Session August 28th, 2012 Chat Log

Kael defeats yet another warder in training before taking a break to get some water.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): sure… I’m in no rush to get my ass chewed by Sandulf
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Sandulf’s pretty tough. He’ll be a valuable warder. Once he’s not pissed that you coerced him…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I did not coerce him.. tyvm
Lanndon: Coerced nothing. She forced him. He should have listened to Garen. Hehe.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Lando, did you have any of this written up yet? Or do I need to rp the research part?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): OMG it’s not like I did it intentionally.. I used the wrong phrase.. was an accident actually

Sochaia, you head down to the Ogier house to look for Kael. Terith is there, but no Kael. When you ask Terith where you can find him, he grunts and points at the warder barracks.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I kept hoping Sandulf would say the thing that would make it all stop.

Terith: He’s bashing skulls.
Sochaia Doisech: Thank you , Master Terith.

Lanndon: No, I didn’t write anything up for you to bond Kael.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): no I didn’t say the bonding was accident.. that was forced.

Sochaia Doisech looks at him intensely for a moment, then walks off towards the warder barracks.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Hey, Amyrlin, babe. Look into my soul or whatever the hell you do and see for yourself I’m not evil.

Terith looks confused as he watches Sochaia leave.

Sochaia Doisech: Kael?

Sochaia Doisech: thus the “whatever the hell you do” part.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ooc

Sochaia Doisech: Kael?
Kael turns to Sochaia. “Yes, Aes Sedai.”

You head to the warder barracks and find the Ogier in the “pit”, sparring with warder trainees under the tutelage of Master Jafar.

Sochaia Doisech watches Kael with an approving nod. He will do.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): highest note of confidence, huh?

Sochaia Doisech waits for Kael to finish sparring.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): and waits.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): but your story mode….
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ah.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): was confused and stuff.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): do we know about Sandulf yet?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): no
Lanndon: No.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): had stepped away. what?

Kael grabs the neck of a trainee and throws him into the bench of defeated combatants. “Rrraaaaggghhhh! Is that all you can offer me!?”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): technically we’re still in her study/office whatever
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): lanndon is getting tea while yall do your chat
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): k

Kael turns from the pis as Sochaia approaches and walks to meet her.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): turns from the piss.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nice
DragonSypher (Kael): oops. the PIT. is that better

Sochaia Doisech: Master Ogier. Is there anyone you cannot defeat?
Kael: Not as of yet.
Kael grins.
Sochaia Doisech: You are an unusual Ogier, Master Kael.
Kael nods. You noticed that, huh?
Sochaia Doisech: Yes.
Sochaia Doisech: Why are you battling the warders? Are you training for something?
Sochaia Doisech: Or are you training them?
Ronan Jafar stops yelling at recruits so he can watch this exchange. He’s seen this before. Many times.
Kael: The shadow consumed my Stedding. I intend to take it back, whatever the cost.
Sochaia Doisech: Cost?
Kael: In blood or sacrifice.
Sochaia Doisech: Some sacrifices are worth it, you mean.
Kael: My home is worth it.
Sochaia Doisech: Some sacrifices are more like…
Sochaia Doisech: collaboration.
Kael looks confused. What are you hinting at Aes Sedai. Speak plainly.
Sochaia Doisech: I don’t know what I’m hinting at. I don’t even know if it would be allowed.
Sochaia Doisech: But, it occurs to me that you would make a powerful warder.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no

Kael barks a laugh. A WARDER!?
Sochaia Doisech looks at him starkly.
Kael: Forgive me Aes Sedai, but I am not sure I would make a very good warder.
Sochaia Doisech: This idea amuses you? You fight with the warders. You know the skill they have and the fight they face.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fireball, level 15, please.

Sochaia Doisech: A bond between us would strengthen you, protect me, and give our enemies a terrible foe to face.
Kael: Indeed I do, but my fight is not that of the White Tower. I have no interest in their goals.
Kael: I couldn’t agree more, Sochaia Sedai.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): perks I tell ya!

Sochaia Doisech: I am unsure this bond would be allowed.
Sochaia Doisech looks to Jafar.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): please tell me that’s the dude’s name…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yay

Ronan Jafar chuckles and shakes his head, then resumes yelling at recruits.
Kael gathers his equipment. “Come we can discuss this elsewhere.”
Sochaia Doisech follows Kael.
Sochaia Doisech seeks a Brown Sister.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): right? or research-y type…

Sochaia Doisech heads to the library in search of a precedent to a non-human bond.
Kael walks towards the gardens around the Tower.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): and discovers she can bond Kael. the end.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): my will is 16
DragonSypher (Kael): so are we going to the library or the gardens?
Sochaia Doisech: I think we need to ascertain this is allowed. I’m going to check a book a sister told me about.
Sochaia Doisech: My apologies, Kael. I have been considering this for a small while.
Kael nods. Very well. I will wait in the garden outside. I need to check my equipment anyway. Come find me when you have finished.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): flips through book. finds information. returns to garden. bonds.

The two of you head back into the Tower. The Library is on the first floor and about a ten minute walk from the pit. You arrive inside the library where you see several Brown sisters milling about, sorting books, placing them back on shelves, or assisting other Aes Sedai. One of them is sitting at the counter reading a book of her own, and she peers up when you enter.

DragonSypher (Kael): that was fast
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :)

Sochaia is by herself.
Rodana Denae Sedai: Ah, our newest Green. Can I help you with something?
Sochaia Doisech: Sister, can you help me with a question? I’m afraid I’d like to keep it between us for now. whispers
Rodana Denae Sedai shrugs
Rodana Denae Sedai: Sure, I can keep secrets.
Rodana Denae Sedai: This place is filled with secrets.
Rodana Denae Sedai smiles
Sochaia Doisech: I’d like to find a previous instance of an Aes Sedai bonding a…non-human…willingly.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): whispered.

Rodana Denae Sedai crinkles her brow at the mention of non-humans
Sochaia Doisech: I refer to my friends, the Ogier.
Rodana Denae Sedai: What kind of non-human are we talking about?
Rodana Denae Sedai sighs with relief

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): whew not a toad
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no, not a flipping trolloc.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes! bonding tollocs!
DragonSypher (Kael): she was actually thinking of bonding a few Fades and a fist of trollocs. lol
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): the odor…

Rodana Denae Sedai: Oh. I had thought you might mention bonding shadowspawn, or vermin, or the Light only knows what crazy idea. Some women do come in here with odd ideas about bonding. Yes…now, an Ogier?
Sochaia Doisech: Yes, please. I feel as long as they fight with us and to defend us, surely it would be permitted.
Sochaia Doisech: Maybe not common practice, but not shocking.

Rodana Denae Sedai: Well there’s no law against such a thing. Not to my knowledge. Now has it ever been done before? I couldn’t say. I have never read anything about such a bond occurring.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i’m good.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): bonds kael.

Sochaia Doisech: Should I ask the Mother?

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): just run out to the garden and pop your hand on his forehead!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol

Rodana Denae Sedai: Now, if you’re seriously considering such a thing….oh please, let me study you afterwards. The wealth of information would be immense!
Rodana Denae Sedai crinkles her brow again
Sochaia Doisech smiles.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): haha now you’ve done it
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you will be a browns dream

Rodana Denae Sedai: You wouldn’t have to get the Amyrlin’s permission to take a warder. That is left to the Aes Sedai’s discretion.

Lanndon: Yes she will, hehe

Sochaia Doisech: Indeed? Then so be it.
Sochaia Doisech: Thank you for your assistance. I will let you know how it goes.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): Rodana is Stacey’s new bff

Rodana Denae Sedai nods to Sochaia

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): for evah!

Rodana Denae Sedai: Remember what I said. I would love the chance to study the effects. Oh the possibilities….

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yes

Sochaia Doisech goes off to find Kael with the news.

You nod to the Aes Sedai and return to the gardens, where you find Kael waiting for you as he said he would be.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): true.. we’re test subjects now

Kael is shapening his axe when Sochaia retuns. “What did you discover?”
Sochaia Doisech: Well, Master Ogier, I have news.
Sochaia Doisech: We can bond at the my discretion.
Sochaia Doisech: Is this what you want?

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol. tiny cloak.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): haha and it has to be red
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): pink!

Kael sits silently thinking.
Sochaia Doisech searches her own soul.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): he can be litle red riding hood as he skips through the steading
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and he has to sing.. I feel pretty, oh so pretty
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): and gay….

Kael carefully puts down his axe and stands to his full height, looming over Sochaia.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): so pretty
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh, so pretty
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no, i was singing along.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and I pitty any ogier who isn’t me

Sochaia Doisech looks up at the enormous Ogier.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I don’t thikn the Tower has a warders cloak that will fit
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): we’ll sew eight cloaks together.

Kael grimly looks down at Sochaia. “If we do this I will need your oath.”
Kael: There are three things I require from you.
Sochaia Doisech nods. “Of course.”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): just…no sex. ow.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): what did you say?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): first warder?

Lanndon: I said you have a gay warder and one that’s too big for sex. What kind of Green are you?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): GAY

Kael: First, you will swear to release me from this bond immediately upon my request. If you fail to release me I will kill you and suffer what consequences come from your death.

Lanndon: You know I’m only kidding. Ni’tareus isn’t gay.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): bullshit!

Sochaia Doisech: You are not my property. This bond will be mutual. Always.
Sochaia Doisech: That will be the last time you threaten me.
Kael: Second. Our partnership will be just that. I am not your servant nor your inferrior. We guard each other and work together.
Sochaia Doisech: Precisely. Mutual respect and protection.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): cuz i’ve been Aes sedai so long and just know stuff.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): even something like that?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): covered your base, didn’t ya?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): bases
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Ni’tareus is NOT freaking gay.

Kael: And finally. My fight is for my Stedding and the Ogier. Not the White Tower, the Aes Sedai, or the Amyrlin.
Sochaia Doisech: I must disagree here. This fight is for Good. For all who live to be happy, to fall in love, to experience sunsets.
Sochaia Doisech: Not a fight for you or for me.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): shut up. it’s hard to rebut philosophically while Young Frankstein is in my ear.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :P

Kael: I will guard you and protect you with my life, Sochaia Sedai, I will not bow to the will of the Tower.
Kael: The Ogier work WITH the Aes Sedai, not for them.
Sochaia Doisech: This I swear to you. Your will shall not bend or break.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): gah. corny.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i told you how many times i had to rewrite for this week myself. how do you do this week after week?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok sending vicky a message in rift.. not sure if she’s there or just logged in

Kael nods. “Those are my conditions. Do you accept them?”
Sochaia Doisech: I do.
Kael: Your oath on it, Aes Sedai. Your strongest oath.

‘Tasalaya’ connected
Lanndon: Under the Light and by my hope of Salvation and Rebirth…

Sochaia Doisech: Under the Light and by my hope of Salvation and Rebirth

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): …
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): good thing Vick.. lanndon’s story tonight is about you :P
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I promith.
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): lol
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): stacey is crossing her fingers behind her back
Lanndon: Yeah we were gonna have to call it, cause you’re central to the story this time, Vicky.

Sochaia Doisech: I’ll need you to lean in, Kael.
Sochaia Doisech: I’ll not have you kneel. Let me climb up on this rock.
Sochaia Doisech: climbs up on a rocky outcrop of rock.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): frick. action that.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I’d rather not be picked up… Can we both stand.?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): STand on a rock…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): the one I just climbed on…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh.

Kael nods. “Very well. I accept this bond between us. May the dark one himself cower before us.”
Sochaia Doisech reaches up and places her hands on either side of his face.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): bonds and shit.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I think terith shoud walk by and witness this :P
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): NO
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): please don’t

Kael senses Sochaia as the bond settles in. “It is done then?”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I wanna know what Nitaeus feels during this bonding
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yes, bitch, now get me some soup.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hahahahha
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): just kidding jesse.

Sochaia, you weave Spirit and place the bond on Kael. Instantly you both feel a new consciousness enter your mind. One made up simply of emotion, but you can also sense the direction of the source of those emotions. It is….very odd for Kael. Sochaia is used to it, but this is the first time you have ever experienced such a thing.

DragonSypher (Kael): lol.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): but he’ll be walking with me…dangerous!
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah stacey can’t kill him now

Sochaia Doisech: I thank you, Kael. We’ll make a hard fight.


You see Rashima form the weave for Severing. She launches the weave at Sandulf, attempting to cut him off from the male half of the One Power. Yet the weave dissipates with no effect, and Sandulf does not react as he would if he actually were a channeler and had been severed. The Amyrlin shakes her head and looks at Callah, who only shrugs.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): shush

WEAVESIGHT DC 22 to learn Sever.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hee hee

Rashima Kerenmosa: Take a seat, Sandulf. You too, Telandria.

Kael nods and grins. Indeed Sochaia. The shadow has never encountered a pair like us.
Telandria Aisalyn: Weavesight [1d20+16 = 32]

Rashima Kerenmosa gestures to the chairs placed around a short table meant for socializing

You sit down at the chair provided for you opposite the Amyrlin, completely in shock. Telandria takes the chair next to you. The tall, attractive Aes Sedai with the black hair that showed you in earlier stands behind the Amyrlin, watching you with a wary eye.

DragonSypher (Kael): Staceym what is your will save?

Sochaia Doisech: I need to do some…things. I will speak with you later on. You might talk to Jafar. Surely there’s a cloak for you.

Rashima Kerenmosa sighs

DragonSypher (Kael): my fort save is 11
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): will save is +10
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): my fort was +6

Telandria Aisalyn: Now that we have established Sandulf is not a channeler may I have a few moments in private with him, Mother
Rashima Kerenmosa: Well, I see I was wrong. For that, I’m sorry. You are Sandulf Machera, the third of our trinity of Ta’veren. I am Rashima Kerenmosa, the Amyrlin Seat.
Telandria Aisalyn: In light of all that has taken place without his consent
Rashima Kerenmosa: You may step outside, if that’s what you wish, but I want you both back here before either of you leave. We have much to discuss still.
Sandulf Machera though he seems completly calm on the exterior he is severly shaken from what Telandria Aisalyn can sense
Telandria Aisalyn: Yes Mother
Telandria Aisalyn: Sandulf please come with me

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): my fort is 6, my reflex is 6, my will is 10.

Kael nods to Sochaia. I will be in the training yard or the Ogier rooms.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you wanted the full story now

Sandulf Machera stands and walks out.

Sochaia Doisech: Again, perhaps Jafar can help you locate a cloak.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok so we’re in the other room now

Kael gathers his equipment and heads off to the warder training yard. “I am sure he will be suprised.”
Sochaia Doisech: As a favor to me, please don’t mention this to Terith. I must needs speak with him.

You exit to the outer waiting chamber and Telandria dismisses the two Accepted and they step outside to give you privacy.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): must needs? bah
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): exactly what i was thnking. bust away, baby

Kael: If you wish.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hey, should i wait to talk to BigT?
Lanndon: You can talk to him now if you want.

Sochaia Doisech seeks out Terith.

Telandria Aisalyn: Sandulf, we only have a few moments. Please understand I did not inform anyone that you were a wolfbrother. I leave this to you if you wish to share this information. But all that has happened was the only way I could think of to protect you from.. proving you were not a channeler by the Red Sister. Again I am truely sorry for what has happened

DragonSypher (Kael): akf 1….phone

Sochaia heads back to the Ogier House. You find him where you saw him, sitting on one of the balconies with an Ogier elder and a much younger Ogier. They look at you when you arrive, but the elder and the younger Ogier leave to give you privacy.
Terith stands
Terith: Sochaia Sedai. I assume you didn’t find him?
Sandulf Machera: How did they get the idea I was a male Channeler?
Telandria Aisalyn: That was my fault.. in trying to share the information of the seals I was hasty with my words.
Sandulf Machera: mmm
Sochaia Doisech: I found him.
Terith nods. Sit. Have some tea.
Sochaia Doisech gratefully accepts the offer.
Sandulf Machera again looks perfectly calm but is very angery inside
You pour yourself a glass of tea. It’s hot and fresh.
Sochaia Doisech looks at Terith thoughtfully.
Sochaia Doisech: Friend Ogier, my thoughts have been on you. I fear I must ask you a troubling, difficult favor. I know you to be brutally honest and loyal. I need that on my side. I need you by my side as we fight the Shadow. By joining our strengths, we both will fight better, kill more together, and help each other stay alive.
Telandria Aisalyn: But what I can offer you is to dissolve this bond after tonight. I leave this up to you
Sochaia Doisech: You call me little sister. Protect me, Big Brother. Please become my warder.
Terith chokes on his drink

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): pefect timing.

Telandria Aisalyn: As long as you share this bond, you will have some benefits of course

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): perfect. bah

Terith looks at you in complete shock. His lone eye is wide…not with anger, for once, but surprise. Or perhaps horror at the thought. He sits down and stares at the floor for a moment, then looks up.

DragonSypher (Kael): LOL! Nice Stacey

Telandria Aisalyn: But this can be discussed at a later time
Telandria Aisalyn: We have more pressing matters
Terith shakes his head
Terith: Sochaia Sedai, you honor me. But what you ask is not appropriate. Ogier do not become warders.
Terith: I assume this is why you sought out Kael? And he denied you.

DragonSypher (Kael): OOOhhh yeah terith!?

Sandulf Machera: I don’t believe your ‘sisters’ will allow you to drop the bond. They will request you transfer the bond if you do not wish to have it.
Sochaia Doisech: I have bonded Kael.

Terith stares at Sochaia with absolutely no hint of emotion in his face whatsoever.

DragonSypher (Kael): tell him you will release him upon request stacey

Sochaia Doisech: He had shown an interest. We have sworn fealty and respect to each other.
Terith: What do you mean you’ve bonded him?

Telandria Aisalyn: No the bond was to prove you were not a channeler. It is my bond therefore I have the right to do what I wish with it. They are now assured you are not a male channeler and therefore not a threat to the Tower
Sochaia Doisech: Your bond I was more unsure of. I know how you feel towards humans. Towards Aes Sedai.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lanndon, i answered him before he said that…

Terith looks offended
Terith: How…why? Why would he allow such a thing?
Sochaia Doisech: His choice was his own to make. I assure you, it was not without great sacrifice on my part as well.
Terith shakes his head again, looking disturbed.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk

Terith: Did either of you consider the Longing? He will die if he is away from the Stedding too long. You know that, don’t you?

Sandulf Machera: At this point we will see, but bring it up and see how your sisters react. I will tell them what they wish to know now, but understand this always … I am no one’s servant!

Sochaia Doisech: While we didn’t discuss that specifically, I am willing to travel with him where he must go in order to stay healthy and alive.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): i can’t boss him around or control him. pretty big sacrifice…

Telandria Aisalyn: Nor do I place you as a servant. You have proven yourself over and over in the last few months we have spent together
Terith: You don’t understand. He must stay in the Stedding for years in order to recover from the Longing. When it takes him, that is. And who knows when that will be?
Terith shakes his head.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): technically you don’t have to go to the steading with him. He can return and you can feel what direction he is

Terith: I am sorry. Kael may have been fool enough to do this, but I cannot. I am not warder material. But you do me honor. And for that…you know of the Ogier oath?
Sochaia Doisech looks at him curiously.
Terith sees that Sochaia does not
Terith: When an Ogier gives his oath, it is for life or until the terms of that oath are fulfilled. I will give you my Ogier’s oath that I will follow you wherever you go until the Trolloc Wars are done or we are both dead.
Telandria Aisalyn: Let us return and have you explain what I could not.
Terith: But I will not be your warder. I am sorry.

DragonSypher (Kael): aww…poor stacey.

Sochaia Doisech: I knew this. Yet I had to ask.
Terith nods
Sochaia Doisech: I know you will fight by my side. I know you will protect me. I am honored to remain simply your Little Sister.
Terith smiles at Sochaia
Which is very rare, by the way

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): OMG, I got a smile!
DragonSypher (Kael): that means he loves you

Sochaia Doisech pats Terith on his elbow.

Terith: Now go find that fool Kael and send him back here. I have some things to say.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Yep, Terith is sweet on me.

Terith grimaces at the thought of what Kael did.
Sochaia Doisech: I shall not send Kael into the mouth of the tiger. It is part of what I swore to him.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes

Terith gives Sochaia a flat stare
Terith: I meant I have words for the fool, not an axe for him.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): from smile to flat stare. sigh. short lived.

Sochaia Doisech: He is an Ogier with his own mind and his own will. You would take that from him?

Telandria, you and Sandulf return to the Amyrlin’s study. She and the Keeper are discussing things of their own when you enter, but they quickly quiet down and watch as the two of you return to your seats.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): you’re about to be disowned now little sister :P

Terith shakes his head at the silliness of what’s happened.
Terith: He still needs to hear some truth about his decisions.

Sochaia Doisech: Oh, Brother, I will send Kael to you. For me, be gentle. Please?
Terith snorts
Terith: I’ll try.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): wipes boogers from her face.

Terith: Goodnight, Sochaia Sedai.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): quit snorting while standing over me.

Rashima Kerenmosa: So. Are we all better now?

Sochaia Doisech pats Terith on the ankle. “Good day to you.”
Telandria Aisalyn: Yes
Sandulf Machera sits down
Rashima Kerenmosa looks Sandulf squarely in the eyes
Sandulf Machera doesn’t flinch

DragonSypher (Kael): thats right james…stare he down. I am sure she will blink first.
DragonSypher (Kael): *her

Rashima Kerenmosa: You have a very unusual and unheard of gift. One that is not ordinarily found in those that can’t channel. So I wonder…could this have been given to you as a result of some other channeler? You spoke a name earlier. Cloud Runner. Who is this Cloud Runner? Is this a nickname for a friend of yours? Male or female?

Sochaia Doisech seeks out Kael.
Sandulf Machera laughs

Sochaia, you find him right away. With the bond in your head, you know exactly where he can be found. You can sense his direction and find him easily.

Sandulf Machera: he is male and most assuredly not a channeler!
Rashima Kerenmosa: And how do you know this?
Sandulf Machera: Because he is a Wolf!

Sochaia Doisech: Kael, Terith would speak with you. I’m afraid he doesn’t quite see the benefits to our bond.
Rashima Kerenmosa: A wolf. A wolf.
Rashima Kerenmosa taps her fingers on her lips.
Rashima Kerenmosa: Sandulf, you can be very honest with me and I will let you leave here in a few moments. If Telandria doesn’t know how, I will show her how to release you from the bond as well. But I would prefer some honesty. Who is Cloud Runner? I only ask for your own protection.
Sandulf Machera: A Wolf!
Rashima Kerenmosa looks at Callah, who shrugs.
Rashima Kerenmosa: Alright, I’ll indulge you. Tell me of these seals and how you know about them.

Kael nods. “I knew he would. I know his feelings toward this, I had breifly mentioned it to him once before and his response was not…favorable.”

Sandulf Machera: you do not need to indulge me. I am friends with and can communicate with wolves.

Sochaia Doisech: He did not accept my offer to bond with me. He is…devoted…to me, in his own way. I trust him to protect me.
Rashima Kerenmosa smiles at Sandulf
Rashima Kerenmosa: I understand now. Sandulf, you’re free to go. Telandria, stay a moment, would you?

Kael nods. “The Ogier’s Oath.”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): and you sense me being nervous

Sandulf Machera: No I do not think you do
Sandulf Machera: I can smell that you do not believe me, you think I am still crazy
Sochaia Doisech: Yes.
Rashima Kerenmosa: Men cannot talk to wolves. Or bitmes. Or shadows, Master Machera.
Sandulf Machera: oh you would probably put it nicely and say you think I am unwell.
Rashima Kerenmosa: Smell?
Rashima Kerenmosa looks at her Keeper again
Sandulf Machera: and your friend there … she smells … scared … and hostile!
Telandria Aisalyn: Please allow him to explain
Callah Besharn looks shocked at Sandulf’s words
Her fear scent deepens.
Callah Besharn: How did…you…
Kael: I will go talk with him.
Sandulf Machera smiles
The Amyrlin looks shocked as well.
Rashima Kerenmosa: You can smell…emotion? How is that possible? And his eyes…
Sochaia Doisech: Kael, if you feel you need to be released much sooner than you previously thought, I will understand.
Rashima Kerenmosa: Alright, I have no choice but to believe you. For now. Tell me your news.
Sochaia Doisech turns and walks back into the Tower.

Sandulf Machera: I do not wish for this to be taken as insulting but … well Aes Sedai can be narrow minded.
Sandulf Machera: I could have been nicer and say narrow of focus but … that is not the complete truth
Rashima Kerenmosa: An insult nonetheless. True, perhaps, on some level, yet still insulting. Especially to the Mother of all Aes Sedai.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): omg Mother, like let me tell you, omg.. he’s this, like wolf brother. I was like OMG gag-me-with-a-spoon when I found out. It was like no way, but way.

Kael smiles. “I will let you know if I need to be released.”
Sandulf Machera nods his head in a slight bow at her comment
Rashima Kerenmosa: Regardless, you have a point. I believe you, okay? Tell me what you know.

Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): lol

Sochaia Doisech nods as she goes to find Ni’tareus.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Lanndon, I’ll wait to talk to Ni’tareus…

Sandulf Machera proceeds to tell them what he told Telandria Aisalyn and Sochaia Doisech in detail

You tell the Amyrlin the story of your visit to the Wolf Dream. You tell her of Cloud Runner, and how he is a wolf that you communicate with through mental images sent between one mind and another, and then you tell her of his urgent desire to keep you from using ‘need’ to find what you desire in the dream. When you tell her of this, her eyes widen slightly. Obviously you struck a familiar nerve with that one. You tell her how Cloud Runner directed you to what you needed, as he was more experienced and ready to deal with the dangers of the Wolf Dream, and could protect you somewhat. What you needed, according to Cloud Runner…or perhaps it was just the will of the Dream, was to rescue the four seals trapped in Shayol Ghul. You tell Rashima this, and she listens. Even Callah seems entranced by the story. In the end, the Amyrlin stares at you thoughtfully, tapping her lips with a fingertip for a long moment after you finish speaking.

Kael heads back to the ogier house to talk to Terith.
Rashima Kerenmosa: This dream seems too…authentic to be anything else.
Rashima Kerenmosa: What you told me of this wolf…this ‘Cloud Runner’…and how he warned you about need….that is something we do know from our dealings with sisters that can walk the Dream. We do not call it the ‘Wolf Dream’. It is a place called Tel’aran’rhiod.
Rashima Kerenmosa: That is the only place it could be.
Sandulf Machera: if you are wondering why you haven’t seen wolves there , well they tend to stay away from Aes Sedai.
Rashima Kerenmosa: I am not a dreamer, nor a dreamwalker. We haven’t had one of either in centuries. But what you say, I know of. I’ve read the studies.
Sandulf Machera: they call you ‘she who calls the wind’
Rashima Kerenmosa: I wouldn’t know, to be honest. I’ve never been in the Dream World.
Rashima Kerenmosa sighs
Rashima Kerenmosa: Telandria…Sandulf…I must apologize to you both for forcing this on you. If you wish, I will teach Telandria how to undo the bond, so that you may both be free of it. I don’t agree with the idea of bonding a man against his will. It’s a little too close to rape for my tastes. So I will see you both freed of it, if you wish.
Telandria Aisalyn: I have offered this to Sandulf and will let it be his decision since he was forced to be bonded to begin with
Sandulf Machera: To be honest it is probably the only way I will sleep through the night without having to worry about Tasalaya Sedai.
Rashima Kerenmosa: I have a lot to consider here. I can’t give you an answer on what I think this means, Sandulf. I’ll need time to formulate a plan.
Rashima Kerenmosa nods at both of you
Sandulf Machera nods to Rashima
Rashima Kerenmosa: Then sleep on it. If you change your mind, I’ll show Telandria how anyway, in case she doesn’t already know how.
Rashima Kerenmosa rises from her chair
Telandria Aisalyn: Thank you kisses the ring before she leaves
Rashima Kerenmosa nods to Telandria
Sandulf Machera stands and waits for Telandria Aisalyn
Rashima Kerenmosa: One more thing, Telandria.
Telandria Aisalyn: Yes, Mother?
Rashima Kerenmosa: I think it would be best if he remained outside of the Tower for the time being. As with before, nothing has changed about how the women of the Tower might react to his presence. If anything, it could make things worse. With the emotion of the bond in place….Telandria may take offense to anyone looking crossways at her new warder, and I’d rather not have to settle any disputes between Aes Sedai at this moment. And…we have enemies acting within the Tower, as much as I hate to admit it. For now I want his ability kept secret even though every fiber of my being screams to let the Brown Ajah have him for a few days so that they can decipher his ability and study this link he has with wolves. But that is not safe, and I won’t risk the Light’s greatest hope in the three Ta’veren we have in the Tower. For now, he remains at the Ivory Guardian, and you will tell no one that you’ve bonded him. At least not until I’ve decided how to handle this mess. Understood?
Telandria Aisalyn: Of course
Rashima Kerenmosa nods to Telandria
Rashima Kerenmosa: Good night to you both then.
You exit the Amyrlin’s chambers.
Sandulf Machera nods and seems to shrink in hieght as he leaves


You return to your room in the Green Ajah’s quarters and are shocked to find Raefari and Christoff both standing at your front door. Christoff has a look of annoyance on his face, and Raefari doesn’t look pleased either. You completely forgot you had requested they attend you for dinner, because of what happened with Sandulf. It is now thirty three minutes after seven, making you thirty three minutes late.

Telandria Aisalyn: Please forgive me but I had pressing issues. Please come in and have a seat. i would like to discuss something with the both of you

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): tougher monsters…
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): actually the only add on was my new warder

Both men nod to you and follow you inside. You take them to your sitting room and ask them both to have a seat.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes yes

Dinner is waiting for you outside, where the men were, having been brought up as ordered. It is cold now, but will suffice. You each take a plate and begin eating dinner. While you eat, you talk with them about bonding. Christoff agrees right away, as you knew he would. Raefari looks puzzled, but eventually agrees. He came here to become a warder, and since you’re asking, he is happy to accept your bond.

When dinner is over, you ask both men to kneel and weave Spirit and lay it over both heads.

Christoff takes a knee in front of you first, followed quickly by Raefari. Both men watch you as you begin weaving Spirit to create the first bond. You lay the weave over Christoff’s head first, immediately feeling a new ball of emotions take a place in the back of your mind, right next to Sandulf’s knot of emotions. You can feel he is still very angry with you.

Christoff touches his forehead as you begin laying the weave over Raefari. Christoff rises, and mutters to himself. You lay the weave on Raefari and feel a third set of emotions find a little part of your mind to occupy. Raefari is calm, peaceful. Christoff is calm, yet you can sense brooding in him. Not at you…it’s as if this is his normal state, and compared to peaceful Raefari, Christoff feels…brooding. And then there’s Sandulf. Pure rage. What a strange feeling, sensing each man’s emotional state.

You let Raefari’s head go and he rises.

Both men look as if they were hit in the head. They look dazed for a moment. You give them time to recover, then lead them outside to your balcony. There, the three of you sit and enjoy the evening, adjusting to the bond and getting to know each other.

As the evening ends, Raefari stands.

Raefari Jenar: I must ask, Telandria Sedai. Do we remain in the warder barracks now that we are bonded, or will you have us move up here?
Telandria Aisalyn: I leave that up to you. There are rooms here in my quaters that are open to you if you wish

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): three-banger?

Both men look at each other and agree its best if they are close to you. They’re your warders now.

You give your consent, and the two men leave to grab their things. There are now three of you living in your quarters.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): I’m gonna assume they won’t share all the emotions they feel (ie.. sensing a 3rd bond to anyone right?) warders don’t talk about that
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok just making sure
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): they don’t have the bond between the other warders
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): basically I’m not a funnel
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): do you want to do Tasalaya’s part now? or when did you want to do Ni’tareus? I’m just gonna tell him about Kael is all.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): he’s not gonna trip on me like freaking Terith?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Sochaia Doisech: hell yeah. save that writing for another day…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ooc
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): better than expected
DragonSypher (Kael): and I am back. Did I miss anything?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh. kael? are you staying with the ogier still?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): when me and sandulf pass by Tasalaya I feel a sense of longing from Sandulf :P hahahajk
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you don’t have a need to be in my quarters, do you?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): stay with the big bed quarters.
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): lol
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ew
DragonSypher (Kael): Uh, no. for the time being I will be in the Ogier house

Sochaia, you head to your rooms and find Ni’tareus sitting in the sitting room reading a book. When you arrive, you tell him you’ve taken another warder, and he merely nods. When you tell him who it is though….he seems shocked that an Ogier would even allow such a thing. In the end though, he accepts it with his usual easy going grace. More the merrier, in his opinion. You’re much more satisfied with Ni’tareus’ reaction than Terith’s.


You leave the White Tower, still in complete shock. After the meeting ended and you were given your warder’s cloak, you stalk out of the tower and head out onto the streets of Tar Valon, needing time to think.

As you walk, you put on the cloak. You may as well wear it, despite the Amyrlin’s warning about the Aes Sedai and their possible interest in you. Perhaps the cloak will draw undue attention, but you were bonded without your consent, and by the Light, that cloak is small payment for what was done to you. You’ve earned it, and you’re going to wear it. Still though…you instantly felt the effects of the bond settle in as soon as Telandria removed her hands. You feel stonger now…not muscular, but as if you have more endurance. You know that if you wanted too, you could run a mile and never break a sweat. And something inside of you…your mental strength…confidence…willpower…is stronger too. Much stronger. Threat of an Aes Sedai’s questioning doesn’t scare you at all. But most of all, you feel Telandria in your skull, knotted up and trapped in the back of your head. And she isn’t going anywhere.

Gifts or no gifts, the fact that you had no say in the matter angers you. You stalk through the city streets, seething inside and trying to find balance, to reconcile what was done and how to deal with it. At some point you find yourself once again walking the alleys of Tar Valon, scaling rooftops, and watching for criminals. And you find them. The warder cloak allows you to blend into your surroudings, making it harder to see you, and you surprise a group of footpads as they corner a young woman in an alleyway, bent on taking everything she owns, including her clothing it seems. Which infuriates you even more.

The entire episode took less than thirty seconds, but you beat three of the four men senseless. None of them were a match for you before the bond, but now…now you could have killed each one with hardly a thought. You not only have more endurance, but you’re faster than they are too. Perhaps only a tick or two faster than you were before, but you’re still quite a bit faster than these fools. You bash them with the butt of your axe, or kick them in the knee caps, or punch them in the throat, all in quick succession, felling one man, then another, and another, until all that’s left is the big brute that obviously led this little gang. For a moment he looks as if he’s going to attempt to take you, but then he turns and flees down the alleyway, leaving his compatriots to their own fate. You don’t pursue him. With these three to confess, the Tower Guard will find that last one soon enough. Instead, you turn to the woman, who is still weeping and give her a hand up. She hugs you as tightly as anyone ever has, whispering “Thank you. Thank you.” Over and over again.

You finally free yourself from the hug and send her off with a warning about being out at night, alone or without escort and tell her not to do it again. She agrees, and thanks you again, calling you “Gaidin”. Even though it was the cloak that gave it away, you still aren’t used to the idea of people identifying you with those legendary swordsmen that protect the Aes Sedai. You don’t even use a sword! How can you be a warder?

The woman thanks you one last time, then rushes back into the streets of Tar Valon, having collected her valuables and straightened up her clothing.

You bind the arms of your captives and haul them to their feet. They are still dazed from the savage beating they took, and one of them moans from the pain of it. Twenty minutes later you’ve turned in your second set of footpads in this city. And you’re one gold crown and five silver marks richer.

Having vented your frustrations properly, you decide to return to your room back at the Ivory Guardian.

Spot Check DC 30.

Sandulf Machera: Spot [1d20+20 = 23]
Raefari Jenar: Spot 23

For a moment, you thought you saw a shadow up on the rooftops as you left the garrison. But when you turned your head to have a better look…you saw nothing but shadows. Still though, you’re sure someone was up there. After watching for a few moments, you finally give an inner shrug to yourself and tell yourself you’re just jumping at shadows. Must be the bond making you this way.

You eventually head back to the Ivory Guardian. You make it there without seeing or hearing your follower again. As soon as you get to your room, you wash up, then get in bed. Tonight, you’re going to train with Cloud Runner, if you can.

You doze off, and enter the Wolf Dream. You find the wolf and begin your training. You keep a constant eye out for Anagash, but find no hint that he is even in the Wolf Dream. After several hours, you finally break training and get some real sleep. It’s much needed…you’ve had an exhausting day.

Lanndon: Now to everybody

The next day comes and word arrives that Josine Feldramon’s army has arrived at the gates of Jennshain. Whatever is left of Almoren’s armies has rallied to defend the last free city of that nation, and they weren’t surprised by her arrival. Perhaps the woman can be stopped there. You can only pray she is. The good news is that most of the city was evacuated long before the Shadow’s arrival, and word is, all that remains now is the tattered army of Almoren, hoping to make one final stand in the name of their dead king.

There has been no new word from any of the numerous battlefields scattered across the westlands, though two new rumors take flight. One, coming from Jaramide, says a weapon of some sort was employed by the Shadow. A weapon that gathers lightning and hurls it at entire armies…or cities. The other is the birth of a new “Great Captain” that serves the Shadow. This man, referred to as General Agrellin, commands the Gray Fist Legion, and they are most active in Aelgar at the moment. Rumor has it that this General Agrellin is a beast on the field of battle, ferocious in combat and strong and powerful.

Up until now, it was always assumed the armies of darkfriend humans were commanded by the dreadlord armies they were attached too. Apparently either that information is wrong, or this new hero of the Shadow has arisen from the ranks of ordinary darkfriends to something of a dreadlord himself, worthy of commanding his own legion. In the past, there have been dreadlords that couldn’t channel, though they were few and far between and rarely lived long enough to do much with their title. Most non-channelers are simply incapable of controlling trollocs, much less facing the might of the Aes Sedai in battle. With that in mind, you’re all sure this Agrellin fellow won’t last long. Non-channeling dreadlords never do.

Kael, Terith gave you quite a talking too once you returned to the Ogier House last night. He apparently doesn’t think highly of your choice to bond with Sochaia. But, and you told him this, it was your decision. He can either respect it or ignore it. Nothing changes. Now it is morning, and you and Terith are back to work on the side of the White Tower. The rain has let up, although the clouds remain. Elder Inoa and the others deemed it safe to work today, and so you returned to your place up in the scaffolds, removing broken stone in preparation for placing good, whole stone in the opening left by the explosion. As you work, you begin to notice a steady trickle of Aes Sedai in the grounds below, mounting horses or carriages, and leaving the White Tower in streams at irregular intervals throughout the day. Word quickly spreads amongst the human workers that the Aes Sedai are heading out of Tar Valon to face the trolloc threat once again rampaging across the world.

All day it happens, with very little time in between each group departing. Sochaia, from what you’ve learned between Nevren’s earlier teachings and your short stay in Tar Valon, at any given time there are thousands of women in the White Tower, not including trainees or the Aes Sedai already out in the world, and today you estimate a good third to half of those women have left. Women of every Ajah have departed, and some of the more exceptional Accepted have left as well, riding alongside a mentor that will teach them while they are away.

The Green Ajah is the largest Ajah in the White Tower during this era, and now that you wander the corridors of Green’s quarters, you realize with a touch of sadness that the hallways are far more empty here than any other part of the White Tower. It only makes sense, given that the Green Ajah is the Battle Ajah and most prepared to fight a war, but still. You were just starting to make some new friends, but those friendships will have to be put on hold now that the women you were getting to know are gone. The halls of the Green’s quarters are all but empty now.

Tasalaya, you too noticed the Aes Sedai leaving and were there when the Amyrlin decreed that Aes Sedai where needed by the ailing members of the Compact of Ten Nations, providing support and helping stop the trolloc invasions, and now you see what that means. The women leaving have been assigned nations to assist and given letters to present to the commanders of the armies of those nations. You also learn that the Red Ajah is preparing for the possibility that the six Aes Sedai sent to deal with this False Dragon in the south will fail and are not sending as many sisters as the other Ajah’s. For that, you’re glad. It means you have more time to spend getting reacquainted with your Red sisters. Those that don’t leave, that is. But you know the Red Ajah will have its hands full with this False Dragon should the original six sent to retrieve him fail. And if that happens…the Red Ajah’s quarters will be almost as empty as the Green’s or the Blue’s.

Telandria, you headed down to the warder grounds, telling yourself you were only going to watch and prospect, yet part of you was open to the possibility of bonding yet another man if the opportunity presented itself. The Green Ajah has no limits to the number of warders a sister can have, and having three right now isn’t even close to the number you’ve seen some of the Green’s possess.

That’s why you’re so horrified to learn that the remaining men that are ready to be bonded are leaving the Tower along with Jessa Coraleo, Captain General of the Green Ajah. She’s taking every unbonded man with her that can hold a sword and knows which end of it to point at an enemy. Apparently she intends to have extra men on hand for additional bondings that may become necessary, or to replace warders that may die in battle amongst all Aes Sedai, not just the Green. The order was approved by the Amyrlin herself, and now that you walk the grounds, you’re disappointed to see so many men packing their belongings and leaving the Tower. All that are left are the rawest of recruits…too young or too new to the sword to be of any value to you. And those men are being pushed hard by master Jafar.


Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): well damn… wheres that one handed bastard.. I can bond him!

Several days later, Terith returns from an excursion into the city. He left without word, but returned an hour later with a perfectly shaped piece of sung wood about the length of a quarterstaff to a human. On an Ogier, it is sized just right to act as a cane. In fact, the tip of one end is enlarged and smoothly rounded, perfect for gripping. The shape and design of it is very similar to those tiny canes you’ve seen the human nobility favoring as the latest fashion, though you know this one is meant not for fashion, but for function. Terith presents it to elder Inoa as a gift. To you, he gives a slightly embarrassed shrug. The elder is very appreciative, exclaiming that he never thought to fashion such a thing, though he has often used walking sticks in recent years. Something made of sung wood to help him get about is much preferable. He is genuinely touched by the gesture. From that point forward, every time you see the elder, he is using his new walking cane. Inside, you smile to yourself. Perhaps Terith is coming back to the world. Perhaps some of that darkness inside of him is finally being released.

Now, you and Terith relax with a pipe on the balcony of the third floor along with Elder Inoa. It’s become a nightly ritual for the three of you, watching the sunset here on the balcony, (When the clouds part long enough to see one, that is) and talking into the later hours of the evening. You’ve continued to assist the elder and the other Ogier with the repairs on the White Tower, and as a reward, each night the elder invites you and Terith to come dine with him and his greatson, Lorent. After dinner, you spend the greater part of each evening here on his balcony, relaxing with a pipe, or a glass of herbal tea, and sharing stories.

The elder is highly educated and interesting. You’ve gotten to know some of the other elders too, such as Letheren, or Maesal, but you and Terith have both bonded with Inoa. He’s a congenial old Ogier who has led a very rich life. He tells you tales of a time before the trollocs came, when the world was at peace and had dreams of rebuilding the world into another Age of Legends. He tells you stories of his greatfather, who survived the Breaking and helped find what would later be known as Stedding Yontiang during the chaos of those years. And he tells you tales of the dark times since the trollocs flooded out of the Blight three hundred years ago. He himself has fought trollocs, having just turned 102 years old when the trollocs invaded for the first time, barely old enough to leave the Stedding alone. But its been nearly a century since he’s held a long axe or fought a trolloc. In fact, you didn’t notice it when you first met him, thinking his hobbling about everywhere had more to do with simple old age than an old wound, but his right leg was seriously mauled in the battle at Sunon’s Hill, in southern Aramaelle, just before that nation finally succumbed to the trolloc hordes nearly two centuries ago. He’s broken bones too. Like the bones in his other leg, and he apparently had his back broken at some point later. Fortunately for him, Aes Sedai healing was on hand for the broken back and leg, but the mutilated leg never received healing. Outside of that he’s felt the cold steel of a trolloc scythesword too many times to count, and was even cut by a Fade’s blade once. “Worst pain in the world, youngsters! And you need Aes Sedai healing just to counter the disease it inflicts!” He says while telling the story. You already know this, but you indulge the elder. You’ve seen it or felt it for yourself numerous times.

He tells you and Terith to both be careful out in the world. When you get to be his age, old wounds, even those that received healing, resurface and have a habit of haunting you to the day you die. Terith snorts.

On some nights, you’ve been joined by the other elders, but tonight it’s just the three of you and Lorent. The young Ogier isn’t yet 83 years old and is very inquisitive. He and Inoa appear to be very close. Lorent accompanied Inoa to Tar Valon to assist the elder as needed. Being as frail as he is, the other Ogier from Stedding Yontiang wouldn’t allow Inoa to leave without a capable hand around to tend to his needs. Since the boy is nearing adulthood, it was believed that this experience with his greatfather would be good for him. A peek into the world that is, in the hopes that when he is old enough to leave the Stedding on his own that he will be wary of the dangers the world has to offer.

And so your nightly visits have gone. Tonight, however, Elder Inoa begins asking questions of your battles and experiences as a Sentinel. A few minutes into the questioning, he stops you and asks permission to take notes, which you graciously give. Lorent is sitting next to him and opens a small, blank book, and begins transcribing every question and answer between you and Inoa. You tell the tale of your life as a Sentinel and all that you’ve experienced thus far. He then asks Terith to give his story, which, after some prodding by the Elder and Lorent both, he stubbornly begins to share. You already knew most of it, and only some details were expounded upon to give more information, like how Terith’s wife and children were killed in Essenia, enroute to Stedding Shangtai. Or what it was like to live in the shadow of an Ogier hero, like Terith’s father, Kadan, who had been a Guardian of the Forest.

Inoa moves on to questions about Kadan at that last part and Terith finally asks him why he is so interested in these things…and why he’s having his greatson take notes. The Elder shrugs feebly and says “I’m thinking about writing a book, youngster. Well…mmm….letting Lorent write the book while I organize and direct it, uh-huh.”

It appears the elder wishes to see a collection of stories written about the heroes of your people. And for whatever reason he thinks you and Terith are among those heroes. Inoa tells you, to your complete shock, that you are already somewhat known among the Ogier in the various Stedding. He knew your name long before he ever knew your face, apparently. And Terith…well, even you knew about him, though you suspect Terith is considered more of a dark hero than anything else. He certainly doesn’t fit the mold, and when he’s spoken of in Ogier circles, it’s generally done in hushed tones.

While the Ogier people don’t shun Terith for who he is or what he’s become, they aren’t quite sure what to make of him either. He’s been such a loner for so long that some feel he doesn’t consider himself Ogier anymore. You know the truth of that though, and you also know how rumor can be twisted when left to flutter in the wind long enough.

You spend the rest of that evening helping Inoa and Lorent compile a list of the Ogier heroes of this Age. Terith heads to bed, having no interest in such things.

[For the entire party]

Eight days pass. Just a couple of days ago you learned that the dreadlord, Vandred Cazvalo, issued a demand to the Amyrlin via letter. One that she apparently tore to pieces and burned with the One Power immediately after reading it.

Yet somehow…copies of the letter are circulating in Tar Valon. Demands to surrender, or suffer the same fall as Al’Cair’Rahienallen, Jara’copan, or Shaemal, all recently destroyed. Threats contained in the copies warn of what will happen to every man, every woman…every child once the city is destroyed. He makes no offer to accept surrender from the White Tower whatsoever, however he does promise protection for those ordinary citizens that betray the Aes Sedai and either throw down their weapons or join the trollocs once the armies are inside Tar Valon’s walls. For them, they will not suffer the same fate as the rest, he promises, so long as they take their vows to serve the Great Lord of the Dark and honor those vows faithfully. The rest of the city will be fed to the trollocs, or worse.

His vows are despicable, and the letter often feels as if he’s ranting at times, repeating his threats and sometimes switching between taking prisoners and leaving no one alive. Each one of you understand where he’s going with this letter, and why so many copies were suddenly “found” among the citizens. Vandred wants Tar Valon to lose hope. To feel demoralized. He wants them to surrender. And there are darkfriends working within the city to see that his message is delivered.

Aes Sedai patrolling the streets are doing what they can to remove the filthy letters wherever they may be found, but they continue to circulate no matter what the Aes Sedai do. With the city as packed as it is with refugees, word spreads like wildfire, and the people are nervous. There is now open talk of surrender in some places, though that talk is usually kept quiet and out of the hearing of Aes Sedai. Sandulf though, through his nights of prowling the city’s streets and taverns, has heard the talk, and knows it is genuine. Some people truly seem to believe that if they surrender, even Vandred will change his mind and show mercy. The idea is laughable, but some people seem incapable of grasping that the Shadow does not take prisoners. They take laborers and food. When you surrender, you are either one or the other. There is no in between.

Sandulf, you also learn one more tiny bit of rumor…tiny, but with huge implications if true. There are already whispers that the Aes Sedai leaving Tar Valon in recent days are actually abandoning it, and leaving the ordinary citizens behind to occupy Vandred’s armies while they make their escape. The thought sickens you, but then again, Aes Sedai sicken you. Given that one of them just bonded you without permission the other day, something sneaky like this wouldn’t surprise you in the least. You keep this rumor to yourself and don’t bother trying to squash it. If it is true, the people have a right to know what is planned for them, which was an option you were never given when you were “taken”. If it is false, then the rumor hurts no one.


On the eighth night since your return, you head to the stables where you retrieve your horse. You’re back on patrol tonight and you don’t want to be late. You have your horse saddled, then head into the city. It’s your night to patrol the city streets near where many of the poorer refugees are housed in the park. The park itself is a quarter of a mile in diameter and row after row of makeshift tents have been erected to keep the people out of the rain and give them some sort of shelter. It is your job to act as a liaison of sorts, dealing with the everyday problems of the refugees and seeing to it that the White Tower has representation among the commoners should they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. It’s easy duty, but a bit lonely, as you aren’t given any novices or Accepted since you won’t be expected to counter any fireballs that might be lobbed by the forces arrayed outside of Tar Valon.

You enter the park, then have your horse hobbled near the soup lines. There are members of the Tower Guard there to ensure no trouble, so you have no fear of losing your horse when you take off on foot to make your rounds.

Almost as soon as you step foot in the makeshift camp, you’re flooded with concerns from the refugees. Questions about the authenticity of this letter everyone is talking about. Questions about what the Tower is going to do about the shadowspawn army camped outside. Questions about why so many Aes Sedai left over the last couple of days. There are rumors that the Aes Sedai are fleeing Tar Valon, leaving the commoners behind to deal with the shadowspawn army. You squash that rumor as soon as you hear it, but you make a mental note to relay it to the Amyrlin or the Keeper so that they may make an official proclamation denying such a vile rumor.

You’re inundated with more questions as a small mob of refugees swarms around you. The Tower Guard keeps the peace, and eventually you’re allowed to speak one on one with the refugees and address their concerns, but you can already tell that tonight is going to be a very long night.


It is your eighth night in Tar Valon. Once again, you head out into the streets for your nightly ritual of subduing criminals and building a network of contacts. You’re still angry over the bonding, and beating a criminal or two over the head with the butt of your axe is good therapy for you.

You spend a couple of hours passing through some of the seedier taverns around South Harbor, trying to get a pulse on the city. In particular, the pulse of the criminal element within the city. When nothing comes up, you head back outside and begin to venture down the alleys.

Sandulf Machera: Sandulf

Tasalaya Rosalynn takes a deep breath and prepares for the long night ahead

Make a Spot check DC 33.

Sandulf Machera: Spot [1d20+20 = 39]

As you head down one of the alleys, moving silently and quietly through the shadows, something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps your subconscious heard something that your ears only faintly picked up. Or perhaps you saw something that seemed out of place and its only just now registering. But you stop and hide in a dark corner and survey your surroundings. You wait for a good thirty seconds to a minute, squatting in the corner and observing the rooftops of the buildings nearest you, as well as the alleyway.

There. Moving every so quietly and quickly through the shadows, you just make out a small figure dart from one shadow to the next, using the unusual organic Ogier design of the buildings to hide his form. You stay where you are, looking to see what your unsuspecting observer is going to do next. Could this be the same individual that followed you the night you were bonded? Could it be a footpad, hoping to rob you as you passed through the alleys? Or is this something more sinister? You’ve made your share of enemies lately. It would make sense.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fireball, level 15, please.

It is very dark, due to the clouds covering the moon, and you have a hard time with the shadows. You wait patiently, watching for them to make their next move, but nothing happens. Either this person has just as much patience as you do, or they managed to somehow disappear without you witnessing it. Still, you sit there for a good five minutes. Nothing. You wait five more. Nothing. Fifteen minutes you squat in your corner and nothing. Finally you decide you need to make a decision. Either go after the individual following you, or find a way out of this alley and lose your pursuer.

The alleyway is a very narrow channel with tall buildings to either side and you can see a way to scale the buildings if you choose too. Or you can just see a narrow passageway in between two buildings not far from where you’re squatting. The decision is yours…head up to the roof and confront your stalker or head into the narrow crack between the two buildings, which will take you out of the alley and into one of Tar Valon’s roads.

Or you can do something else, if you have other ideas. Make your choice.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): brb
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Bach

Scaling the building will require a Climb check DC 15. If you want to skirt across to the side of the walls that you can scale, I’ll need a Move Silently DC 25 and a Hide DC 21 first.
Or, retreating through the opening in the alleyway will require Move Silently DC 25 and a Hide DC 21.

Sandulf Machera: Intelligence bonus 3, +4 [1d207 = 21]

You do know this area pretty well. There are stairways that intersect the alleys here and there, used to access rooftops by the owners of the businesses in this area. There’s a stairwell near here, in fact.

Sandulf Machera: Move silently [1d20+18 = 36]
Raefari Jenar: Move silently 36
Sandulf Machera: Hide [1d20+28 = 32]
Raefari Jenar: Hide 32

Fleet of foot, you avoid any trash in the alley and sneak away using the shadows to conceal your movement. You sneak maybe a hundred feet into another narrow opening where you find a set of stairs that extends to a rooftop. You scale it and look back at where you last saw your follower. Make a Spot check.

Sandulf Machera: Spot [1d20+20 = 38]
Raefari Jenar: Hide [1d20+14 = 23]
Raefari Jenar: Hide 23
Raefari Jenar: Spot 38
DragonSypher (Kael): no worries. :)

You see more movement to the south. This man in the shadows is creeping away from where they had hidden when they last saw you. He turns and scales down the side of a building, opposite you.

He was actually a short individual. He was wearing a dark cloak. And he moved like the wind, with a grace you rarely see on anyone that isn’t a footpad. You have a good idea of the man’s build and you store it in your memory for later. You’re going to catch this man and question him in time.

You head in the direction of where you saw him last, making it at last to his little hiding area. You test the air, and you pick up a scent. It is unfamiliar to you, but you think you’ll remember it if need be for the future.

Peeking quickly over the side of the building, using the shadows to hide your doing so, you take a look for the man. Nowhere to be found. Either he gave up on you, or he’s VERY good.

You continue with your night, though you now keep a closer eye on the shadows, watching for this mysterious figure that seemed to be following you earlier. Not once do you get even a hint that you are being followed again. At some point you decide your head isn’t in it tonight. Perhaps you’ll go carve a figure out of wood, or maybe even try to lay down and train with Cloud Runner. You head back to the Ivory Guardian.


After the initial torrent of questions from the refugees, your night went smoother, though you did seize one copy of Vandred’s vile letter to the Amyrlin. After the questioning ended, the refugees staying in the park returned to their tents and kept to themselves. Aside from a few drunken louts making fools of themselves among the tents, your night became relatively peaceful. You’re making your way around the park when you are approached as you pass through a path made in between the rows of tents by a member of the Tower Guard. He stops when you reach him and hands you a letter he holds in his hand.

“Tasalaya Sedai, this came for you earlier. I was told to deliver it at your earliest convenience.” he says with a bow.

You snatch the letter out of his hands and dismiss him. Opening it, you read. Written in a hasty hand are the following words:


This letter will turn to ash as soon as it leaves your hands, so read it carefully before discarding it.

I come to you as a neutral party who I am neither close too, nor distant from. You and I once shared classes together as novices and accepted. You dumped a bucket of mop water on my bed once. Do you remember? I hope so, as I cannot put my name here, lest my enemies somehow bypass the wards I’ve placed upon this letter and learn my identity. Me, I cannot take that chance.

It is a dangerous time for we Aes Sedai. Perhaps more so than at any time since the founding of our beloved White Tower. We must be diligent and steadfast, sister. What I am proposing to you is dangerous. I have found darkfriends serving the dreadlord Vandred amongst our own numbers. They seek to undermine our power base from within and bring the White Tower to ruin. As repulsive as the idea is, what I tell you is true. Please believe me. I need your help.

Please, come to the lowest level of the basements as soon as you can. Tonight. This instant, if you can. Come alone. I will await your arrival near the grand staircase. When I see that you are alone, I will reveal myself and we may speak more then. If you do not come, I will understand. But know that you are a leaving a friend and a potential powerful ally at the mercy of her enemies. If this is your choice, please keep my identity secret and tell no one of this letter.

The Light be with us all, sister.


You drop the letter and, as promised, it quickly bursts into flame. The remains of the letter turn to ash as it falls to the ground. You know who wrote the letter. You’ve only dumped one bucket of mop water in a bed, and that bed belonged to Callah Besharn, the Keeper of the Chronicles. But why is she seeking help from you? It doesn’t matter….darkfriends in the Tower is an idea that sickens you. No woman that calls herself Aes Sedai should ever be allowed to follow the Dark One, and you make up your mind right then to help the Keeper. You head for your horse and return to the White Tower.

You step into the lowest level of the basement and proceed down the grand staircase, unsure of what it is that the Keeper is up too. That there might be darkfriends operating within the Tower is no secret, though very few Aes Sedai will ever openly acknowledge it. The idea shames any woman that walks in the Light, and rightfully so. Yet many of the dreadlords living today were trained at the White Tower and later defected. Aaryvn Malendre, one of the most hated of the dreadlords, was once Green Ajah. Josine Feldramon was a Yellow. And that despicable woman known as Chendra Camporleon, was once of the Red Ajah. There are many more, yet those three are among the most powerful and influential serving the Dark One, and they are the recognizable.

You step off the staircase onto the floor and look around. She said she would find you if you were alone, and you are. Lanterns line the halls that leave this room, and each one is lit. Despite that, the basements are still quite dark. In just about any other place in the world, during a time such as this, good lighting is important. Myrddraal use shadows to travel into places they wish to enter, but if there is no shadow for them to travel through, then they cannot enter. The White Tower is an exception, however. Aes Sedai can ward the basement against shadowspawn of all types, and they have. There are even wards against vermin of any kind, which is why there are no rats in the basements of the White Tower, as there are in every other basement throughout the world.

Despite this, there is always the threat that a darkfriend Aes Sedai may remove these wards. Knowing this, it is Tower Law that all lanterns in the White Tower remain lit at all hours and that regular patrols of both sisters and servants keep the lanterns lit and the wards are double checked.

As you look around the entry hall and consider your options for finding Callah, you hear soft slippers step out from around a series of crates and boxes that have been deposited down here but haven’t yet been stored by the Tower servants in one of the numerous storage rooms in the basement. Making a mental note to speak with the Amyrlin about the mess of crates and boxes down here, you quickly dismiss the thought and concentrate on the woman in front of you.

It is the Keeper of the Chronicles, as you knew it would be. She looks up the staircase behind you, eyes wide.

“Good, you came. I had hoped you would. Come with me. We’ll talk in one of the storage room where wandering ears can’t overhear.” She says. She seems nervous.

You nod to her and allow her to lead you through the maze of hallways. She doesn’t speak at all while you walk, instead choosing to look nervously down each corridor when she reaches one, or looking back repeatedly over her shoulder to ensure you aren’t being followed.

Finally she stops at a wooden door and turns to you. You can sense channeling inside. There are women holding the One Power in there. Just as you start to mention this fact, Callah speaks in a whisper.

“Others, they have answered my summons as well, yes? Forgive them if they’re nervous. I am too, but I felt you might be distrusting if I approached you holding the Source. Go ahead and embrace Saidar if it will make you feel better.” She says.

You embrace Saidar, letting the calming feel of it flood into you.

With that, she taps lightly on the door, then opens it and walks inside. You follow her in, and your anxiety level spikes. Instantly, your subconscious senses something isn’t right in here. The women in this room do not appear nervous at all. One of them is actually knitting. Another eyes you like a hawk, a dark smile spreading across her face.

Holding on to Saidar tightly, you back up, now wanting to back out. The door behind you closes and you turn to see a tall, muscled young man with shoulder length blonde hair on his head and a deep frown on his face step in front of the door as it closes. He crosses his arms and gives you a glare. From deeper in the room, Callah turns and smiles at you.

“Tasalaya, she was always gullible.” She says, nervousness no longer in her smoky voice. “The Great Lord take me, but you are a fool. Darkfriends are indeed infesting the White Tower, wilder. You’re looking at a room full of them right now.” She says with a slight chuckle.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): uh oh

You instantly begin weaving Saidar, preparing to fight off the inevitable shield you are sure they are about to attempt to place on you, but to your surprise, a club of air clouts you behind the head instead, and your vision instantly goes black.


You’re out on Inoa’s balcony again tonight, enjoying the evening air with Terith and Elder Inoa. It is now about three hours after sunset, and you are dressed in your full suit of armor at the elder’s request. He asked Terith to do the same, and Terith dressed in his leathers, newly crafted by one of the human leather workers in the city. Terith has spent the free time of the last few days stitching the leather with leaves, vines and trees, and he’s done a remarkable job of it. He wouldn’t trust one of the human tailors to do the work as…once again….“human hands are too clumsy.”

DragonSypher (Kael): and thus the life of Tasalaya ends. There will be a funeral at noon.

You soon learned why the elder wanted you dressed in such a fashion. He wanted to sketch you and Terith in your armor. For his book. And for the last thirty minutes he’s constantly asked you not to move as he sketches furiously, ancient ears twitching with the vigor of a ninety year old. You indulge the elder. You and Terith stand back to back with the White Tower set behind you as a backdrop, wearing full armor. Terith occasionally grunts about feeling “ridiculous”, yet he remains, though his ears won’t quit twitching. Three lanterns hang from poles around you providing the right amount of light and shadow to give the sketch dramatic flair. The elder, for his part, is lost in his sketch.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): please notice this time it wasn’t my fault.

Now though, he stops and squints. Not at you or Terith, but at something behind you.

DragonSypher (Kael): it has been noted for the record, Stacey
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Aww. I want a picture of Terith.

“Youngsters, are my eyes failing me, or do you see movement on the scaffolding?” He says, pointing behind you and back at the White Tower.

Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): lol

You both turn, and sure enough, with your night vision only slightly distorted by the three lanterns surrounding you, you do see movement. You step away from the lanterns, further up the balcony to get away from the light, and you let your eyes adjust. Terith follows, standing at your side.

Up on the scaffolding you see tiny black shapes scaling the scaffolding. Lots of them. Human sized and wearing…yes…they are definitely wearing black tunics with gray fists emblazoned on them. And they appear to be heading for the rent on the side of the White Tower. They move silently, and as quickly as the darkness will allow safely.

Terith growls. “I’ve seen those tunics before. Darkfriends wear those tunics. Get your axe, Kael.” he says angrily.

Kael is already moving as Terith speaks.

Terith turns and sprints from the balcony, heading for his room. You turn and head out too, still shocked at what that could mean. Darkfriends? How did they get inside the Tower Grounds?

You grab your axe from your room just in time to meet Terith at the stairs. He sprints down to the first floor and you follow.

As you both burst out the front door onto the colonnaded porch, already preparing to bellow a warning at the top of your lungs, you stop dead. A human stands at the far end of the porch blocking your way. He wears all black, including a black headdress that covers his face. Only his eyes show. And he wears a black tunic with a gray fist emblazoned on it. In his hands he wields an Ashendarei with a golden blade. His eyes say he is just as surprised to see you as you are to see him. It appeared he was looking up at the upper floors of the Ogier House, though for what purpose you can only imagine. Terith takes his presence to mean he was casing the place, but something seems wrong to you…where are his friends? Surely if they came to kill the Ogier here then they would have sent more than one darkfriend to do it, wouldn’t they? Unless they considered feeble Ogier no threat. In that case, they obviously didn’t account for you or Terith.

Terith snarls and takes a step forward. “You picked the wrong Ogier to victimize, darkfriend. This will be your last night on….”

Terith is cut off by the calm voice of the darkfriend in front of you. He speaks easily, quietly and with confidence, but keeps his distance from you. You notice he holds his Ashendarei with both hands. Something about his posture and stance says he knows how to use that weapon and he’s ready to do so if need be.

“I am not your enemy, Ogier. Believe it or not, I am your friend, despite what I wear. I come with a warning. Stop your boasting and listen to me.” He says.

Terith stops and his eyes narrow at the human’s words, but he stays put. You hold Blightslayer in both hands, ready to charge at the first hint this darkfriend is ready to fight.

He waits long enough to see that you’re willing to listen, then he speaks again.

“You and your friends are in grave danger.” he says with an Aramaellean accent. “They’ve most likely kidnapped one of the Aes Sedai by now. Perhaps all three. I don’t have time to explain why I’m warning you. I only ask that you head to the basements. Your Aes Sedai friends should already be collected there, or soon will be. The Amyrlin has been taken as well. I know you have no reason to trust me, and no oath I give will convince you, but if you don’t listen to me, one or perhaps all of your friends will be dead or worse before midnight. They are being held by darkfriend women that can channel. They call themselves the Black Ajah. I doubt you stand much chance against women that can channel, but you have to try. They want that seal…and they want an end to the threat you and your friends pose.”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): yeah, i think it sounds alright.

“Who are you?” Terith asks, ice on steel in his booming voice.

The darkfriend shrugs. “A man that made a mistake long, long ago, and now wishes to make things right before he dies. I meant what I said when I told you I was your friend, Terith, son of Kadan, son of Aydeel.”

He takes a step backwards, watching both of you, but as he does, you hear an explosion erupt in the city somewhere behind you. The wind begins to pick up. The darkfriend looks up at the sky, glancing over your heads and over the roof of the Ogier House. He shakes his head as he continues to back away. “It has begun then. One more thing. Do not bother trying to warn the Aes Sedai. A large number of the women still in the Tower have sworn their souls to the Great Lord. You may be able to identify them by the black strips of cloth covering parts of their body, but its safer if you just avoid Aes Sedai altogether. There’s no guarantee any woman will bother with the black cloth, as arrogant as they are.”

With one more glance behind you, he gives one final warning. “Do not try to follow me. I am trained to use this, and will if I must.”

The darkfriend backs away, eyeing you a moment longer, then turns and sprints off into the gardens, obviously heading for the scaffolding.

Kael shouts, “TO ARMS! DARKFRINEDS!”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nah. viggo.

You bellow at the top of your lungs, but the gardens are eerily quiet right now. From behind you, you hear Elder Inoa speak. You vaguely heard the clicking of his new walking stick descending the stairs as the darkfriend spoke to you, but gave it no thought until now.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): draelin back from the dead
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol.

“My ears if that wasn’t the voice of…” He begins, but then he stops suddenly and gasps feebly. “…Oh Light, youngsters. Mmm….no…That is very, very bad.” He says, pointing to the west, the direction you were just facing. You turn and look and see it too. Hundreds of balls of fire are arcing through the air from places all around the western side of the island city, all of them aimed at Tar Valon. That explosion you heard….could more be coming from the east? The Ogier House blocks your view of that side, so you have no way of knowing, yet looking south you see some flying toward South Harbor from the southeastern shores. Yes, the Shadow is attacking from both sides. Are there enough Aes Sedai patrolling to counter that many balls at once? You feel your stomach clench. Visions of the fall of Al’Cair’Rahienallen begin dancing through your skull. Not again….

“Forget about that.” Terith says, a very dark look on his face, his voice still tinged with steel. “He said they’ve taken the Aes Sedai. If I let anything happen to Sochaia or Telandria I will never forgive myself. I’m going to get them. Elder, do you know the quickest way to reach the basements?”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Inoa knows.

Elder Inoa nods. “Mmm…yes, you can get there through the main entrance, but if what that…man said is true, who is to say you won’t be killed by a darkfriend Aes Sedai? Hmm….” His ears wilt for a moment at the thought, then perk up suddenly, bristling. “But!” He says with a raised finger to exclaim his point as he remembers. “There’s a servants entrance on the other side. It’s a back entrance, meant for moving supplies in and out of the White Tower so as not to clutter up the beauty of the Grand Entrance. Come with me, youngsters. I’ll show you.”

Kael: I can find her once we are in the basements.
Terith nods

The elder begins using his new walking stick to hobble as quickly as he can through the narrow stone paths of the gardens, heading toward the base of the White Tower. Terith nods at you and follows the elder. You notice Lorent is behind you, carrying a quarterstaff in both hands. You shrug. No sense in trying to shelter the boy from what’s coming. Darkfriends may be anywhere, and an Ogier has a right to defend himself.


You arrive back at the Ivory Guardian and stop by your room to gather some wood. You’re not quite tired enough for bed yet and the rain seems to have stopped, so you decide to head down to the ‘island’ that spans the two towers of the Ivory Guardian and enjoy the view while you carve. It relaxes you. And since you were bonded so suddenly the other day, you’ve been tense and need lots of relaxation.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk for a min

You step out onto the island and take a seat at one of the benches in the center of the garden that’s been planted here. It’s so odd to see green plants and flowers growing when the world is still thawing from such a cold winter. It’s too early, but as was explained to you earlier in the week, the Aes Sedai do something with their powers to keep Tar Valon green all year long. They even make special trips to visit newly planted greenery as soon as the plants are in the potting soil. You have no idea what they do, but whatever it is, it works. The garden you’re sitting in now is lush and green as if it were the dead of summer.

You’re staring southeast when you grab the chunk of wood and begin carving idly, not even thinking of what you’ll make just yet. The city is quiet. Outside of the city walls, trolloc cook fires burn all around the outside of the city. They’re still out there, you think. You aren’t even sure if they’ll ever leave despite giving such a poor show at either a siege or an assault. Ships come and go daily from South Harbor, transporting supplies and people both into and out of Tar Valon. The siege is a complete failure. The assault isn’t much better, with only half hearted attempts to bomb the city and even fewer attempts to storm the bridges. At some point that fool of a dreadlord has to give up and go home despite the threats he made in that letter, you think to yourself.

As you turn your attention to the carving, a serving girl walks outside holding a silver platter. She sees you by the lantern light and asks “My apologies good sir, but Innkeeper Tolvhin, told me I might be able to find a Sandulf Machera up here if he wasn’t in his rooms. Would you be he?”

Sandulf Machera nods

DragonSypher (Kael): back
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fire…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nvm

Serving girl: This letter arrived for you just a bit ago. It was marked ugent, so we attempted to deliver it to you in your rooms, but you weren’t there. When Master Tolvhin saw you return just a bit ago, he sent me up here to find you and deliver it.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): any “servant” looking for any of us…be ye fair warned, bitches. FIREBALL!

She’s a cute young thing, with pale hair pulled back in a pony tail and beautiful deep blue eyes. She smiles and curtsies to you as she arrives, then hands you the letter. You open it and nod to her, once again tossing a silver. She thanks you, curtsies again, then leaves. You read:

Master Machera,

I pray this letter finds you in time. I write to you as you are the easiest to reach. Heed my words carefully, Sandulf Machera.

To my eternal shame I have been a darkfriend for many years. I joined the Shadow mostly out of fear. Fear that they were winning and those that walked in the Light would be annihilated eventually. I admit, part of me also desired immortality, and an even smaller part wanted power, but mostly I just didn’t want to live in fear anymore. That decision, however, was a poor one, and I have regretted it almost from the moment I took my vows to serve the Great Lord of the Dark.

I do not intend for this letter to be an admission of guilt, nor do I hope that the words contained within will somehow free me of the debt of my sins. I deserve nothing short of execution for my crimes no matter what I do here tonight, and I accept that. But I also know that a man cannot walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot return to the Light. Perhaps, after what I do here tonight, the Light will embrace me once more. That is all that I desire now.

As I write from the privacy of my tent, my compatriots – the men that have supposedly been working with the Ogier to repair the hole in the White Tower’s side – are preparing their uniforms and weapons for an attack on the White Tower that is to come within the next couple of hours. This attack is being coordinated between the dreadlord Vandred and his shadowspawn armies, along with an uprising of darkfriend Aes Sedai and warders from within the White Tower itself.

My…associates and I are to cause a distraction so that it may all come together, and we are to kill as many Aes Sedai and warders as possible, though I don’t know how successful we will be against women that use the One Power. The Keeper of the Chronicles is a darkfriend, and she has selected the very best of us from among the ranks of darkfriends the world over (including places you may never have heard of), waiting for just such an opportunity as this. It was she that “hired” us, and it is she that coordinates with Vandred and my superiors.

Be warned – we are not your run of the mill untrained darkfriends, raised on a farm and trained in the deadly art of raking or hoeing a man to death. We were selected because we each possess very specific, deadly skills. Some of us were trained assassins. Others are blademasters. And strangely…others are Aiel. Yes, those highly dangerous savages roaming the wastelands beyond the Spine of the World. Some, such as myself, are simple warriors who have proven our abilities on the battlefield time and again. We are all highly trained and capable. We know what we’re about, so be careful when you deal with my brethren. I myself am a master with the Ashendarei, having trained with one almost from the cradle. To underestimate any man wearing the Gray Fist
could mean death for you.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hoeing a man to death?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no pun intended…

The second thing you need to know is that you and your friends are to be abducted soon and secreted away to a location on the lowest floor of the White Tower basements, just before the attack begins. There you will be tortured while the darkfriends wait for the attack to come and finish collecting the rest of your companions. They are coming for you all. And they want you broken before you are…delivered for interrogation by Vandred and his followers. The Keeper is expected to take possession of the seal you and your friends brought with you to Tar Valon sometime tonight, and Vandred has given her express orders that no matter what happens with the assault on Tar Valon, that you, your friends, and that seal are all to be delivered to him at any cost. Once all of you have been collected, the surviving darkfriends and their Aes Sedai counterparts are to spirit you away from the White Tower to the Daghain gate, where a quick assault on the women and soldiers protecting it will allow the trolloc hordes to enter Tar Valon, and you and your party are to be delivered to Vandred near the ruins of the village once called Daghain.

Lanndon: It sounded good to me when I wrote it…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :)

If this plan succeeds, your Aes Sedai friends will be forcibly turned to the Shadow using some trick involving Aes Sedai and Lurks and become his puppets, and the remainder of you will be executed. Your corpses will be crucified and presented wherever Vandred’s armies march after the fall of Tar Valon, both of which will be a demoralizing blow to the forces of the Light, and may very well bring an end to the Compact of Ten Nations.

And the seal…well, the seal will see Vandred rewarded beyond measure. He is already responsible for bringing two of the four the Shadow already possess to Shayol Ghul. A third may very well see him visited by Ba’alzamon himself, and Vandred raised as a new Chosen. You cannot let that happen.

The area each of you are to be brought too is a large room, from what I understand. It is used for Aes Sedai training, or raising. I am not sure what I overheard on that matter, so I don’t know much more than that. I am sorry I can’t be of more help here.

I am running out of time and I still have to get warning letters to the others. I wish I had time to spill the entire plan here, but those are the highlights.

My…Superiors…have already taken the Amyrlin Seat and subdued her warders. Last I heard she had been tortured mercilessly on the whereabouts of the seal. I do not know if she still lives.

I hope that this letter finds you and allows you to save the seal and your friends, for it is through your success that I will receive my salvation. I intend to go with the stoneworkers and assault the White Tower as instructed. But I do not intend to come back out. Perhaps I will take a few of my…friends…with me. This is my last night. I only wish I dared give you the names of my family so that they could find comfort knowing I had done something good in my final moments, but that is not to be.

The Light be with you. Save your friends from these monsters and keep that seal out of Vandred’s hands, I beg of you.

[This letter is unsigned]

You put the letter down and blink. Did you really just read the confession of a darkfriend? Is this a trap?

You have no chance to contemplate it. The double doors that lead from the tower you’ve been staying in are suddenly kicked open and four men walk outside, with the serving girl that delivered your letter being pushed roughly out as they do. Each man wears common laborer clothing. And each man has the hood of his cloak raised and they raise black veils to cover the lower half of their faces when they see you.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): is this the same guy who addressed Terith and Kael?
Lanndon: PAFO
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): :P

“Is that him?” one of them asks. When the frightened woman doesn’t answer right away, he hits her roughly on the back of her head. “Is that him?!?” He yells at her.

“Y-yes!” She squeaks in terror. The poor woman sits on scraped knees, dress torn in two places, weeping. She is obviously terrified out of her mind. You stand up from the bench slowly, gripping your new power-wrought axe. It’s a good thing you brought it with you. Your knuckles pop from the grip you place on the axe, and the men begin fanning out, gripping odd looking shortened spears in their own hands, eyeing you and your axe warily. Long red strands of hair fan out from under the hood of one of the men.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): play and find out. a riff on Jordan’s repeated refrain Read and Find Out.

And then the wind begins to pick up. Your hair whips as it picks up, and you stare down at these men. You don’t like men that treat women roughly.

“Sandulf Machera,” the apparent leader of this group of men says in an odd accent you’ve never heard before, “you are under arrest by order of the Keeper of the Chronicles. You will come with us to the White Tower, or you will die. What is your choice?”

Sandulf Machera: for you to die …. Darkfriend!
Darkfriend smirks
Darkfriend: I had hoped you might say something like that. You will die with honor, Sandulf Machera, but you will die nonetheless.

Each man wears a small leather buckler attached to his arm, and he carries an odd, shortened spear. Behind their backs, somehow fastened to their cloaks, are two more short spears sticking up above each man’s head.

As the men fan out even more to encircle you, you are shocked to see a small figure creeping deftly along the railing of the island. You realize this is the same individual that followed you earlier in the night…and, it dawns on you, earlier in the week. Exact same height….size…why didn’t you recognize him earlier? Who is this fool? The rain has slickened the railing, surely. If the wind picks up any more, that idiot will fall sixteen stories to his death.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): yeap

But he doesn’t fall. In fact, he continues to sneak along the balustrade of the railing as quietly and confidently as a cat skulking along a fence. You have no time to worry about a new enemy. These four men are closest. You’ll deal with the newcomer when they get close enough to feel the bite of your axe.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): lets kick ass.. freeeedommmm

As you focus on the men in front of you, out of the corner of your eye you’re startled to see the newcomer raise a shortbow and aim it. Not at you, but at one of the four men. And with a quiet grace, they loose an arrow that takes one of the men in the throat, killing him instantly.

All three survivors turn and look back at the newcomer, and you realize these men are definitely trained warriors. They don’t look at their friend that just died, but instead, they instantly focus on where the arrow came from. One of the men grunts and rushes toward the cloaked newcomer who pulls a notched swordbreaker and jumps off the balustrade to meet him.

Anger taking over now, the remaining two men turn and rush toward you, yelling some sort of odd battle chant that you’ve never heard before. You rush forward to meet their charge.

Down in the city, you hear an explosion erupt and you are only vaguely aware of the dots of light racing through the air in your peripheral vision. Something out there is happening, but you don’t have time to think about it. Raising your axe, you meet your attackers on the island. The wind whips into a fury.

Roll Initiative.

Sandulf Machera: Initiative [1d20+8 = 26]
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): OMG LEGOLAS!


A splash of very cold water hits you in the face, rousing you. Your first reaction is to reach for Saidar, but something blocks you from the Source. You are shielded, you realize with horror. The back of your head aches, and your vision is still blurry from the sudden blow to it earlier. You try to focus though, and your vision slowly begins to clear as you do.

You’re strapped in a chair by invisible bonds of air, in a large, very well lit room. You blink your eyes and look around you. This is the old Aes Sedai testing room, which causes your heart to sink. This room is in the lowest level of the basement and only rarely used anymore. No one will come to help you. You are well and truly caught, you think to yourself with resignation.

A large fireplace burns on the wall to your left. In front of you is a table with a white cloth covering it. The cloth is covered in smears of blood. A woman you don’t recognize lies on top of the table, eyes glazed over in death. She has been cut in multiple places, and even now blood pools underneath one corner of the table, growing larger with each small drop of blood that falls to the floor.

The woman on the table you don’t recognize, but the woman strapped to the crucifix to the left of the table you do know. Rashima Kerenmosa is tied to the cross by her hands and feet. The Amyrlin’s seven-striped stole hangs from her neck, spotted with dried blood. Bruises and cuts dominate her face, arms, and legs. Her blouse is ripped and scratches made with fingernails are etched into the flesh of one of her exposed breasts. Her left eye is black and puffy from being struck by something hard. For a moment you think the Amyrlin is dead, but then you realize with relief she’s not. Her chest expands ever so slightly with a small breath. She’s unconscious and badly hurt, but not dead, thank the Light.

“You are awake now, yes?” Callah’s smoky voice asks as she walks in front of the Amyrlin, forcing you to look at her. In addition to Callah, four other women sit in the room. One of them knits, while two others watch you from stools. The fourth reads a book, though she looks over the pages at you from time to time. You know some of these women. You’ve spent time with them. And they serve the Dark One.

As if that thought wasn’t horrifying enough, you realize they are not the only ones in the room. A Fade stands near the corner of the fireplace. He stares at you with an eyeless face, a grimace set in that maggot white flesh and you can feel hatred radiating from him for you.

Upon seeing the Fade, you moan uncontrollably. ‘The look of the Eyeless is fear", or so the saying goes, and its true. You’ve encountered Myrddraal before, but no matter how many times you do, you can never get beyond the ball of fear that drops in the pit of your stomach every time you meet the gaze of one of their kind. Upon hearing the moan escape your mouth, the women sitting around you cackle with laughter, though the woman reading the book ignores all completely, lost in her stories.

Callah walks forward, moving as if in seduction, which isn’t unusual for her. She’s always walked like that, whether in front of men or women. She is a tramp and a harlot, and you realize that whatever love you had for this girl before has since turned to pure, cold hatred in a matter of only minutes.

She is still holding the empty glass she used to splash you awake with. She lowers her face about a foot away from your own, smiling slightly, then speaks in that all too smoky voice, almost whispering to you seductively. “You are caught, yes? You realize the predicament you are in now, yes? You will cooperate, yes?” She nods her head at each question she asks of you, and she rubs a finger lightly around your neck as she does so.

She turns to her compatriots, nodding. “Tasalaya, she will cooperate. She is a good girl. Not at all defiant like Mother was…or Lisbet.” She slaps the Amyrlin’s unconscious face hard. The Amyrlin doesn’t move despite the hard smack.

She looks back at you then. “You were easier to snare than a rabbit back on the farm, Tasalaya.” Her voice suddenly shifts from smoky seduction to musical amusement at the mirth that last sentence creates in her. “Just a few choice words, preying on your sympathy, a reminder that we were once close friends, a desperate plea for help….and you were all ours, yes?”

The other women in the room cackle with laughter once again. The woman reading the book does not laugh, though she does drop the book. “I see I will get no reading done with all of this fun you women are having. I think I’ll step outside for some air.” She says.

The other women look at her, with Callah waving her off. The woman knitting, Teraya Moselayev of the Yellow, as you recall, comments in a not unkindly manner, looking at a clock on the mantle. “Oh I wouldn’t go outside now, Neida. Tar Valon is probably in flames and the White Tower in chaos, if all went to plan. Sit and stay awhile.” She says.

The book reader, Neida, who you’ve never met before, gives the other woman a flat stare. “I am well aware of what is going on outside. I meant I am stepping outside into the halls. I’ve had enough blood for one night. Have your fun without me.”

The other women sniff at her, but Neida climbs the steps up to the balcony and exits through the only door in the room anyway. Callah taps her lips with a fingertip as she watches Neida leave. “That one, she never had the stomach for what must be done.” She says.

As the door closes behind Neida, Callah turns her attention back to you, giving you a seductive smile. “Now, where were we? Oh yes. I was about to question Tasalaya, and Tasalaya, she was about to cooperate, yes? Let us begin. Where is this seal you brought Rashima? She does not have it, and it is not in her study or her quarters. Lisbet did not have it, despite being summoned to the Mother’s quarters just after she took the seal from your friends. Which means you or one of your friends still carries it. So which of you is it? Is it you, Tasalaya?” She asks.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yes when I touched your forehead it wasn’t to bond you but to conceal the seal in your forehead

Tasalaya Rosalynn: I do not know of this seal you speak of

Callah Besharn gives Tasalaya a flat stare.

DragonSypher (Kael): time for the infamous body cavity search

Suddenly strips of air begin to slap you all across your midsection, striping you in red welts. The pain is intense, and you scream. After long moments of this, the beating ends, and Callah gives you a moment to stop your sobbing, which comes uncontrollably.

“That wasn’t what I wanted to hear, Tasalaya. Me, I would try harder if I were you, yes? I’ll give you a moment to think about what you just experienced and remind you that there is much more ahead if you do not talk.” Callah says, pacing slowly and swaying seductively as she does so, moving around your chair with her hands behind her back. She still gives you a half smile. It sickens you.


You are down in the Tower Library with Ni’tareus. Over the last few weeks since you bonded him he’s told you of his fondness for books, particularly those of a historical nature. And there is no finer library left in the world than the one in the White Tower, particularly for a subject such as history. Oh the Tower had rivals to their library. The libraries in Mafal Dadaranell, Manetheren, and even Al’Cair’Rahienallen had once rivaled the knowledge stored here in the White Tower, but those cities are now gone, their libraries lost forever. The library in Mainelle or the one in Londaren Cor may come close to rivaling the White Tower’s own, but word has it that this library is all that is left of the truly great libraries built after the Breaking. The Brown Ajah maintains a fine collection of histories, reaching as far back as the Breaking of the World, though those documents are fragmented and tattered and no longer available for every day viewing.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): he likes the books about the warriors.. especially the ones with pictures

Still though, Ni’tareus is quite happy with what is available, and he’s come down here tonight to look up subjects ranging from the forming of the Compact of the Ten Nations to stories of the assault on Shayol Ghul led by Lews Therin Kinslayer. You’re happy to let him take advantage of the library, and you sit at a table reading a collection of short stories and essays while he wanders through the bookcases looking for new subjects worth reading.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): sears catalog

As you read, a novice approaches and curtsies to you. “Sochaia Sedai? I have been looking for you. I was given this letter before dinner and told to deliver it with all haste, but…my apologies, Aes Sedai, but I had to finish my chores in the kitchen before I could do so. Anyway…here it is.” She says hastily, hoping you won’t send her for punishment for being late with her delivery.

She hands you the letter.

The girl curtsies and then rushes off. It is late and she should be in bed. You feel bad that she is up past curfew because she was searching for you. You think to yourself to check in with the Mistress of Novices in the morning and see that the girl isn’t punished as you open the letter and read it.

Sochaia Sedai,

I apologize in advance for being so brief. But you must trust me. You and your Aes Sedai friends, Telandria and Tasalaya, are to be taken tonight by women calling themselves the Black Ajah. They are looking for a seal you carried and they have already taken the Amyrlin and tortured her mercilessly.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk

Be wary of any you call “sister”. You are next.

It is signed simply “A friend”

Sochaia Doisech shows the letter to Ni’tareus.

As you finish reading the letter, you hear the door to the library creak open. There is a balcony on the west side of the library and you hear footsteps click on the marble tiles.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): still can…

Aside from the novice that just left, you and Ni’tareus have been alone in the library for the past thirty minutes. It is getting late and most of the Aes Sedai have headed for bed by now. Curious at who is entering at such an hour, you look up at the balcony and see a woman walking down the steps, escorted by two warders. You recognize her from the welcome in the Green quarters after you were raised, but you don’t know her name.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): damnit. should have kael with me…

Aes Sedai: Sochaia Doisech, you are summoned by the Amyrlin Seat. She requests your presence in the basements. Come with me.
Sochaia Doisech: Summoned? This late?
Aes Sedai nods and crosses her arms.
Sochaia Doisech tries to “feel” an emotion towards Ni’tareus.
Ni’tareus walks out from one of the bookcases, a curious look on his face.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): summons Ni’tareus through theflsak;dgvd;flbn c v
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): easier to clear the typing line.

Aes Sedai: Well? She doesn’t have all night.
Sochaia Doisech: You are right, Sister… Oh, my. How foolish of me. I have forgotten your name.

DragonSypher (Kael): sheild her!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fireball, level 15, please.

Aes Sedai: Casala Terelda.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hehe. naw.

Casala Terelda: Alright, have it your way. Dram, sieze her. Lathain, subdue her warder.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): flip.

You see her suddenly embrace Saidar and begin weaving a shield to place on you.

Roll for Initiative.


sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): False wall…

Finally the beating ends. Callah has moved from striping you across your belly and she’s now moved to whipping your arms and legs. You are still bound tightly by bonds of air, very similar to the ones that have been striping you relentlessly since you’re last “unpleasing” answer.

Sochaia Doisech: Initiative [1d20+2 = 7]
Kael senses Sochaia’s alarm.

You weep from the chair you’re still bound in. You can’t help it. The last thing you want to do is show weakness in front of these wretched women, but Light….the pain is too much to bear. Two of the other women in the room chuckle softly at your sobs. The other has had enough laughter for one night. She merely smirks and continues knitting.

Callah walks toward the Amyrlin’s still unconscious body and lifts her head, checking her eyes. “We have already been down a very long and winding road with this…woman.” She says, managing to put a heavy dose of scorn into the word “woman” when referring to the Amyrlin Seat. She lets Rashima’s head fall again before turning back to address you. “Her warders, they were difficult. Six men are hard to sieze without killing at least some of them. Under the circumstances, we did well, only having to kill one of them, yes? The others, they are locked away, safely in a cell, undoubtably in a frenzy over the pain they feel from their beloved Aes Sedai. Do you know what I intend to do to the Amyrlin when she wakes next? I will kill each one of her warders slowly and individually, right before her very eyes until she talks. Awful, no? You though…you have no warders, Tasalaya. You Reds are the most foolish of all the Ajahs, if you ask me. Since you have no warders, I cannot use the bond against you. Therefore, I will begin taking pieces of you, since it is the same thing. I will take first your eyes, one at a time. Then your ears. Fingernails next, then fingertips. If I have too, I will leave you a bloody stump of a woman. Lastly I will take your tongue. I vow it here and now, I will not kill you, Tasalaya. No, no. You will live out your days unable to speak, see, hear, or move anything other than the stump of your body and your mutilated head. And yes, I will sever you from the True Source forever before I let you go to live out your remaining days a crippled stump, incapable of communicating in any way with the outside world. You will live out your remaining days trapped within the shell of your shattered body. This, I do swear.”

She pulls a chair up to sit right in front of you. Crossing her legs…Light, she even makes a simple act like crossing her legs appear seductive!…she looks you in the eye, and you feel hatred like you’ve never felt before in your life. You ache to wrap your fingers around this woman’s beautiful swan neck and squeeze it so hard that her eyes literally burst from the sockets. To think that you could have ever considered her a friend…
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): don’t forget the flaying…

DragonSypher (Kael): ouch. that woman needs to die.

She doesn’t sense your hatred. Instead, she continues speaking. “You have told me nothing. Why? What does the seal mean to you? There are still two others hidden out there, somewhere in the world. The Great Lord’s prison, we cannot reverse the bonds holding it without all seven of them. Why not just tell me what you know?”

Tasalaya Rosalynn: even if I did know anything, which you know I don’t, I would rather die than see it go to you…

Callah Besharn tilts her head at Tasalaya, then shakes it sadly.
Callah sighs. “So be it.” She says. “I hate to mar such a pretty face, but it appears we must. After this, you will talk, yes? Because if you do not, I will begin taking you apart piece by piece, Tasalaya Rosalynn.”

You scream in agony as more strips of air stripe you across your face, beating you mercilessly. You scream and twist your head this way and that trying to avoid the blows, but it does no good. No matter which direction you turn, you are struck violently, and you can feel your face swelling from the damage already.

Somewhere inside of you, outside of the reach of this merciless beating you are enduring, your mind hears the women around you laughing at you, and your rage boils. These women will pay.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): all this is going on at the same time with all the players correct?


Lanndon: Slightly different times. But more or less the same time.

You are sitting outside on the large balcony you share with another Aes Sedai’s quarters, though her room is not occupied at the moment and you have no worries about being interrupted. The balcony is all yours tonight.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): see you next week.

Raefari is sitting in a chair beside you, and Christoff is standing, staring out over the beautiful vision that is Tar Valon at night. You’re enjoying the view of Tar Valon yourself, drinking a glass of wine and getting to know your new warders. The air outside is cool and refreshing. It is a perfect evening in your opinion, though it is getting late, and you feel like its almost time for you to go to bed.

‘l1wolf-WoT’ disconnected

Raefari is telling you a story of his boyhood home in Safer when you hear a girl clear her voice from behind you. You turn to see a young girl in novice white standing on one of the adjoining bridges that span between balconies. She must have used the main hallway entrance to find you after you didn’t answer your door.

She approaches hurriedly and curtsies when she reaches you. “Telandria Sedai? This letter arrived for you at dinner. I was unable to get away from my chores in the kitchen at the time or I would have come sooner. I am truly sorry.” She hands you the letter and curtsies once again.
Telandria Aisalyn: takes the leter and begins to read

You read

Telandria Sedai,

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): the hell with the typo’s tonight

I must be brief. It is almost sunset and I still have to find someone to carry these messages.

You and your friends are to be taken by women calling themselves the Black Ajah. Trust no one that you call “sister”.

A friend

You drop the letter with a confused look on your face and embrace Saidar without thinking about it. Raefari and Christoff both sense your apprehension, with Raefari straightening in his chair and Christoff turning from viewing Tar Valon.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): a he…

Raefari asks “What is it?”

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep

Telandria Aisalyn: Trouble

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): viggo. i’m calling it.

Telandria Aisalyn: Be ready

From the doorway back at your apartments, you hear your own back door open and shut, and then you see a woman walk out with four warders trailing behind her. It is Ava Felder, one of your Green Sisters. You are instantly enraged. That woman had no place walking through your rooms as she so obviously did. You embrace Saidar, and as you do, the peaceful breeze outside suddenly picks up, and the wind whips at your dress and hair. Also at that instant, you feel the tiara Nevren gave to you grow cool on your forehead. Saidin is being channeled.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): or…OMG. Laen! Saving us for himself! OMG!

With the tiara growing cool, coupled with the fact that that letter said you would be siezed by Black Ajah AND the untimely arrival of Ava Felder, your apprehension spikes. Raefari and Christoff both sense it and move to your sides, hands on the hilts of their weapons.

Ava sees you embrace Saidar, and she does so herself, but she speaks quickly as she does so. “Telandria Aislyn, you are summoned to the basements by the Amyrlin Seat. I am told to tell you that it is a matter of grave importance. Will you come with me?” The woman asks, raising her voice to be heard as the wind picks up more. Perhaps another storm is coming in.

Telandria Aisalyn: What took you so long
Ava Felder Sedai: You..what? You know?
Telandria Aisalyn: It is usually the custom for the Black Ajah to run and hide like scared little rodents they are

Ava Felder Sedai perks her head back…then smiles.
Ava Felder Sedai: You have been warned then. Good. I tire of the charade. Boys, take the warders. I’ll deal with this petulant child.

At that instant her warders charge forward and you see her begin weaving Saidar. Roll for Initiative.

Telandria Aisalyn: Initiative [1d20+3 = 21]
Ava Felder Sedai: Initiative 21
DragonSypher (Kael): nice roll


Telandria Aisalyn: Tonight you die

The pain. Oh Light, the pain. Callah has finished beating you again. When there was no place left to turn purple, she moved back to other parts of your body, beating your legs and arms and torso again, and finished by breaking the fingers of your left hand one at a time.

Her face is enraged as she paces about your chair, no longer in control, no longer acting as if she is in seduction. She is close to her snapping point with you, and you aren’t sure she will keep her earlier promise to leave you alive. Something deep inside of you tells you that she is close to killing you now.

And you feel your willpower slipping. You don’t have the strength to face another beating like the one she just laid on you. Your hand is aflame with pain. Your flesh burns from the striping you’ve taken. You can feel your eyes swelling shut. And you can taste blood inside your mouth.

“Where is Ava and Casala? Those two, the fools should have been here by now, yes? Teraya, go find Neida and the warders. Tell them to go see what is holding Ava and Casala up! And inquire about those savages I sent to find the Machera fellow as well!”

Teraya nods and stands, heading toward the balcony stairs. Callah turns her attention back to you.

At that moment, dust falls from the rafters, and Callah looks up. The cackling women around her instantly grow silent. The Fade that has remained motionless near the fireplace jerks alert, and he too stares up at the ceiling. There was a slight booming sound that accompanied the dust falling from the ceiling.

“So, the attack, it has begun.” Callah says. She focuses on you. “We are running out of time, yes? Me, I tire of dealing with you, you stubborn child. This is your last warning, wilder. You will be a good girl now and tell me what I want to know, yes? If you do not, I begin removing parts of you, Tasalaya. I start with your eyes.”

She stops, her eyes opening as a thought occurs to her. “No. I will not start with your eyes. HE will. You Red’s hate men. You hate the touch of a man. The look of a man. The stink of a man, yes? What about eyeless men? You have heard of the…tender attentions the Eyeless give to women they take captive, yes? I will let him have you, all of you, and if you still will not talk, your eyes, then he will take them, yes? Make you the first female Eyeless, yes?” She says, nodding, then turning to look at the Fade. The Myrddraal smiles for the first time tonight, and you whimper once again.

DragonSypher (Kael): “Good then I wont have to see your ugly face.”
DragonSypher (Kael): lol


You and Terith follow the elder and his greatson to the west side of the White Tower base, passing straight through the gardens as you do. For the last five minutes, explosions have rocked the city of Tar Valon. You’ve seen many of the balls of fire extinguish as the Aes Sedai on patrol counter the weaves on them, but there are always a few that escape. And you can now hear the screams of terrified citizens outside, in the greater city. Their screams are muffled by the walls and trees of the Tower grounds, but they are there, and you hear them perfectly. The dreadlord has finally unleashed his full arsenal. More balls of fire fly through the air, some winking out and exploding in mid air, while others continue their descent into the city.

Kael: We must hurry.

As you cross the gardens, you feel a spike of alarm from Sochaia through the bond. Something concerns her deeply.

The wind is increasing in intensity, and thunder rolls. Lightning flashes in the clouds above you, illuminating the gardens in momentary flashes, but you don’t need the light to see. You can see just fine, even in a night as dark as this.

Here in the gardens, frantic Tower Guard rush about, seemingly with no direction at all to their movements. All of them have their weapons drawn, yet they don’t know who their enemy is yet, and none of them confront you or the other Ogier. While explosions echo throughout Tar Valon, you can hear screaming and yelling coming from within the White Tower itself. Something is happening in there. Above, on the upper levels of the Tower, you can hear explosions too, though these are the familiar explosions of fireballs and lightning bolts as they are unleashed. Perhaps they are coming from one of the balconies that extend from the sides of the Tower. Either way, that darkfriend was right…there are Aes Sedai killing each other in the White Tower.

DragonSypher (Kael): can I sense her location?
Lanndon: Yes. She’s on the first floor.

The elder stands behind you, pointing at a small side entrance in the base of the tower. Stairs descend down into the earth before reaching a door that obviously leads to the first level of the basement. Elder Inoa has to yell to be heard over the explosions, thunder, and the wind which is whipping the earth in a violent frenzy.

Kael: Sochaia is in danger and she is not in the basements. Quickly!
Elder Inoa: I’m going as fast as I can, youngster!
Elder Inoa has to yell to be heard

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Kael is not in danger and he’s moving towards me!

“Down there, youngsters! Take the stairs down and follow the hallway until you reach the grand staircase. It leads up or down. You want to go down. I don’t know where you need to go after that, but that grand staircase will take you to the lowest level of the basements! Go! I’ll only slow you down! Good luck, boys!” He yells. “Not you, Lorent. This isn’t your fight, son.” He says, gripping his greatson on the shoulder with one hand.

Kael rushes towards Sochaia.
Terith: Where are you going?
Terith is angry
Kael: To find Sochaia. We need her. We need an Aes Sedai we can trust and she is this way.
Terith nods
Kael: Alone we cannot face the black ajah
Terith: Go to your…Aes Sedai. I’m going to the basement. He said they were taking all three. We’ll meet you later.
Kael: Come with me Terith. Down there they will capture you again. Remember what happened last time.
Inoa and his greatson seem to be having an argument while the two of you yell at each other.
Terith stares darkly at Kael
Terith: I don’t need a reminder. And as I said, if anything happened to either one, I couldn’t live with myself. GO! We’ll meet later.

Kael growls. “I will meet you later. Don’t die on me.”

Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): brb

Terith nods, then turns to hop a wrought iron fence and trample the freshly manicured garden contained within

Kael runs towards Sochaia.

Lorent follows him, and Inoa yells furiously at his greatson, but stays behind.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Aww, Terith’s bubble’s getting all bendy and thin.


The women around you finish laughing as the Myrddraal draws a black knife and begins walking toward you. He grabs your head and arches it over the back of the chair, then he brings the blade down to your dress. A sneer is on his face, and you are scared like you’ve never been before. Not only from the fear radiating from the Myrddraal, but just from the fear of what is coming next. This is it. Even if you managed to somehow survive this ordeal, you wouldn’t survive experiencing the touch of a Fade. Not mentally. If that myrddraal lays one hand on your body, you just know will be a shattered woman for the rest of your life.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): poor vicky :(

“So. One more time. One final time, Tasalaya. Where is the seal?” Callah asks. She is calmer now, letting her legendary temper rest. The Fade tears a bit of your dress at the shoulder. He is enjoying this, taking his time.

You begin to think of a lie. Something believable that might buy you some time. Something to get you out of this. If nothing else, something to infuriate Callah so badly that she strikes you down with the One Power this instant. Anything but let that Fade touch you.

Nothing comes to mind.

At that instant, the door opens back at the balcony. Callah turns, expecting to see Neida or Teraya. Instead, a man enters. She motions to the Fade to relax, and he steps backward, his expression returning to a frown as he does so.

Tasalaya (Tasalaya Rosalynn): back
DragonSypher (Kael): sooo, next week Kael busts in just in time to save stacey and her warder?

“What are you doing in here? I told Jora none of you were to come down here! Get back upstairs and do what you were brought here for!” Callah says in an icy tone to the newcomer. Her temper is near breaking again, you can tell.

“My apologies, mistress.” The newcomer says, stopping to produce a formal bow. He is dressed all in black, with a black headdress and a black veil that covers the lower half of his face. He is holding an Ashendarei in one hand. His chest bears a black tunic with a gray fist emblazoned on it. “Lord Jora instructed me to deliver a message to you. He said to tell you that all is secure on the lower floors and the sisters are working their way up floor by floor as expected, meeting little resistance. The Aes Sedai do not know what is happening, but they are being apprehended left and right, and few fight back. Since things are in hand up there, he ordered me and a few others to come down here and assist you and your sisters.”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): we’ll crush our foes and come saves your big asses.

Callah looks at the man suspiciously as he continues to calmly walk forward. "Where are these “others” you speak of?"

“Outside, mistress. I left them to guard the corridor along with your warders.” he says simply, stepping up onto the raised dais where you and the others are. “How may I assist you?” He asks.

DragonSypher (Kael): lol

Callah gives him a glare. “Stand in the corner. And stay out of the way. I do not trust you or your friends. Get in my way I’ll burn you to ash where you stand. You understand, yes?” She speaks coldly to the newcomer.

The man simply bows to her again and takes a place to the corner as directed.

Callah stares at you again and motions for the Fade to resume his place. “As we were before we were interrupted. Tasalaya, she was going to tell me where this seal is, wasn’t she? Speak, Tasalaya. Your…purity depends on it.”

The Fade brings the black blade back up, drawing the tip of it across your dress lightly, once again running that horrible hand of his up the back of your hair and roughly pulling your head back. As he does it, you hear a sudden piercing shriek come from Callah. The Fade steps back in shock and you turn your head to see Callah’s eyes open wide.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): stall him vicki

The man in black has turned on his masters. The blade of his Ashendarei has pierced the breast of Leena Dovyain, one of the sisters you didn’t know originally and only learned her name during the course of your torture. She gasps, eyes already graying with death as she falls free of the blade.

And then the shock of the man’s attack wears off. The Fade drops the black blade he was just about to use on you and pulls his Thak’andar forged blade free of its scabbard, snarling as he does so. Callah’s face turns to pure rage and she screams at the man. “TRAITOR! YOU DIE HERE, WORM!”

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): viggo-ness kills!

Shards of air fly from her fingertips, blasting the man at the same time he swings the butt end of his Ashendarei and cracks a still shocked Serille A’caren, the other sister in the room. The butt end of his Ashendarei connects with her temple, knocking her unconscious instantly, but it is too late for this man. The shards of air penetrate his black clothing and shred his flesh. He flies backwards as Callah also blasts him with a wave of Air, knocking him into the wall. He drops to the ground, roiling in pain and the Fade reaches him with his sword raised.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): dude, it’s gotta be. i want it to be.

As soon as Serille drops, you feel the shield holding you back from the True Source drop, and you reach for Saidar. Suddenly flooded with the One Power, you weave air, severing Callah’s bonds and you rise from the chair, a mask of pure fury covering your beaten face. To the side, you feel a nudge of air brush you and you look to see the Amyrlin staring down at you through one swollen eye. She winks at you through a puffy eye, and you realize she’s filled with the Power herself. She blends her flows into your own, increasing your power as she links with you.

sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no. i don’t want it to be. i take it back. not viggo.

Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): sever the bitch!
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): if someone with only one eye winks, is it a blink?
DragonSypher (Kael): yes
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): k

You are in control of the link, and you face Callah filled with Saidar, ready to lash out. She snarls at you as she realizes you are free, and that’s when you see Neida return through the door at the balcony. Good. More darkfriends to feel your fury.

Roll for initiative.

Tasalaya Rosalynn: [1d20 = 1]
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ouch :(
Campaign saved.
DragonSypher (Kael): ouch indeed
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): hahaha
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): 1+1 = 11 right
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): haha figures

Kael, you don’t have to run far. Sochaia is not far from the grand entrance, and you rush through to find a room filled with chaos. Women channel all around you, hurling fireballs at each other, or those odd filaments of fire that you’ve seen Nevren, Sochaia, and the others use. Warders dance the blades up on the grand balcony above, blades sending sparks wherever they meet. You ignore it all and rush through the grand entrance. Sochaia is on the other side of a long hallway. You reach the side door to it and kick it in. Roll for Initiative.

Kael: Initiative [1d20 = 2]
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): wow
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): can I switch teams?
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): OUCH
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): they are on equal terms
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): so if me and the other one rolled the same initiative do we reroll?
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ouch. stole her rescue team.
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yep
DragonSypher (Kael): good night all
Sochaia Doisech: good game, warder
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): yeah and matt will be here for the action
Kael: Thanks Aes Sedai
Kael: You too
Kael: Next week we take on the dreadlords.
Campaign saved.
Sochaia Doisech: we shall kill. together.
Kael: and kill ‘em all!
Campaign saved.
sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): night.
Kael: night
Telandria (Telandria Aisalyn): ok vicky.. see you next week
’DragonSypher’ disconnected
Sochaia Doisech: alright. see y’all next week.

Session August 28th, 2012 Chat Log

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