Session November 6th, 2012 Chat Log

You work out a few more details before the plan is agreed upon. Sochaia will become “The Lady Saviendha Quintaros, of House Quintaros”. Ni’tareus is to become her husband, “The Lord Etan Quintaros”. Sandulf will become “Conall Anon, head of House Quintaros’ Guard”, and he will wear a light covering of bandages to cover his yellow eyes…the product of a wound he took when the House caravan was beset by trollocs outside of Aren Mador. Elia will become Mithren den’Lagos, a refugee woman the Lady Quintaros hired to replace her fallen maid after the attack on the caravan. Ni’tareus created this identity to cover any inconsistencies in Elia’s behavior since she insists she knows nothing about being a lady’s maid and will only mess up. And lastly, Kael and Terith will become Tevenar, son of Doelen, son of Ealoc and Shanos, son of Acren, son of Noalen respectively. Two Ogier intellectuals traveling in the company of the minor House Quintaros.

Your party was traveling to Tear to see about a trade alliance between House Quintaros and House Teslemine, which is a very powerful Essenian House, wealthy and influential amongst the Tairen nobility. At some point, about a day’s ride south of Aren Mador, the caravan was beset by trollocs and most of the members of this caravan were killed. Those of you that survived fled on foot for several days before coming upon a village several days ride south of Jennshain, called Relain. There you were able to purchase horses and food, but were unable to fully resupply and begin traveling in luxury once again as the village was too small to house even a single wainright. It was in Relain that the Lady Quintaros most generously took on “Mithren” as her new maid to replace the one she lost in the trolloc attack. Mithren has no training, but is trying very hard to learn her art. As a result, she often makes mistakes that a more seasoned maid would not make.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): terith the intellectual. could work…
Lanndon: He may surprise you.

Sandulf, or Conall Anon, as he is to be called, took a wound to the face during the trolloc attack which requires new bandages and poultices to help it heal.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): he looks like a bookish type. who frolics….

Tevenar and Shanos are two Ogier allies to House Quintaros, and were traveling in the company of the caravan when it was attacked. The two of them are too assist with negotiations with the larger and far more powerful House Teslemine once you arrive in Tear.

Lanndon: lol

Once the plan is agreed upon, you each resume relaxing and recuperating in the Stedding. It really is quite peaceful here.

At sunrise on your third full day in the Stedding, Shaelen visits the Human House. Each of you are just getting up and Ni’tareus is preparing breakfast when the knock on the door comes. Elia rises from her chair and gets the door to allow Shaelen in.

Shaelen stoops slightly in order to enter…she’s still far taller than any of you, despite being smaller than Terith or Kael…then curtsies. “A good morning to you all. A thousand pardons for interrupting your morning meal.” She says with a smile.

Ni’tareus shakes his head and smiles at Shaelen. “The meal is only half cooked, friend Shaelen. You aren’t interrupting at all. Please, have a seat.”

Shaelen finds one of the larger chairs…still too small for her large frame, but bigger than anything any of you are comfortable sitting in…and takes a seat. She folds her dress to properly hide her ankles, then speaks. “I have been thinking of a way to repay all of you for what you did back in the swamps the other day. Until last night, I had no idea how I could possibly do that. You saved me, my son, and my daughter. Three lives…two of them irreplaceable as far as I am concerned. And all that I had been able to come up with was to thank you a thousand times.”

She chuckles at herself, then continues. “But then Master Terith arrived and spoke with me. You see, I am a tailor by trade. And quite good at what I do, if I may humbly say so. Terith, having learned this on the first day in Stedding Jenshin, stopped by to ask me if I would help him with a…disguise problem. He wanted an eye patch, to cover his…well, his bad eye.”

“When I asked him why he would be concerned about hiding something that distinguished him from all of the other Ogier men, he mentioned that your party was supposed to be traveling…um…what is the word he used? Incognito. Yes, that was it. And that he needed an eye patch to complete the disguise. That and a few nice Ogier coats and a good pair of breeches to replace the few he has in his possession.”

“So this got me to thinking and I asked a few questions while I took his measurements. He told me your plan, and of your quest? My apologies if I asked questions I should not, but I was genuinely only interested in learning more about the son of Kadan, and before I knew it…well…um…I did mention to all of you that I tend to ramble? Yes, well rambling has a way of leading to new lines of conversation, and before I knew it, he had told me your plans. I would like to help all of you as much as I can, if it pleases you. For the Lady Quintaros, I will sew several silk dresses in her favorite colors. And for the Lord Quintaros, I will make a few fine wool coats. And for Master Kael and Master Terith, of course, I will create exquisite coats and a few pairs of breeches for each, so that they may look the part of your…ahem…Ogier “advisors”. Really…do humans truly regard us in such a fashion?"

Ni’tareus finishes up the eggs he was preparing and begins dishing them out on plates that are set around the large breakfast table. None of you know the answer to Shaelen’s question, but Ni’tareus does. He nods. “It is considered a great honor to a noble house if Ogier scholars become friends to that house. There is nothing shameful about this, Shaelen. Your people are highly regarded, and for an Ogier to associate him or herself with a noble house…well, the regard we nobles have for your people translates into influence with other noble houses. I can’t explain it any better than that, but as you Ogier are so fond of saying…mankind rarely makes sense.”

Shaelen nods. “Yes. Rarely. So hasty, you humans. And your customs are odd. But if that is the way of it, then that’s the way of it. In any case, I would be honored myself if you would allow me to do this small thing as a way of saying thank you one more time. Let me make dresses and coats for you, please.”

Ni’tareus looks at the rest of you for the answer as you begin to eat. The eggs are soggy and not thoroughly cooked. The ham steaks are overcooked and dry.

Elia pokes at the ham, then says “Before we get to that, can I just ask…Ni’tareus, of House Kellemvor, did you learn to cook by watching the servants cook in this ‘noble house’ of yours?”

Ni’tareus looks proud, and nods, smiling as he does so.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): bet the bacon’s burnt too…

Elia nods as she returns to staring at the undercooked eggs and the overcooked ham steak. “That makes sense. And this…stuff…you’re going to teach me about being a lady’s maid…you learned that by watching as well?”

Ni’tareus nods again. Shaelen watches the exchange with a confused look on her face. Elia pokes her ham steak again, then lifts it and flicks it at Ni’tareus. "Then you stay away from me with your “curlers” and “powders”, you understand me?"

Ni’tareus frowns at Elia as the piece of ham falls at his feet. “Now that’s uncalled for.” He says.

As the two of them begin to argue about just how much Ni’tareus really knows about turning her into a “proper lady’s maid” and how bad of a cook he is, Shaelen turns to Sochaia.

Shaelen: I…um…yes, so will you let me do this for you, Keeper? It would be a great honor to sew for an Aes Sedai, much less the Keeper of the Chronicles, and the woman I owe my life and that of my children too. We can have these items ready for you in a few days, at most. No charge, of course.
Saviendha Quintaros: That is a lovely offer. Of course I would be delighted to have a beautiful dress for a change. It’s been so long and these traveling clothes are a bit…shabby now.
Shaelen: Ah, good. Your acceptance warms my heart, Sochaia Sedai. We will get started tonight then.
Shaelen rises and gives you all a curtsy again before turning to leave. As she reaches for the door, she turns one more time to speak.
Shaelen: We will return and take measurements soon. Peace be with you all.
She opens the door and leaves. As she does, Kael, you see Shaelen exiting the Human House.
Kael-Tevenar- follows after Shaelen, “Shaelen, may I have a moment?”
Shaelen curtsies to Kael
Shaelen: Of course.
Kael-Tevenar- gestures outside. “If you please?”
Shaelen follows Kael up the stairs and outside.
Saviendha Quintaros: I hope you can improve my figure with your design.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): phone. mom.
Lanndon: Okay

Kael-Tevenar- returns to the room.

Lanndon: So we’ll just assume the conversation you and I just had is basically what you told Shaelen?
DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): yeah
Lanndon: Okay

Shaelen leaves and you resume your soggy breakfast.

Two more days pass. Fortunately, none of you have to put up with Ni’tareus’ cooking anymore. Elia, showing great skill at cooking, takes over, and even Ni’tareus must admit that she’s better at some things than he is. Her stews are thick and perfectly seasoned, her eggs cooked to perfection.

In the meantime, Shaelen and her daughter, Coralna, come and take measurements of everyone, including Sandulf. And in two days, as promised, she returns with dresses made just the right size for Sochaia and Elia. And a few nice coats for Ni’tareus and Sandulf. The coats she gives to Ni’tareus bear embroidered vines and leaves, in the Ogier fashion, down the sleeves and on the collars, and each coat is made with complimentary colors, like black with gold stitching, or blue with gold embroidery. There is even lace in Ni’tareus’ coats. Sandulf’s coats are just as nicely made, though not nearly as delicately embroidered and are plain of any decoration.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): k, back.
Saviendha Quintaros: My…husband….you do clean up nice.

On the inside of the coats Kael receives, there is, as requested, leather padding to provide some extra protection.

The dresses she makes for Sochaia are made of silk and form-fitting. The colors are complimentary and stitched like Ni’tareus’ coats, with panels of vines and leaves that go up and down the arms and breasts. Lace is interchanged with cloth in some places, placed discreetly to reveal only so much skin around the ankles, small portions of her thighs, and her upper chest. In all reality, you aren’t sure you’ve ever seen such craftsmanship.

Ni’tareus: I am always clean, my dearest.
Shaelen looks at Sochaia and Ni’tareus with a look of amusement.
Saviendha Quintaros: That coat is quite flattering on you.
Saviendha Quintaros stares at his hindquarters.
Saviendha Quintaros: Those pants, too.
Shaelen: I hope you like them, Keeper. Coralna and I worked very hard on the design, and some of my sisters helped with the stitching and embroidery.
Conall Anon tests the movement available in his new clothes
Ni’tareus turns for Sochaia to admire
Saviendha Quintaros: Oh, Shaelen! These are absolutely lovely.
Ni’tareus: Yes, they do look good. Very good. Thank you, Shaelen.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): sashay, bitch!

Shaelen ears twitch with pleasure as a smile spreads across her face.
Shaelen: Good…I am glad to hear that.

Saviendha Quintaros: Sandulf, I’m sure if you check the lining there are little hiding spots for daggers.
Saviendha Quintaros: Erm, Conall, I mean.
Conall Anon: Thank you Shaelen, this are very nice.
Shaelen nods to Sandulf, smelling pleased.
Shaelen: I have…one more gift for each of you, actually.
Conall Anon holds up his axe
Conall Anon: I have a walking staff, but I guess a few daggers wouldn’t hurt.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): whittling?
Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): is it not a dagger? sorry…

Shaelen pulls out a green shawl made of silk. It is heavily embroidered with gold vines and leaves surrounding the white flame of Tar Valon, which is made of lace and stitched into the center.

She hands this to Sochaia.

Shaelen: I realize you are traveling in disguise and cannot wear this now, but I thought it might be nice to have for later, when you don’t have to hide anymore.
Saviendha Quintaros puts her hand to her chest.
Saviendha Quintaros: That is
Conall Anon shows his full whittling kit and the inside pocket he will keep it in

Kael-Tevenar-: would I be ok carrying a sheild or would that be out of place on an ogier intellectual?
Saviendha Quintaros: That is the most beautiful…
Saviendha Quintaros: Oh, Shaelen. Thank you.

Shaelen reaches into her satchel and pulls out several other neatly folded piles of cloth and begins handing them out to everyone else.

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): pizza!

Each one is a cloak, finely made from wool and lined with soft fur. As with all of her clothing, complimentary stitching and embroidery dominates the backs of the cloaks. For Kael and Terith, the cloaks depict mountains and sunrises, or forests set around a pond. For Ni’tareus and Sandulf, the cloaks are deep blue and silver, and emblazoned with the sigil of House Quinataros…a hunting wolf carring a raven in its maw. The wolf is silver, the raven is black.

Shaelen: You are welcome, Keeper. A parting gift for each of you. I hope these help you in your quest. The Light be with you all, and may you find peace once again when you are outside of the stedding.

After the clothing is distributed, Shaelen leaves, and you are all left to try your new garments on. Truly, Shaelen really is a master tailor. The quality of work is beyond anything you could have expected from a simple tailor you might have found in the next village you stopped at.

On the sixth day of your stay in the stedding, Elia is taken into a room with Ni’tareus, Shaelen and Sochaia. Sandulf and Kael are playing a game of Stones at this point and you both barely notice them leaving. Terith watches from the side, sometimes pointing out errors on one side or the other. The game takes a few twists and turns, and just when Sandulf thinks he has Kael on the run…the door to Elia’s room opens and a fuss is being made.

Ni’tareus walks out of the room first, smirking. Shaelen walks out afterwards, speaking over her shoulder as she does so.

“…may keep the rabbit’s fur and the powders, Elia. Ogier women do not use such things. They were given to me as payment from a human noble woman I met many years gone that had asked for “Ogier made Silks”. Apparently, at that time, Ogier tailors were quite sought after. Sadly, I believe the fashions we present are no longer…um…trendy. In any case, I agreed to take them in trade, though I would have much preferred something else. Anyway, since I have no use for them, I give them to you. Continue to practice and work with Sochaia Sedai, and I believe you will achieve the look you are after."

Sochaia walks out, just after Shaelen, followed shortly by a very unhappy looking Elia. Her hair has been curled, and she is wearing one of the dresses that Shaelen made for her, and her arms are crossed under her breasts as she stalks into the room. Despite the anger on her face….she is…breathtaking. The powders applied to her face are in different shades of purple and red, along with a pale base that brings out her eyes and features. Somehow, her eyelashes have been darkened, and somewhere, someone found some of that paste the nobility wears on their lips to turn them different shades of color. In this case, Elia’s lips are bright red. The work itself is very subtle, but the change is drastic. Elia was pretty before, but now…she is beyond beautiful. She might be able to pull this whole “Lady’s maid” business off after all.

Saviendha Quintaros: gimme a sec to catch up

Elia Savari: Just so you all know, this is coming off and isn’t going back on until we start playing this game Ni’tareus is after. And I refuse to wear this stuff any more than necessary, so I won’t be wearing it while we travel.

Ni’tareus smiles and nods in satisfaction
Ni’tareus: I think she looks good. Anyone else agree?
Elia Savari harumphs
Shaelen smiles at Elia, then pats her on the head.
Kael-Tevenar- shrugs and studies the stones board.
Conall Anon: Elia you look great, but if you are unhappy with then as you say you will wear it no more than required
Shaelen: You will get used to it, I think. It suits you, Elia. Rarely do I find anything humans do as beautiful as what we Ogier can do, but in this case…there is more beauty in this room right now than any I can find here in the stedding, I think.
Elia Savari grumps at Sandulf
Elia Savari then blushes at Shaelen.
Terith breaks out in a great guffaw of laughter when he looks at Elia.
Elia Savari stares daggers at Terith
Elia Savari: Shut up!
Shaelen gives Terith a very dark look
Conall Anon looks at Terith
Saviendha Quintaros: Elia, I know a little bit how you feel. I felt my father would dress me like a doll sometimes when we’d go meet other merchants. You do look lovely.
Conall Anon raises an eyebrow
Terith’s laughter slows….then stops when Sandulf and Shaelen give him their looks.
Terith: Well…she just…oh nevermind.
Conall Anon smiles
Elia Savari: Thank you, Sochaia Sedai.
Elia Savari turns, blushing, and leaves the room in a hurry.
Ni’tareus turns to Terith
Ni’tareus: You know, you could go a little easier. Maybe be a bit more encouraging. She’s having a hard time with this. And we need her to play this part.
Terith shrugs
Terith: Maybe I was too hard on her. You humans and your mating rituals. You all look so foolish.
Terith shrugs again.

l1wolf-WoT (Conall Anon): afk

Kael-Tevenar- nods, “Very true.”
Ni’tareus looks from Kael to Terith
Saviendha Quintaros: Well said, Ni’tareus. Terith, I have to say, I do see the humor. She’s gorgeous, and yet looks a bit like a bratty kid. Still, perhaps it’s not something you mention to her face.
Ni’tareus: Regardless of what you think of us, you could be a bit easier. I can’t imagine either of you fitting into the role of an “advisor”, but I think you can do it. Try to be a bit more encouraging. This charade won’t last forever.
Ni’tareus: She’s a firestorm, that one. I think, anyway.
Terith sighs.
Terith: Fair enough. I’ll…work on it.
Ni’tareus: And yes, she’s young. She has some maturing to do.
Saviendha Quintaros: No you won’t. But it’s nice of you to offer.
Kael-Tevenar- shrugs. “Seems all a bit…foolish to me. Just give me a straight fight instead of all this…sneaking.”
Terith: No, I will try. I promise.
Terith nods at Kael’s words.
Saviendha Quintaros eyes Terith and nods.
Ni’tareus shrugs
Conall Anon: each tool has its place in war.
Ni’tareus: Well, this is what the Amyrlin said to do. Hide, so that we can hide the seal. Your straight up fight seems less important to me than keeping that seal safe, which is why we’re doing this.
Conall Anon moves a piece on the board
Ni’tareus: Exactly!
Ni’tareus points at Sandulf
Ni’tareus: The nuggets of wisdom from this man amaze me at times. You could learn from him, Kael…Terith.
Kael-Tevenar- gins. “Well, I know the place for my axe…in a trolloc’s skull.”
Terith chuckles
Conall Anon looks at Ni’Tareus
Conall Anon: we could also learn from them, … maybe Terith more than Kael … but we can learn from them also.
Conall Anon smiles
Terith roars with laughter.
Ni’tareus nods in agreement.
Ni’tareus: We can learn from each other. How about that?
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros rolls her eyes. “Men!”
Terith: I will let it be known…I have rested enough. Sochaia, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to recuperate. I needed this time in the stedding.
Kael-Tevenar- studies the board. “It appears as though I havent the skill at stones you do, Sand- uh Conall. I think I will stick to killing shadowspawn. At least I am better at that than you.”
Kael-Tevenar- laughs.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): lol

Terith snorts
Conall Anon: yes well I do what I can
Conall Anon helps to put away the game of stones

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): chicken habanero sandwich is tasty but fricking hot! I’ll hurt tomorrow…

Kael-Tevenar- smiles and claps the woodsman on the shoulder. ’Indeed you do, my friend. More than most humans."

Lanndon: Okay, moving onward.

The seventh day in Stedding Jenshin dawns, and the party prepares to leave. The Ogier of Stedding Jenshin gather to see you off. Terith arrives, wearing a very nice wool coat that hangs down to his knees, and a pair of clean, brown leather trousers and polished black boots. His hair is combed, and the braids have been remade. He wears a green and gold eye patch over his ruined eye. This is probably the cleanest any of you have ever seen Terith. Not that he was a pig, just that he never spent much time keeping himself straightened up. He looks crisp this morning.

Terith walks up to your party, with his two power-wrought hand axes hanging at either side of his hips. “Not a flaming word, you understand? Not one flaming word.”

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros lets out a low whistle.

Elia giggles and Terith looks at her…then nods, as if he deserves it. “Fair enough, Enalia. I laughed at you, so you laugh at me. We’re even though.”

Elia stops giggling. “My name is Elia, you big lummox.” Terith grunts. Elia herself is dressed in the same dress you saw her in when Shaelen and Sochaia got a hold of her with the powders. Her face is even painted up the same.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): enalia…perfect.

Ni’tareus looks at Terith from his saddle and nods approvingly. “You look good, Terith. Very good. You might just pull this off.”

Terith mutters something under his breath, but Ni’tareus just smiles.

Kael arrives shortly afterwards. Salle, who has become Kael’s biggest (little) fan (and by little, Salle is still taller than every human except Sandulf), trails behind him, once again asking questions about Kael’s battle experiences and Blightslayer. Shaelen reaches out and grabs her son to gently pull him away from Kael. He frowns up at his mother, but does as she asks and leaves Kael alone.

You notice Kael is dressed in fine clothing as well. Every bit as nice as Terith’s clothing, and something to rival the decoration on Ni’tareus’ coat, with all the embroidery and vines and leaves.

Kael-Tevenar- shows off, “I clean up nice, don’t I?”
Elder Dolen: We wish you all luck in your journeys. If you are ever in this part of the world again, know that you will always be welcome in Stedding Jenshin. Peace be with you.

Shaelen: Yes, peace be with you.
Shaelen curtsies to the party.

The other elders and some of the Ogier murmur the same phrase, wishing each of you well. Terith gives Shaelen one last look, and she smiles at him. He nods to her, then begins following the Tree Wardens out of Stedding Jenshin. With that, you each turn your horses and begin to follow.

Tree Wardens escort your party out of the stedding. Several of the Ogier scout ahead of the party while the rest of you ride through the Great Trees. It takes a bit, but suddenly you feel that icy stillness pass, and Sochaia, you can suddenly feel Saidar within reach once more. Mercifully.

The Tree Wardens finally let your party go on alone, giving you general directions that will lead to a human road. Turning left when you reach the road will take you straight into Maredi. They wish you all well, then head back into their stedding.

You travel for another twenty to thirty minutes before you reach the road, then turn left and travel on it for another hour. Maredi is NOT a short distance away from Stedding Jenshin, despite the Amyrlin’s words to the contrary. It takes a full day’s travel before you finally begin to approach the small town.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros seizes saidar again, with great pleasure.

Clouds dot the late afternoon sky, moving slowly across the horizon, and eventually, as you pass up onto the crest of yet another hill, you begin to see streamers of smoke from the town of Maredi. Not the smoke of a burning town, but that of homes living in a place where spring hasn’t quite thawed the world enough that a fireplace is no longer needed. It isn’t cold here like it was in Tar Valon, but its still chilly, and each of you still need your cloaks. The cloaks Shaelen provided are comfortable, and warm.

The surrounding countryside doesn’t appear to be suffering from the ravages of war just yet, though you know that Josine Feldramon’s army is somewhere to the north of you, still in Almoren as of the last reports. You are in Essenia now, and the last word you received was that this country had fortified their borderforts and deployed what forces they could to assist Almoren in their fight against the Feldramon woman’s armies. Unlike Almoren, Essenia doesn’t have a massive wall complex built to shield it from invasion, but the Essenians are crafty folk, and they have two famed “Great Captains” serving in their military. Perhaps Essenia won’t suffer the same fate as Almoren.

You crest another tall hill and can see the town of Maredi spread out in a valley down below. Like all towns of any significant size, this one has a tall stone wall encircling it for protection, complete with wooden watch towers to watch for roving bands of trollocs. The Ogier in Stedding Jenshin had mentioned…several times…that bands of trollocs had raided this far south during the winter. Having a wall up just makes sense for any community, no matter in which country it is placed. None are safe, these days.

You crest the final hill and begin passing through what appears to be a large army encampment being set up on the outskirts of Maredi. Hard faced men, dirty, yet with zealous looks in their eyes, watch your party as you ride down the rode. They are putting up tents, or creating picket lines for horses, or setting up campfires for the evening meals.
Shaelen: [1d6 = 2]
GM: 2

GM: Stacey, are you there? Come back in the vent channel, please.
GM: [1d6 = 1]
GM: 1
Kael-Tevenar-: Spot [1d20+2 = 5]
GM: Spot 5

Here and there one of the men in the army looks up to watch you pass, and you realize…not one of these men is wearing a uniform of any kind. Most armies at least put a tabard on their soldiers, so that they can identify their men from the enemy. Not this army. There is no uniform of any kind on any one of the men before you. No evidence of rank either, though you can tell some men are simply in charge by their harsh language and rough demeanor.

It is a very odd sight. You pass through the camp and arrive at the gates to Maredi. On the walls, you notice a few crossbowmen, but not nearly enough to guard this gate against an army of that size. And every man on the wall wears a uniform identifying them as part of the town Watch. They eye you as you approach, but just about every man watches the army setting up camp not far from where you are now. There is wariness in their eyes.

One of the soldiers on watch at the gates steps out as you approach. He is a tall, gaunt man, with a dark demeanor about him. He sizes your party up, even scowling at Kael and Terith, before speaking to Ni’tareus, who is dressed in one of his new coats and looking every bit the part of a lord.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Spot [1d20+7 = 21]
GM: Spot 21

“Let me guess. You’re the leader of this…rabble.” He says while raising a hand to point at the army setting up behind you. “Well I’ll tell you what I told the bannerman you sent earlier…no one enters Maredi unless they can prove they isn’t darkfriends. And given that your army is mighty suspicious…no uniforms, no cavalry, no siege weapons and obviously no discipline…you isn’t entering. Now go away before we poke holes in you.”

Ni’tareus’ eyes grow darker by the second as he listens to the man’s rant. But he speaks calmly. “I am Lord Etan Quintaros, of Eharon. This is my lovely wife, Saviendha Quintaros. These are our friends, or our servants. We are not affiliated with that army back there. And while your determination to root out darkfriends is admirable, You will let us in, or we’ll see who gets a few holes poked in him.” He says, moving his cloak to the side to reveal his heron marked blade in its scabbard.

The guard eyes his sword suspiciously, then looks back up at Ni’tareus, obviously not buying the threat. “You look awful young to be carrying a heron…m’lord…” He says, skeptically.

Ni’tareus looks down at the man and speaks with ice on his voice. “I will gladly give you a demonstration, if you like.”

The threat hangs in the air and none of you know if this is even going to work. The guard considers Ni’tareus, then sneers. “I isn’t so bad with a sword myself, my lord. Maybe I’d like to see this demonstration.”

Ni’tareus begins dismounting. “If its a lesson in manners you need, then I’ll gladly be the one to give it to you.”

A man with several knots of rank walks through the open gates and stops to stare at the exchange. He’s holding a piece of beef, which he has obviously eaten from already. Several large pieces of the burned meat have been stripped away. When Ni’tareus begins dismounting, the man spits out the beef he was chewing and speaks up. “Now there’ll be none of that. Bannerman Garris, how about you go check on the east gate and see how things are holding up over there.”

Conall Anon: Maybe I should do this for you lord.
Ni’tareus shakes his head at Sandulf

The guard turns and frowns at the officer. “They could be Gray Fist, Banner Lieutenant. Something is fishy about all of this.”

The officer nods. “Yes, they could be. But so could you.”

The guardsman begins to angrily protest the accusation. “I walk in the Light!” he almost yells in defiance.

The officer makes a soothing gesture and nods, but raises his voice over the other man’s protests. “Or any number of men standing right here on this wall. They could all be darkfriends, and we wouldn’t know it until the dagger was planted firmly in our backs. Yes, yes, you aren’t a darkfriend. I believe that. But just like you didn’t appreciate my accusation, neither do these good people. We can’t go accusing every stranger we meet of serving the Dark One, Garris. Now go do as you were told. Check the men at the east gate. I’ll handle things here.”

The guardsman, Garris, frowns at the officer again, but salutes and storms off. The officer watches him go, then turns and bows to Ni’tareus. “My apologies, my lord. These are dark times. Times where neighbors openly accuse men and women they’ve lived next too their entire lives of serving the Dark One. Garris is a good man, I believe. He’s just overzealous and angry. Angry at what’s been happening in the world. I can’t blame him for feeling the way he does, but I do believe I’ll need to have a talk with him about his…tact. Now, I assume you wish to enter Maredi?”

“We do.” Ni’tareus answers. “My lady Quintaros and I need to rest and resupply. We were beset by trollocs after leaving Aren Mador and lost most of our House guard. All that remains is what you see before you. And like I told that soldier there, we are not affiliated with the army behind us. May we enter?”

The officer takes a bite off his bone of beef, then begins looking your party over. His eyes pass over Sochaia, Elia, and Sandulf, but he smiles as he settles on Kael and Terith. “Are you from Stedding Jenshin, friends?” He asks.

Terith bows to the officer. It is probably the most well practiced and formal bow you’ve ever seen from him. His braids dangle and nearly touch the earth, the bow is so deep. “We are not, good man. This is Teveren, son of Doelen, son of Ealoc. I am Shanos, son of Acren, son of Noalen. We fare from Stedding Yongloon, in the Mountains of Mist.”

The officer nods as he chews, still smiling. “I see. Well I only caught part of what Garris had to say to Lord Quintaros here, but what he said was partially true…like anywhere, we don’t want darkfriends here in Maredi. Not that I am accusing any of you fine folks of being such, but we do generally question strangers quite thoroughly before we allow anyone in. Looking for lies and deceit, etc. We had a bad experience a few years back with a group of darkfriends posing as merchants, and ever since…well.” He shrugs, but considers your group for a moment, still chewing. “However, given the circumstances, I think we can bypass all of that. If Master Teveren or Shanos here can give me an Ogier’s Oath that no one in your party is a darkfriend, I’ll take it at that and let you in.”

Terith bows once more, very formally, and low. He touches his heart as he does so, and give an oath. “I so swear it, good man. Not a single member of our party is a friend to Tree Blighter. You have my oath.”

Kael-Tevenar- swears as well.

Each one of you are shocked to see Terith be so formal…and well practiced at seemingly being educated. He’s never acted like this before. But the guard buys it, and he returns Terith’s bow.

“Good enough then. Please, be welcome in Maredi, my lord…my lady.” He says that last with a deep bow to Ni’tareus and Sochaia. “I am Banner Lieutenant Braiwhin, Captain of the Guard in Maredi. Yes, I realize my rank isn’t captain. Lord Estera took the true Captain of the Guard when he gathered his soldiers and left for Tear as part of a summons by King Suleiamon. So I am the highest ranking officer in the garrison and this is my title for the time being. Will you be staying overnight?”

Ni’tareus gives the officer a slight nod of the head, acknowledging the man’s bow. “We will be. As I said, we were beset by trollocs and lost everything. We need to resupply and see about acquiring more…suitable traveling accommodations. A carriage, if possible, but a wagon will do if we must. Do you have a wainwright in Maredi, Captain?”

The officer nods. “Indeed we do, my lord. Gan Forstel sells wagons mostly, but he’s been known to build a carriage or two in the past, though only for Lord Estera. I am sure he can build a carriage suitable for you, if you ask. He may already have one on hand. Seems like he had been building one for Lord Estera’s great-grand niece not long ago. If he still has it, I’m sure he’ll be willing to sell it…for the right amount of coin, of course.”

Ni’tareus nods again. “That will do. And a tailor…I assume a town of this size has a tailor or two?”

The officer smiles, but then the smile wilts. “Ah, yes…we have several tailors and tailor’s apprentices. Celia Morgenthal runs The Velvet Garter, but…my apologies my lord, but the army behind you has already warned us they will be needing our tailors services to prepare new uniforms for their army. They are newly formed, they tell us, and before they can begin training or marching for war, the man leading that army wants them uniformed properly. I doubt very seriously Celia can see to your needs, but you can always ask.”

Ni’tareus shakes his head. “We’ve had nothing but bad luck since we began this journey. I can only hope that bad luck changes by the time we reach Tear.”

The officer nods sadly. “I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune, Lord Quintaros. If it makes you feel any better, we’ve all had troubles with trollocs this past winter. They’ve even raided here, though we fought them off. So perhaps it isn’t truly bad luck, so much as being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

Ni’tareus nods. “Yes, perhaps. I thank you for your time, Captain.” He remounts his horse, then turns to the captain one more time. “One last thing….do you have an inn here that caters to…a higher station?”

The officer nods again. “Yes, my lord. There are two inns in Maredi. The Broadstroke and The River and the Rose.” He grimaces. “If you’ll pardon me for saying so my lord, I would recommend you stay away from The Broadstroke and head straight for the Rose. It’s a…higher quality establishment, and we rarely get any calls for help there, unlike the Broadstroke. That one lives up to its name more often than not, sadly.”

Ni’tareus nods again. “Then the River and the Rose it is. I thank you for your time, Captain.” With that, he clucks his horse forward and your party enters Maredi.

Maredi isn’t a large town by any means, but it’s certainly larger than a village. There are two and three story buildings that line the tightly packed dirt roads and even this late in the afternoon, hawkers still cry their wares from the sides of the streets. You can smell the scents of a nearby bakery, mixed with that of a brewery in the center of town. You pass the wainwright, and a stable selling horses. You see a general mercantile with a large sign painted on the front that says “Col’s Mercantile” on it. You pass a jeweler’s shop, a clock maker’s shop, blacksmith, armorer, weaponsmith, and more. All in the heart of town. Maredi itself is set in a valley surrounded by rounded hills that rise on every side. On the top of one of these hills is a large manor house, bigger than anything else in Maredi. That must be Lord Estera’s manor house. It is gated and looks to be well taken care of, with tall trees and manicured lawns and gardens.

You stop at the River and the Rose, which is the finest inn in Maredi. It’s time to really get into your roles as members of a noble house.

Sandulf takes the reins of the horses and leads them to the stables while the rest of you head into the inn to check in. Ni’tareus takes Sochaia’s arm in his and leads her inside, looking fully the part of a married noble couple. Elia follows the two in, looking glum, and Kael and Terith bring up the rear.

You walk into the River and the Rose, which is a three story inn with a very large patio on the east side. The patio looks as if its been used for entertaining, but only during the summer months, when it is warm enough to sit outside. Right now, it is stripped of tables and benches, most likely due to the still cool weather.

A very large, rotund man dusts a bookshelf as you walk in. He stops dusting as soon as he sees you and wipes his hands clean on a white apron. He smiles. “Ah! My lord, my lady…please, be welcome at the River and the Rose. Or more simply, The Rose, as we locals like to call it. I am Robair Covena, the proprietor of this fine establishment. Will you be taking rooms with us?”

Ni’tareus nods. “I am Lord Etan Quintaros. This is my wife, the Lady Saviendha Quintaros. We will need three rooms. Your finest suite for myself and my lady. One for her maid, and one for our guardsman here. Do you have rooms sized for Ogier?”

Robair nods quickly. “Oh yes, my lord. We have several rooms sized just for Ogier. How many will you need?”

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros smiles at Ni’tareus.

“Two will suffice. Keep them close to our rooms, if possible.” Ni’tareus says. “And we’ll need the use of your private dining room for our dinner.”

Ni’tareus pats Sochaia’s hand

The innkeeper rubs his hands together, no doubt already calculating the tab for your stay. He smiles and knuckles his forehead at Ni’tareus. “Absolutely, my lord. Nothing but the best, here at the Rose. Now, if you’ll just step over here and sign in…”

As Ni’tareus steps over to the counter to sign in with the innkeeper, Sandulf returns from outside. The horses are stabled, it seems.

It only takes a few minutes for Ni’tareus to set up your stay. He ends with by clinking several gold coins from his pouch and paying in advance for at least part of your stay. The broad innkeeper then turns and shows you all to your rooms. You’re on the first floor, and your rooms are all next to each other..

Robair Covena: And that is your rooms. Of course, should you need baths, find myself or my wife, Ledelia and we’ll draw one up for you. The kitchen is open from dawn until four hours after last light. And of course, we have a private dining room that you may use whenever you wish, since you’ve already paid for it. But if you decide you’d prefer the company of others, the tavern is open the same hours as the kitchen. We try to find traveling minstrels, or gleemen, as we find them. At the moment there is a traveling minstrel staying here that provides entertainment in the evening.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): can i get a pedicure?

Ni’tareus: That will be well then. I believe the lady and myself would like a bath. Would you have one drawn up for each of us?

Lanndon: Oh haha.
Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): One will suffice, actually.

Robair Covena: Certainly my lord. I’ll have the serving girls start on them immediately. If any of you need anything, please let me know.

Lanndon: Haha

Ni’tareus: We will. Thank you, master RObair.
Ni’tareus opens the door to his room while Robair hands out keys to the rest of you.
Ni’tareus: Wife?
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Yes, dear.
Ni’tareus gestures toward the open door.
Ni’tareus: After you.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros skips in.
Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): ooc

Kael-Tevenar-: Master Covena, may I borrow a book?
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros walks in. Calmly.
Robair Covena: Certainly. There are several shelves inside the private dining room. Please, take whatever you wish, friend Ogier.
Kael-Tevenar- bows slightly, “Thank you.”
Ni’tareus stops at the door.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros strips. Slowly.
DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): too much information stacey

Ni’tareus: Master Conall, master Teveren and Shanos, we’ll be dining at six. Mithren, you be there as well.

Ni’tareus looks into his room. Eyes widen.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros fifteen minutes later, her boots are off. “Light but there are a lot of buttons.”
DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): lol
Ni’tareus: Yes, and I’ve lost all interest.

Kael-Tevenar- nods. “I will see you at dinner then.”
Conall Anon moves into his room

Kael-Tevenar- heads to retrieve a book and then returns to his room.

You each go to your rooms and get settled in. The rooms are very nice and comfortable. The Ogier rooms have furniture sized just for them. You get your belongings unpacked and then head to dinner a short while later.

You each arrive at your own time to find Ni’tareus and Sochaia already waiting.

After you’ve each arrived, a fine meal with roasted pig, potatoes, onions, and some sort of fatty dessert are brought in and placed before you before the serving girls leave and give you privacy. A nice fire roars in the fireplace keeping the private dining room free of the chill from outside.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): with happy smiles on their faces.

After the serving women leave, you each begin to eat.

Ni’tareus: So…anyone unclear on what we’re doing tomorrow? We’re all on the same page about this plan?
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: I could do with a second walkthrough.
Kael-Tevenar- nods.
Ni’tareus: Alright.

l1wolf-WoT (Conall Anon): afk

Ni’tareus: Well, we need to acquire a carriage, jewelry, proper clothing, though Shaelen’s clothes do help. It won’t hurt to have some extra clothing made that isn’t all Ogier made. And we need a forger, to create papers to make us…authentic.

Ni’tareus: I was thinking I could handle the carriage. Sochaia, you and Elia could travel to the tailors and jewelers. Take Kael with you…for protection, but he should still play the role of advisor. I’ll take Terith with me. And Sandulf…he can go dig up the kind of scum we need to make those papers.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Sounds like a lot.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Elia, I promise I won’t belittle you or embarrass you.
Terith chews on a slice of roasted pig and nods agreement to Ni’tareus’ plan.
Elia Savari: I know you won’t, my lady.
Elia Savari looks genuine
Elia Savari: It isn’t you I worry about. It’s him.
Elia Savari points at Ni’tareus.
Ni’tareus: Bah. I promised I wouldn’t take advantage of you, girl.
Conall Anon raises an eyebrow
Kael-Tevenar- frowns, ‘I do hope you dont plan on having your “advisor” carry the things your buy, *m’lady*"
Elia Savari: So you say. But you really do have noble blood in you, and…
Elia Savari shrugs
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros whispers, “He’s not as large a woolhead as you think.”
Ni’tareus: Nobility or not, I meant it, Elia.
Elia Savari: Oh I think he is, my lady.
Ni’tareus shakes his head.
Ni’tareus: In any case, are we all in accord?
Kael-Tevenar-: Yes.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): it’s more like an Odyssey…

You finish your dinner, making small talk until everyone is finished, then you separate and head to your rooms. If you have anything you wish to do with your first night in Maredi, now is the time, otherwise I’ll just skip forward to the next morning.

DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): its a shame that clever remark is wasted on such dim minds as ours. :(
Lanndon: Too true
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros takes a moment of silence.

Conall Anon: Hide 29, -10 [1d2019 = 39]

Sandulf, you sneak out your window and head into the town. You do your best to use the shadows to your advantage and sneak away. You feel confident no one saw you leaving.

The streets of Maredi are mostly empty, with only an occasional person out traveling by horseback or on foot this evening. The air outside is chilly and most people are already in their homes staying near a fire. Where do you want to go?

Kael, you settle into your room and read the book you borrowed from the private dining room. Sochaia, you and Ni’tareus do some reading yourselves to pass the time. Eventually you all go to bed, save for Sandulf.

Sandulf, you travel around the town, making sure to keep the hood of your cloak up to hide your eyes.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros gestures to the floor and raises an eyebrow at Ni’tareus. “Unless you think you should sleep up here. I have cold feet and kick a lot.”

Ni’tareus: Fair enough. If anyone barges in and sees us, we had a fight. That’ll be our story.
Ni’tareus takes a few extra blankets and a pillow and makes a pallet on the floor.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros tosses him a fluffy down pillow.

Sandulf, you travel the town for a bit and eventually find what must be The Broadstroke. The sign outside is that of a man swinging a mighty sword. The lettering on the sign announces in bold letters “THE BROADSTROKE”. Inside, you can hear raucous laughter and yelling. Here and there, you see a drunk wandering down the road with another inebriated friend as they merrily make their drunken way home, laughing and joking as they go.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): brb

Make a Spot check.

Conall Anon: Spot [1d20+23 = 34]
Ni’tareus: Spot 34

You stand in the shadows outside of the large inn, watching people come and go. More drunks wander out, and at one point, two men come crashing through the front doors, fists flying. A group of drunken men and even a few women stagger outside to watch the brawl as it unfolds.

As the fight continues in the street…with no town watch anywhere in sight to break it up…you see a man step out on the porch to watch. And something about his is very familiar. Make an Intelligence roll, DC 12.

Conall Anon: Intelligence bonus [1d20+3 = 23]
Ni’tareus: Intelligence bonus 23

You instantly recognize him. It is Mose Velarta, the thief taker you met back in Jennshain many weeks ago. He was friendly and helpful when you went out looking for contacts within the brotherhood. He watches the fight for a few moments while the crowd cheers them on. In moments several members of the town watch arrive and break the fight up. Warning the other patrons to return to their cups, they arrest the two men fighting, and everyone begins moving back inside, laughing at the fight they just witnessed. Mose takes another swig of his drink, then heads back inside.

Conall Anon: Climb [1d20+5 = 18]
Ni’tareus: Climb 18
Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): back
Conall Anon: Hide 29, -20 [1d209 = 28]
Ni’tareus: Hide 29, -20 28
Ni’tareus: [1d20
17 = 27]
Ni’tareus: 27

You scale up the wall, trying your best to do just enough to get his attention. For a moment he looks up from his cup as he turns to head back inside….

He stops, and looks in your direction, then turns and heads back inside.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): brb. sorry.

You sit atop the roof for a few minutes, observing the inn and hoping Mose might get suspicious and filter back outside to have a look. Make a Spot check.

Mose Velarta: [1d20+17 = 33]
Mose Velarta: 33
Conall Anon: Spot [1d20+23 = 37]
Mose Velarta: Spot 37

You keep looking around you, knowing he may arrive, and sure enough, you manage to see him creeping through the shadows from behind you. You sit there waiting for him to grow nearer. He moves very quietly…he’s good, but you can still hear him, especially with your enhanced hearing.

You don’t turn from where you’re sitting. You continue to watch The Broadstroke. So you can imagine his surprise when you whisper “Hello Mose.” when he gets near enough to hear.

Conall Anon smiles

Steel is bared from his sheath at mention of his name.

Mose Velarta: And how is it that you know me, friend?
Mose Velarta whispers
Conall Anon: we have a mutual aquiantance
Mose Velarta: Someone I arrested, I suspect.
Conall Anon: no someone in the same line as us
Mose Velarta: As us?
Conall Anon: a yellow eyed fellow
Conall Anon: by the name Sandulf
Mose sits in silence for a moment.
Mose Velarta: I…see. And how do you know him?
Conall Anon: I met him as I was leaving Tar Valon by boat.
Conall Anon: He let me know about the outside, I let him know about the inside.
Mose Velarta: Alright. So are you a thief he captured or a friend? And if you are one of the brotherhood, you need to show me the sign, otherwise I’ll keep this steel pointed at your back until I am either satisfied at who you are or I’ve killed you.
Conall Anon shows him the hand signal
Mose Velarta sits and considers for another moment or two, but you finally hear him sheath his swordbreaker.
Conall Anon: He mentioned a man of your discription helping him, and being capable.
Mose Velarta: Right then. I assume you wanted to get my attention with that clumsy attempt to hide in the shadows. What’s this about?
Mose Velarta: I am capable. Tell me what you need, friend. And am I to continue to call you friend or do you have a name? You obviously know mine.
Conall Anon: Well I am searching for someone in this town, and didn’t want to step on your toes.
Conall Anon: you can call me Cloud
Mose Velarta: I appreciate the consideration. Who are we looking for then? I can help.
Mose Velarta: Cloud, eh? Fine.
Conall Anon: a forger of documents, it must be done descritly so I can make sure it is the right man.
Mose Velarta snickers
Mose Velarta: Oh I know a forger. Reformed, so he says, but I bet he can still be…persuaded to break the law. Tell me though…why would I want to be a part of that?
Conall Anon: I need him to make some documents as proof, of someone else’s crime. Him I do not need the other is causing problems for a noble
Mose Velarta: Still illegal. And I don’t work in that area. But I will give you his name, and you can seek him out yourself. I would advise that you avoid doing the…dirty work…of nobles in the future. They have a habit of turning you in when the authorities come for them. I would hate to have to hunt down one of my own.
Conall Anon: Oh I know the trouble with nobles, but you know the debts we sometimes can aquire.
Mose Velarta: I suppose so.
Mose Velarta sighs
Mose Velarta: His name is Istvan Modorien. He’s a clerk working for Lord Estera. Caught as a forger, sentenced for his crimes, yet he managed to find…um, gainful employment working for the very noble he was attempting to cheat. Suspicious, no? Regardless, you can find him up at Lord Estera’s manor house. During the day. It’s up to you how you…persuade him to help. I will take no part in this.
Conall Anon: I understand and do not wish to trouble you. Is there anything I could assist you with?
Mose Velarta: No, but thank you. Perhaps one day I will need your help, and if so, I’ll gladly accept it. I’m freelancing at the moment. I haven’t found anything worth my time aside from a few drunks and a few cheats at dice.
Conall Anon: well to tied you over then.
Conall Anon tosses him a Crown and while he catches at it slips over the side and hides
Conall Anon moves away

Alright, you head over the side, and you hear Mose catch the coin before it can clink. Even in the dark he was able to catch it. He’s good.

You head back to the Rose, traveling quietly and keeping the hood of your cloak up. You arrive back at the inn. Make a Move Silently check and a Hide check to sneak back in the way you came.

Conall Anon: Move silently [1d20+19 = 23]
Mose Velarta: Move silently 23
Conall Anon: Hide +29, -10 [1d20+19 = 22]
Mose Velarta: Hide +29, -10 22

You manage to sneak back into the window of your room. Looking back out the window, you’re satisfied no one heard you or saw you. You draw your curtains.

Everyone falls asleep and you awaken the next morning. After baths and dressing, you each gather in the private dining room for breakfast where Ni’tareus once again harps on the plan and makes sure everyone knows what their job is. During the meal, Sandulf speaks with “the nobles” about what he learned during his excursion last night.

Conall Anon: I believe I have found a forger, but I don’t know how easy it will be to convince him to do the work.
Conall Anon: He has retired and works for the Lord
Ni’tareus: A forger working for a noble? Unheard of. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. No sense of humor in this group.
Conall Anon looks at Ni’tareus blankly
Ni’tareus: Anyway, good work. Now…how do you get into the manor house to speak with him? Which way do you prefer? I know you can work in shadows. Or you can try the direct approach and head up the manor house and ask to see him.
Conall Anon: of course it isn’t a surprise, but I don’t know his level of loyalty
Ni’tareus: Well it’s been my experience that gold opens palms. Take some money with you, and see what you can get out of him.
Conall Anon: well he would be the what … clerk
Conall Anon: I would need to be sent by you if I went in the house directly wouldn’t I?
Conall Anon: what reason would you send me to see the lord if anyone asks?
Ni’tareus: Yes, working inside the house on the Light only knows what this Lord Estera might have him up too. In any case, it’s none of our business, so long as he does what we need him to do. Forge our patents of nobility and create a seal for us.
Ni’tareus: Hmm. Good question. Sochaia? Any input?
Ni’tareus: Kael?
Ni’tareus eyes Terith and moves on.
Ni’tareus: Elia?
Elia Savari shrugs
Kael-Tevenar- shrugs. "I’m just and “advisor” what could I have to say about this?"
Elia Savari: I suppose you could simply go and tell them you work for Lord Quintaros. And that he needs the services of Lord Estera’s clerk. Something about authenticating documents or the like. Nothing suspicious about that.
Kael-Tevenar- is a bit on the sarcastic side this morning.
Ni’tareus: Oh I like that. Very diplomatic.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros wonders if Kael didn’t sleep well last night.
Conall Anon: so it shall be m’lord
Conall Anon: of what nature are the documents?
Conall Anon: trade agreements maybe
Ni’tareus: Yes, direct approach, tell them you need use of Lord Estera’s personal clerk for authetication purposes. Our clerk was killed during the raid by trollocs, if they ask. Tell them it won’t be long and offer to pay for his services. A portion of what you give him will go right back to the coffers of House Estera. The rest…he’ll keep, for assisting us.
Ni’tareus: Yes. Perfect. Well done, Elia.
Elia Savari shrugs again.
Elia Savari: I wasn’t always a “Lady’s maid”, my lord.
Ni’tareus: That would be perfect, Sandulf. Tell them you have trade agreements between House Quintaros and House Teslemine in Tear, and the authenticity needs to be verified. That should bring the clerk out. Grease his palms appropriately, and you’ll get what we need, I’m sure.

DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): if Draelin was here he could have just forged the documents himself. lol

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: And what kind of jewelry are we to pick up, husband?
Ni’tareus looks at Sochaia
Ni’tareus: A few rings for me. Appropriately…male. Necklace, bracelets, and rings for you. And maybe a tiara, if you prefer. Ladies sometimes wear those.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Male rings? I think I know what you mean. And a tiara? for me? Really?
Ni’tareus: And get Elia something as well. A lady’s maid would have some sort of jewelry. Oh, and one of you should have a jeweled or gold belt.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: How much gold do we have?
Ni’tareus: Yes, really. Unless you think it is too much. You don’t have to wear it all at once, you know. Put some on sometimes, and others on at other times. A well prepared stash of jewelry.
Ni’tareus: five hundred gold crowns in that bag the Amyrlin gave you. And a few letters of credit should we need more. Don’t worry about the expense.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: I understand. Should be fun, especially without worrying about expense. Mithren? Ready?
Elia Savari nods to Sochaia
Elia Savari: I’m ready.
Ni’tareus: Lets get started then.

DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): you know….DRAELIN had quite a stash of jewelry….before he and his stash was, uh, melted.

Sandulf asks Elia for advice on how much money to bring with him for “greasing palms”
Elia looks at Sandulf and speaks quietly to him.

Sochaia (Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros): damnit. why did i NOT pick his pockets before talking smack to the mini-channeler?

Elia Savari: I think…five gold crowns should buy even the stingiest of forgers. But best to bring twenty just in case. If he truly is reformed, it may take a lot to get him to agree.

DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): If ONLY he had kept his loot on his horse, it would have all been saved.

Conall Anon nods

Lanndon: And not a melted slag of precious metal, hehe.

Conall Anon: thank you for yout insight, it is much apreciated

DragonSypher (Kael-Tevenar-): sigh yup. All that carefull looting and stealing for nothing.

Elia Savari: Anytime. You seem to be the only one that truly respects my input here anyway. Or at least, the one that gives it most.
Elia Savari eyes Ni’tareus
Ni’tareus: Why are you staring at me?
Elia Savari: Because of your cute buttocks. My lady? Are you ready to go?
Terith snorts
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros gives a small smile to the back of Elia’s head. The attraction between the two is obvious.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros: Indeed, Mithren.

Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros heads out to do her appointed task.
Kael-Tevenar- follows Sochaia glumly expecting a dull and uneventful day.

Sochaia, you and Elia leave disguised as the Lady Quintaros and her maid, Mithren. Kael, you escort them. Ni’tareus and Terith head off to find the wainwright. Sandulf, you head out to find this forger, Istvan Modorien, up at the manor house.

Sochaia and Kael

You pass through the center of town on the way to your next destination. The streets of Maredi are busy today, despite the cold wind blowing and the gray skies above that are threatening rain any time. As you enter the town square, you see a man ride up and rein his horse in hard in the center of the square. The citizens of Maredi stop and stare at the man as his horse rares and whinnies in protest at the sudden halt. Behind him, eight other men ride up just as hard, yet they do not stop as hard as the first man did. Instead, their horses slow well beforehand. Each man has a hard look on his face, and a zealous look in his eyes as they all stare at the many faces in the crowd.

“People of Maredi, I bring you good news!” The first man shouts at the top of his lungs. If the people here weren’t already silent at his grand entrance, they are now. Not a person in the square makes a peep.

The man smiles. He has a zealous, determined look in his eyes. “The Dragon has been reborn, in this, our hour of greatest need.” He pauses for dramatic affect, still smiling, and some of the townsfolk begin whispering to each other.

“The Last Battle is upon us, brought by the Shadow, yet He…the Lord of the Morning…stands against the coming tide of darkness and will wash away all of our fears and replace them with hope!” The man continues, raising a fist to emphasize his point. “Let it never be said that Maredi didn’t fight when called upon by the very bastion of Light itself. I call upon every able bodied man, woman, or child that wishes to ride with him to Tarmon Gaidon to show yourself outside the gates of Maredi, and join his glorious army. The Dragon Reborn is here, and just as we need him, he needs you! Join us! Speak with me, and I will show you the way. Speak to him, and He will show you the Light!”

Kael-Tevenar- sighs at the man’s stupidity.
Sochaia – Saviendha Quintaros feels a sinking in the pit of her stomach.

The stunned crowd of commoners stare at the man in silence, then begin to look at each other. The man sits on his horse, smiling, with that determined, zealous look in his eyes as he scans the crowd. After a long moment when it seemed no one was going to say a word, finally one man steps out of the crowd. “You say the Dragon is reborn? What prophecies has he fulfilled? What proof do we have that he really is the Dragon?”

Some members of the crowd nod at this. The man on horseback continues to smile. “What proof do you need, good man? Look around you! Look at the fear in the eyes of everyone you see. Look at the weariness! Listen to the reports of war in the north, and to the east. Look at what has happened to Al’Cair’Rahienallen, Jaracopan, Nashebar…or even Manetheren and Aridhol! Look at the skies and see how they have darkened! Look at the spirit of your fellow man and see how he too has darkened! The signs are everywhere! Tarmon Gaidon is upon us, and only the Dragon Reborn can defeat the Shadow and end our suffering! I tell you now, friends, he is reborn. The Light made flesh! He can channel, and he is strong! He is unaffected by the Taint! And soon, he will march on Tear and claim Callandor, but first he needs an army! You! Join us!”

The same commoner looks back at the people, unimpressed, but worried. He returns his stare to the man. “But he’s done nothing to prove who he is. How can we know he’s truly been reborn and not just another one of those cursed fools that finds himself channeling and mad enough to believe himself the Dragon Reborn?”

The first man still smiles and looks down at the commoner. “I tell you, friend, he is the Dragon Reborn. Has he filled prophecy? Yes. He has reclaimed this!” The man reaches behind him, into his saddlebags, and pulls out a banner bearing the ancient seal of the Aes Sedai. The same one you saw in the camp as you rode in yesterday. It looks identical to the sign found on the Seal. “The prophecies say he will reclaim the ancient sign of the Aes Sedai! Well here it is!” The man yells in triumph.

The crowd gasps and begins to whisper once again. Some of them openly speak loudly. Some shake their heads in denial, while others nod. The commoner still looks like he doesn’t believe. He points at the obviously newly made banner and opens his mouth to say something, but the man on horseback cuts him off, speaking softer now, and the crowd quiets to hear him.

“If that isn’t enough, good man, then know this. Two weeks ago six Aes Sedai were sent from the White Tower to gentle him. And he defeated all six. Three were killed, while three now serve him. Don’t the prophecies also say something about Aes Sedai kneeling to the Dragon Reborn? Don’t they?!? They have knelt! He is reborn!”

The crowd begins flocking toward the rider, and his soldiers dismount to keep the common folk at a safe distance. Some ask if the rider himself is the Dragon, while others ask if they can meet him. The rider shakes his head, proclaiming himself a lieutenant in the service of the Dragon, but he invites all to join him and the army outside of Maredi’s gates where they can swear their allegiance to the Dragon himself.

The entire scene takes perhaps fifteen minutes before it breaks up, with the rider and his companions riding off down the main street of Maredi, no doubt returning to their army. The crowd breaks up and you can’t help but notice that many of them…men and women alike…are headed straight for the city gates.

The commoner that doubted the man’s words shakes his head and tries to convince many of those that are leaving to stay, to not be sucked in by the man’s words. He, at least, does not believe the Dragon has been reborn.

Session November 6th, 2012 Chat Log

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