the firepit, which Telandria remembers well. It was the first time wolves came to your party’s aid.

This wolf has a name…Cloud Runner. Cloud Runner met Sandulf in the ashes of Al’Cair’Rahienallen and asked why Sandulf was there. At some point Sandulf mentioned he wanted to be where he was needed, and Cloud Runner locked on that…images. He doesn’t converse directly with wolves, as people do when speaking with one another, but rather through a series of mental images. This particular mental image unsettled Cloud Runner and he warned Sandulf to never use “Need” when he was in that place.

The wolf, instead, being stronger in the Wolf Dream, took Sandulf to his place of “need”. That place, he later learned, was a black palace built beneath the shadow of Shayol Ghul.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): first time
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): smart. I thought you were a goner.

When they traveled further into the palace, he found four of the seven seals holding the Dark One in his prison. He couldn’t touch them as they were protected by a barrier.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol

Telandria Aisalyn: 4 of the seals have been found!

And when he attempted to touch them….Anagash appeared. The creature isn’t dead, as near as Sandulf can tell. Or maybe only half of him is dead. The other half still lives, in the Wolf Dream. But that part isn’t important. What is, is that need took him to Shayol Ghul and showed him the four seals trapped there. Which means that the Shadow holds them. And they only need three more for some unknown, yet highly dangerous purpose, you all suspect.

Sandulf Machera: Yes that is why I had to tell you all of this.
Sandulf Machera: now this telling you this I hope you understand I have put my life in your hands.
Sandulf Machera: many in your white tower would kill me in the believe I am working with the shadow.
Telandria Aisalyn: The Amrylin must be informed. I do not think they are aware of how dire our situation is and we must act
Sandulf Machera: I ask that you keep this private for me.
Telandria Aisalyn: I will do what I can but still I must notify the Tower of this
Sandulf Machera: I know how dire it is, I HAVE risked my existence to give you this information
Sandulf Machera: I leave it to your descretion on who you tell the information
Sandulf Machera: if need be I am not a thief-taker and you can say I came across this information through the network.

You remember Nevren’s warning about how Aes Sedai may treat him, and you agree with his assessment, though you doubt any of the women in the Tower would try to kill him. Study him, certainly. Gentle him, possibly, though that would fail as soon as they realized he had no connection to Saidin. And sadly, some would want to bond him, if for no other reason than he is a curiosity. A well built curiosity that’s very good at killing things. But kill him? Probably not. Then again…

Telandria Aisalyn: I realize this and I will do all that I can to keep you out of this. You trusted me with this information so now you must trust that I will do what I can to keep you out of this
Sochaia Doisech: I will tell Ni’tareus, of course. He will keep your secret safe, as will I.
Sandulf Machera: maybe even through the torturing of a darkfriend. you can also point out to anyone who wonders that thief takers perfer discression in their members and don’t like the ‘sources’ exposed.
Sandulf Machera last statment said while looking over at Tasalaya Rosalynn
Telandria Aisalyn: But I do think Sandulf that in time you may consider sharing some of what you told us to the others, but I leave that to your disgression
Tasalaya Rosalynn glares back suspisiously at Sandulf
Sandulf Machera: the parts about me I would like to keep private. The information about what I found out I leave to you to transfer Aes Sedai.
Sandulf Machera said with a small nod

Terith throws one of his axes at one of the large trees in the grove, hitting it right in the middle of the trunk. The axe sticks with an audible thunk.

Terith heads off to retrieve his axe. He grabs it, and makes as if to walk away, then stops and turns back to the tree. He places the axes in their hoops, then pauses over the wound.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): he’s hungry, so therefore cranky, so therefore axe-tossing.

Suddenly you hear a low rumble come from Terith’s voice, rising higher in pitch. With a shock, you realize he is singing. He places his hands on the tree, and the wound in the base begins to close slowly as he sings.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): wait, what? he’s a what?
Terith speaks to the tree when he finishes.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): tree-singer.

Terith: I should not have done that. Forgive me.
Telandria Aisalyn: Thank you for this information Sandulf. I think it best we rejoin the others
Kael nods as Terith sings. “You know the treesongs? I never know that.”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Is terith in this group with us? did he hear sandulf?
DragonSypher (Kael): *knew

Terith looks at Kael slightly red in the face.
Terith nods slowly.
Terith: I do. I have not sung to a tree in many years though.
Kael smiles slightly in understanding. “We both come from a much more peaceful life before the shadow spread across the land.”
Telandria Aisalyn: walks back to the others
Sandulf Machera walks over to Terith
Terith: And changed us. Some of us….not for the better.
Terith: I…feel better, having done that. But I don’t know why I threw my axe in the first place. I am…a very changed Ogier.
Sandulf Machera: tree singers are rare. it looks like that might heal some of your wounds also.
Terith looks at Sandulf.
Kael nods as his smile fades. “Indeed, Brother.”
Terith: My wounds? It doesn’t work that way, woodsman. I can heal trees. I can shape wood with my songs. I can’t heal broken flesh, or a broken spirit.
Sochaia Doisech feels a pang as she hears Terith, assuming he’s referring to his own damaged spirit.
Ni’tareus watches Terith curiously, then looks at Sochaia.
Sandulf Machera: many things we do heal our spirit my friend. It does you good to sing, reminds you, lets you know that maybe you will go back, at least some. You may never be the same, but that also means you don’t have to stay the same.
Sandulf Machera nods to Terith and then steps away from the rest of the group to look at the package

Terith stares at the normally silent Sandulf for a moment, then nods.
Terith: He is a wise man.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): yeap

Okay, the group breaks up and you each head your separate ways. You travel back to the White Tower, save for Sandulf, and back to your day to day lives. Now is a good time to do anything else you feel you need to do, like re-equip, shop, sell carvings, etc.

Telandria Aisalyn: I feel we may be leaving Tar Valon in the next few days so I would suggest you make any arrangements that is needed before we leave. Until then I must leave and return to the tower. i will explain more later.
Tasalaya Rosalynn: I will join you Telandria
Kael nods. “I will be ready to travel, Aes Sedai. Do you know our destitnation?”
Sochaia Doisech whispers to Ni’tareus, “Do you wish to speak to Sandulf? Do you trust him?”
Telandria Aisalyn: Not at this time Kael but as soon as I hear I will send a message to everyone
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I’m telling you, if Sandulf were a little kid running up to me, DEAD.
Kael nods. “Very well. I will see to my weapons and armor and spend some time at the warder training grounds.”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you’d be the next ash pile on her mantle
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): least i can do.

Sandulf, you open your package after everyone leaves. Inside is a gleaming hafted axe. The blade of it is decorated with an intricate scene of mountains and forest, with either a rising sun or a setting sun, depending on your interpretation, engraved into it. The haft of the axe, you can tell, is made of sung wood. It is a beautiful weapon. There is a note inside, which you read.

[Note from Alreghar] Sandulf – I bought this from a farmer in Coremanda twelve years ago during a drought. His fields were bare, his cows drying up. Said it was a family heirloom from the War of the Power. It is power wrought, and I paid pretty coin for it. Make it worth it. Taishar Manetheren.

Ni’tareus whispers back to Sochaia

DragonSypher (Kael): nice axe

Ni’tareus: I have no reason not to trust him. What was that about? Did he say something? I sensed some small alarm through the bond.

l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): yep …. cool axe … what is Taishar again?

Sochaia Doisech whispers back, “I told him I would tell you this. Ni’tareus, he’s a wolf friend.”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I need a power wrought sling shot!

Ni’tareus looks at Sochaia in confusion
Ni’tareus: A wolf what?

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): make winky eyes with Tasalaya Sandulf :P

Sochaia Doisech: I know. I think it means that he thinks like a wolf; he can “become” a wolf. He said he can run with them in his dreams.
Ni’tareus looks back at the grove, where you left Sandulf.
Ni’tareus: The man is off his rocker. No wonder you were alarmed.
Sochaia Doisech: No. You’ve seen the wolves join us in battle. Have you never questioned this?

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahahaha I’m reading what stacy said and wearwolf pops in my head

Ni’tareus thinks for a moment.
Ni’tareus: You mean the wolves in Sandomere’s Vale?

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): DID SO
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah she did
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): even said, of course.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): chatty cathy
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yes. whispering to my Ni’ty nite.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you sure? he already told everyone, Telandria is thinking of bonding Christoff
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): thus the quotes…

Ni’tareus: He did that? How?

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): sorry Sandulf.. before you get back to the inn people all over town gonna know now :P
Sochaia Doisech: I’m not sure how it works. Not sure at all what it means. I think there’s an advantage here.
Sochaia Doisech: I don’t think we need to kill him. Yet.
Ni’tareus looks at Sochaia suspiciously.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok as for Telandria she is heading back to the tower accompanied by Tasa

Sochaia Doisech: I kid.
Ni’tareus exhales.
Sochaia Doisech: I’ve never heard of anyone like him, but I’ve seen him fight darkfriends and Trollocs. You know his heart is with us in this battle.
Ni’tareus nods
Ni’tareus: I assume he asked you to keep this secret?
Sochaia Doisech: Intensely secret. Imagine Tasalaya’s response.
Ni’tareus nods and stares at Tasalaya’s back
Ni’tareus: Yes…
Sochaia Doisech: Indeed.

Sochaia Doisech: Red. New.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ooc^^

Sochaia Doisech: How does that blade feel, anyways?
Ni’tareus: Good. It feels natural.
Sochaia Doisech: What an honor. I hope we are well without those two. It is a bit…scary…being on our own.

You make it back to the White Tower. Sandulf, you head back to the Ivory Guardian.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): already ahead of you
Lanndon: Stacey, I’m not sure what you mean….
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ha. nobody can pronounce my name.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I’m talking about our group being off without nevren or alraeghar…

Ni’tareus: There is nothing to fear. You are Aes Sedai. I’m a warder. And we have powerful allies.
Ni’tareus nods to Telandria, Tasalaya, and the Ogier.
Sochaia Doisech: You’re right. Terith, especially. Those lovely axes…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): that would be the last power wrought you’d see from Lanndon if you did
Lanndon: Yes ma’am! ;)

Lanndon: Okay, so is anyone else doing anything besides Sandulf?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I’m gonna go try and see the Amrylin
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i think it’s high time sochaia and Ni’tareus….got busy…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): not forcing him!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): compell!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): he’s gay I tell ya
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hahhahahahahahh
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i just really really wanna see his sword…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): lets take a look.. he has pretty boy clothes, he keeps looking at his new sword like it was an original prada or something
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): night vicky
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): see ya next week.
‘Tasalaya’ disconnected

Sandulf, you head into the city to try to trade your masterpiece weapon. In the end, you find a blacksmith willing to craft a masterpiece swordbreaker and take your axe in trade, but he wants 5 gold crowns on top of it. You manage to talk him down to 2 gold crowns. Do you accept?

Telandria, you head up to the Amyrlin’s study and request an audience. The Keeper welcomes you in and sits you while she checks to see if the Amyrlin is busy. You sit and wait.

Sandulf, he accepts your 20 marks and your masterpiece axe and tells you the weapon will be ready in two days. He’s already barking orders at his apprentices to put metal in the coals and start forming it now.

Sochaia, you try to bed Ni’tareus. He is feeling shy. You horrible woman.

Sandulf Machera nods and leaves

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): LOL
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ply him with drinks…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): now she’s gonna take advantage of a drunk gay man :/
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): make him drink til i’m pretty…

Kael, you spend the rest of the day training among the warders. It is a day off, due to the rainy conditions and the elders don’t think its safe to work. Terith returns to the Ogier House.

Lanndon: ROFL
Kael: Masterwork Ogier Halfted Axe (1 attack) (Attack 1) [1d2018 = 37]
Kael: Masterwork Ogier Halfted Axe (1 attack) (Attack 2) [1d2013 = 27]
Kael takes out two warders in a single attack.

Telandria, you’re finally granted an audience with the Amyrlin. You step inside her study and kiss her ring before taking the seat she offers you. The Keeper stands behind her, as is customary during meetings.

Rashima Kerenmosa: Telandria.
Rashima Kerenmosa nods her head to you in greeting as she herself takes a seat.
Telandria Aisalyn: Mother, I have dire news I feel must be shared
Rashima Kerenmosa: Then share.
Telandria Aisalyn: I have just learned that the The Shadow may possess 4 of the 7 seals
Rashima Kerenmosa looks at you suspiciously
Rashima Kerenmosa: Is that so? And where did you get your information?
Telandria Aisalyn: I reallize this news will come as some of a shock.. This is where it becomes complicated.. one of my companions, one I think is possibly a taveren.. well as Nevren explained when we first arrived
Callah Besharn: I hope you are joking, Telandria.
Telandria Aisalyn: is unlike the rest of us. He may be considered a dreamwalker of sorts
Telandria Aisalyn: This I would not make light off Callah

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I didn’t say
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I only told a little without giving anything away

Rashima Kerenmosa frowns in thought

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): Nevren already touched a little about you :P
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): OMG.

Rashima Kerenmosa: Nevren assured me he couldn’t channel. It is this third of you that you speak of, correct?
Telandria Aisalyn: I assure you he can not.. from the time I have spent with him

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): jesse’s only thinking about your best interest, james…

Rashima Kerenmosa: And how long has that really been?
Callah Besharn nods at Mother’s question
Telandria Aisalyn: With all that we have been through a long time

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): telandria told the Mother…

Rashima Kerenmosa: A month? Two months? Three? Not much longer if the story you told me the other night is to be believed. Callah, we should have him checked. To be safe. Ta’veren or not….we have to be safe…
Telandria Aisalyn: I may have a solution for this.. I realize with all that has happened and how difficult this may be

DragonSypher (Kael): finally I wont be the only one to have to start a new character. lol
Sochaia Doisech: what. girl. wouldn’t. want. you?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ooc^^

Rashima Kerenmosa: Telandria, you are not understanding. If he can channel, he may be mad. This tale he told you, of the seals….could this not be madness? We have to know for sure.

Sandulf Machera :-D

Telandria Aisalyn: Sochaia and I myself do trust this man.. but in light of all that has happened perhaps

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): we may have to flee in the dead of night now.

Telandria Aisalyn: Mother, what we have done in this tower in the last few days based on what has happened around us

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Ni’tareus, stop cowering in the corner of the bed and start packing. I somehow sense we may be leaving soon.

Telandria Aisalyn: we have done things that are uncustomary for the Tower
l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): lol

Rashima Kerenmosa eyes widen in surprise
Telandria Aisalyn: I only ask that you trust me on this as you trusted me to leave the Tower as an accepted
Telandria Aisalyn: I would not speak so out of place if I did not feel I could trust him
Rashima Kerenmosa: Okay, I will indulge you. It isn’t that I don’t trust you, Telandria. It is…him. I asked if he could channel. Nevren assured me that he could not. I will take her at her word, which is why I let it lie. But…do you not see what you are telling me? The words of a man that is so odd that he cant’ show his face in the White Tower tells one of my Aes Sedai he can dreamwalk…an ability only known to women who can channel, and very likely men as well, despite the Taint.

Kael pauses in his training as TAPS is played. “Poor Sandulf.”

Rashima Kerenmosa shakes her head.
Telandria Aisalyn: What if..
Rashima Kerenmosa: No, I said I would indulge you. Tell your tale. Convince me.
Telandria Aisalyn: Myself or Sochaia were to bond him. This way this will ensure nothing like that could or would happen
Callah Besharn chuckles
Callah Besharn: Do you understand what would happen to you if he is a channeler? If he is mad, you would go mad with him.
Rashima Kerenmosa nods her head at Callah’s words.
Telandria Aisalyn: I am aware of that /lowers her head
Rashima Kerenmosa: She speaks truth. During the Breaking, women tried to do something very similar to what we now call the bond. Every woman that did it eventually went insane herself, along with the man she had “touched”.
Telandria Aisalyn: but the benefit of what information we are given that will help us with this I am willing to pay
Rashima Kerenmosa steeples her fingers in thought as she stares at Telandria
Telandria Aisalyn: This is not something I take lightly into consideration
Rashima Kerenmosa: So you are suggesting…at great peril to yourself…that I allow you to bond a man that may very well be a channeler and insane already?
Rashima Kerenmosa looks at Callah
Telandria Aisalyn: But I believe he is not so I do not have that fear
Callah Besharn shakes her head
Rashima Kerenmosa returns her gaze to Telandria
Rashima Kerenmosa shakes her head in disbelief.
Rashima Kerenmosa: I do not know why….but I will allow this. Against every grain of my raising and my sixty years of experience as an Aes Sedai…but…
Telandria Aisalyn: Thank you and in the end you will see this was a wise choice
Rashima Kerenmosa: I will allow it on one condition. You bond him, and on the instant that you do, you will link with me. I will feel what you feel, and if you feel insanity in that man’s bond, he will be executed on the spot. And you will have to suffer losing yet another warder.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): holy shit, lanndon.

Rashima Kerenmosa: Is this agreed?
Telandria Aisalyn: Agreed
Rashima Kerenmosa nods
Rashima Kerenmosa: Then go get him. We’re doing this tonight.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): james just said thank you very much for turning himn into a warder…
Sandulf Machera :-?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): omg I tried
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah! see I did you a favor
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): warder cloaks, come get your warder cloaks.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): and i only have one.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :(
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you said you wanted the warders cloak.. merry christmas
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i can’t even sexytime my warder…
DragonSypher (Kael): Stacey can have Kael.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fuck laen
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): haha there ya go
Telandria Aisalyn: As you wish
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol, insta-warder syndrom.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): let’em act it out.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah lets end his suffering

Telandria leaves the Amyrlin’s study.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I’ll be fine.. I get that look from the grumpy only one handed man all the time
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes
DragonSypher (Kael): Wooohoooo! Kael is the only free one in the group! lol
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): sigh … sorry sandulf not how I wanted it to come
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): drae’s spirit lives through you.

Sandulf Machera: Gather information [1d20+8 = 17]
Telandria Aisalyn: Gather information [1d20+13 = 21]
Rashima Kerenmosa: Gather information 21
Rashima Kerenmosa: Gather information 17

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): wait, is Kael asking sochaia to bond him? eh?

Telandria, you set out into the city, stopping random people and giving Sandulf’s general description. None of the people have any idea of who you’re talking about.

DragonSypher (Kael): not yet. lol
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you just said stacey could have kael…
DragonSypher (Kael): well she can approach Kael but I am not sure he will want to be bonded.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): so I figure he’s a thief catcher so I ask the guards at the guard tower to keep an eye out for him
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and to send word that I need to speak to him

Of course, you stopped at the Ivory Guardian, where he had been staying, first. But he wasn’t there. So you wander the streets looking for him and decide to head back to his inn and wait on his return when you don’t find him. It takes about 2 total hours, but he finally returns. You sit waiting for him in the lobby. He walks in and looks surprised to see you there.

Telandria Aisalyn: Is there a place we can speak in private
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes

Sandulf Machera shrugs and leads her to his room

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Kael, dahlink, vood you vant to bond wiff me?

Telandria Aisalyn follows Sandulf

He takes you up 18 flights of stairs to his room. He closes the door behind you and you’re alone.

Telandria Aisalyn: This is regarding our conversation earlier

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): good lord, lanndon. then they both have heart attacks from the exertion.
DragonSypher (Kael): well, as long a you dont try to suck my blood, Vampire Sedai. lol
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol.
Lanndon: Nah, people in this time are in way better shape than I am. I would have a heart attack, but not them ;)

Telandria Aisalyn: I had to inform the Amrylin of the news you shared with me regarding the seals. Please keep in mind I tried to keep you out of the conversation but..
Telandria Aisalyn: The tower was already aware of your presense
Sandulf Machera nods

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I did not straight out tell them
DragonSypher (Kael): Stacey, how would you go about approaching Kael?

Sandulf Machera: they are paying for this room so …

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): not like that. I don’t know. I’d have to consider.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I’ve hardly spoken to the guy at all. so much has been happening otherwise.
Sochaia Doisech: or
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hey, baby. want head?

Telandria Aisalyn: and they are aware that you being differnt would be safer staying at the inn instead of the tower itself

DragonSypher (Kael): True and he is an Ogier. Perhaps he will be one of the extrememly rare Ogier Warders.

Telandria Aisalyn: I am sorry Sandulf I did try but because of this

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): PISS OFF
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): see?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): try to role play and the boys get all smartass on you…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :P

Telandria Aisalyn: The Amrylin would like for you to join us in the Tower
Sandulf Machera: oh … interesting

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Kael, with all this bonding going on around you, don’t you just kinda wanna jump on that bandwagon? Just get you a cloak? doncha?

Sandulf Machera: how am I suppose to get in … safely?
Telandria Aisalyn: You will come with me.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): They’d hafta sew like four cloaks to make you one, but even so.
DragonSypher (Kael): well, I do look good in green/grey/brown/etc… lol

Telandria Aisalyn: You are welcomed by the Amrylin herself

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): excdaclatjy
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i’m snorting.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): wow! yall killing me

Sandulf Machera: mmm … I will try and keep my eyes down I suppose. That is what the Aes Sedai expect of men anyway.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): That does it. I’m bonding Kael just to see him in a tiny ol cloak.

Telandria Aisalyn: Yes it is, that would be best

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): can i have twinsies? Toss Terith in the mix..
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Terith lubs me.

The two of you stand and head back out. It is raining heavily now. It takes a few minutes, but you finally arrive back at the White Tower.

DragonSypher (Kael): Yes TWO ogier with color changing clo-…uh hand towels.
Telandria Aisalyn: We just head up
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): teehee
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lanndon! do it!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): another good thing is you’ll have the towers finances :P
DragonSypher (Kael): you do know stacey that NO ONE would challenge you with two giant ogier warders.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ever!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): that thing in the alley….never woulda happened…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): just means the next kid will have to cast a bigger fireball
DragonSypher (Kael): the streets would clear at the very sight og you.

You head inside, and Sandulf keeps his head down. You scale the stairs and arrive at the Amyrlin’s study fifteen minutes later. When you arrive, the Keeper is standing outside the study speaking with two Accepted who are jotting down notes furiously as she speaks.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ha, lisa!

Callah Besharn looks up as you arrive.

DragonSypher (Kael): a REALLY big fireball because stacey can hide behind us and take no damage.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): now let me ask this.. in the end can they be unbonded? or no?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I don’t know

Callah Besharn: So…this man, he is the one? Look me in the eye, man.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): how tat works

Sandulf Machera stands to his full height and looks Callah straight in the eye

Lanndon: I would have to look, Lisa. I am not sure about that. You can obviously lose the bond by death, and it can be passed, but I don’t think you can voluntarily give the bond up or Elyas Machera would have been freed long ago, and he still senses his Aes Sedai even in the later books.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ah ok

Callah Besharn looks stunned for a brief moment. Telandria, you see her embrace Saidar.
Telandria Aisalyn: That is not needed Callah, I assure you
Callah Besharn: I..uh…yes. Mother, I will let her know you are here.
Callah Besharn scoffs at Telandria as she walks away

She disappears inside the Amyrlin’s study for a few minutes. The Accepted in the outer study gawk at Sandulf and whisper in each other’s ears.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah we’ll in the end I’ll show her or we both die

Sandulf Machera looks at Telandria Aisalyn
Sandulf Machera: what did you tell them?

Telandria Aisalyn: I told them no more than I had to but the rest they firgured out betwen my conversation and Nevrens

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): jesse, are you remotely interested in being a warder?
DragonSypher (Kael): sort of. I could REALLY use the boost to my will save.

It takes a couple of minutes, but Callah finally returns. She opens the doors to the Amyrlin’s study, still holding Saidar.

Telandria Aisalyn: I am truely sorry Sandulf I did try to keep you out of this

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hmmm.

Callah Besharn: Mother, she will see you now.
Telandria Aisalyn nods and walks in
Callah Besharn eyes Sandulf

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Lanndon’s been mentioning the benefits of multiple warders and making npc’s if I needed them. Might be interesting.

Sandulf Machera furrows his brow but stays standing, and unhappy light in his eyes
Callah Besharn: In with you, big man.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you’d be like the only one ever.

Telandria Aisalyn: Mother, this is Sandulf
Sandulf Machera walks in

DragonSypher (Kael): i think you should convince Terith and Kael. It would be quite intimidating.

Telandria Aisalyn: Sandulf this is the Amrylin RAshima Kerenmosa

The Amyrlin is standing when you enter. Sandulf follows behind. She stares at him for a moment, a dark look furrowing her brow. She too is holding the One Power.
Sandulf Machera nods a bow to the Amyrlin, not groveling but showing proper respect, then stands up straight again
Rashima Kerenmosa: Lets get on with it then, Telandria. Bond him.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): alright, jesse. i’ll work on some charming ways to convince the ogier men in my life…
DragonSypher (Kael): plus stacey, you would have a massive HP pool to draw from

Rashima Kerenmosa: Callah, gather the Accepted. Link with them.
Sandulf Machera: WHAT!
Telandria Aisalyn: Sandulf in light of all that is happening the tower feels it be best for me to bond you

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i know. i’ll never die.
Sandulf Machera stares at Telandria Aisalyn
Telandria Aisalyn looks at Sandulf with sadden eyes, I’m sorry
Sandulf Machera: Was this all a ploy to link me to your tower?

DragonSypher (Kael): I dont know how many HP Terith has but I have 89 and he is likely to be about the same

Rashima Kerenmosa: Calm yourself, Sandulf. Your Aes Sedai convinced me against all custom to allow this. Otherwise you would be taken for gentling. I believe you can channel. She says you cannot. We will see, after she takes your bond.
Telandria Aisalyn: It was the only way, I had to agree to do this for your safety
Sandulf Machera: test me if you wish … I do not channel!

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh, mannnnnn. yeah, i’m going to have to give this some serious thought. how awesome. Terith is like putty in my hands. For Terith, that is.

Sandulf Machera: looks sideways at Telandria Aisalyn.
Callah returns with the two Accepted. Telandria, she is linked. The Amyrlin takes the flows into herself and is now linked with the othe three.
Rashima Kerenmosa: We will see. Telandria?
Sandulf Machera: Cloud Runner said that we couldn’t trust Aes Sedai.
Telandria Aisalyn: I am sorry

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and do what I have to do

Sandulf Machera notices what he said and seems slightly shocked and uncomfortable.

Telandria reaches up and touches you on your head. You suddenly feel a strange sensation pass into your mind….a new ball of emotion that enters your consciousness. You realize with horror that you can actually FEEL what Telandria feels. Which is sadness. For you.

Rashima Kerenmosa: It is done then. Telandria, link with me. I want to feel what you feel. Callah, prepare.
Telandria Aisalyn: yes mother

Sandulf, you are in shock.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): do the linky thing
l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): ANGER … lots of ANGER
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha

You link with the Amyrlin and she melds your flows into her.
Rashima Kerenmosa gives Sandulf a blank look.
Telandria Aisalyn: I assured you he could not channel
Rashima Kerenmosa: I sense…anger, which is understandable. Confusion. Also understandable. Sadness from…Telandria….
Rashima Kerenmosa shakes her head.
Sandulf Machera smells the fear of the accepted
Rashima Kerenmosa: Release Saidar, Callah.

The Keeper does as instructed, and Rashima releases her link with you, letting her own connection to the True Source wink out.
Rashima Kerenmosa sighs
Rashima Kerenmosa: Alright, you’ve convinced me. Have a seat. Both of you. And I’ll have this story out of him himself. Then I can determine the truth of what you’ve told me tonight.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): just think if stacey bonded you you’d have to bed her
Sochaia Doisech: i never thought ever that Sandulf would be a warder of telandria. just wow.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): and that was suppposed to be ooc
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): well it wasn’t my intention
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you could’ve talked the mother out of it.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): easy
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): delve my ass, bitch.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): well I have 16 will save :P
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lanndon,
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): kael and terith will be bonded. count on it.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and you’ll be the one telling everything
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): terith is sweet on me.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hit points.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): TWO OGIER WARDERS!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): sochaia
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no sexytime.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Geez, he’s afraid I’ll rape him.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ewww
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): LOL
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): WOW
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): good game tonight!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): maybe.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): sooo not nice!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i think it’d be a whore, tho.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): well that will help your relationshit with Tasalaya
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): jesse, maybe soon, ok?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): rub it in that your a warder
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh damn.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): sochaia, even.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): HA
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yall are evil and all I did was try
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): it didn’t work well but I tried
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): <<
DragonSypher (Kael): I have a feeling Kael will be bonded very soon.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you know, though, telandria would totally get you back!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): true
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): night
l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): thank you good game
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): good night, all.
Campaign saved.

Session August 21st, 2012 Chat Log

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