Session October 23rd, 2012 Chat Log

You return to your rooms and do as the Amyrlin asked. You each pack your belongings and wait until nightfall.


Y*ou are sitting at your reading table reading a book when night finally arrives. Sandulf and Ni’tareus are both sitting inside as well. A warm fire burns in the hearth, and Sandulf stokes it while Ni’tareus reads a book of his own. Earlier, Elia came to stay here with the three of you since she’s already agreed to travel with your group. She watches Sandulf occasionally while she sharpens her notched swordbreaker. There’s something going on there. You don’t understand it, but you sense it. Why is this girl…she can’t be more than twenty years old, if she’s a day…why is she suddenly so fascinated by Sandulf? What did he do during his time in Tar Valon to peak her interest? And why would she want to join your group?*

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ni’tareus is reading make-up tips to hide that five o’clock shadow…

Perhaps it’s just this “Ta’veren pull” you keep hearing about. You are still learning about what a Ta’veren is, but you’ve heard that sometimes Ta’veren pull the things they need most to them…sometimes without even knowing they need them. Perhaps that’s it. Then again, maybe she’s just a girl with a crush. That could just as likely be it.

Lanndon: Hehe

The four of you sit in silence, listening to the fire crackle and reading or doing whatever it is you’re doing. All of your traveling gear is packed and ready to go, waiting nearby for this celebration to begin in Tar Valon.

Outside, the snow continues to fall. By now there is over three feet of it built up on your balcony outside. It’s miserable weather for traveling, but from what you understand of them, the Ways aren’t affected by the weather outside. Terith and Kael both mentioned the Ways as being a perfect temperature year round, and both appeared eager to travel them again. Terith’s ears actually quivered once he began speaking of them, which you’ve come to learn is a sign that an Ogier is excited about something. Very odd creatures, but you’re glad for their company. So far, Terith and Kael have both proven to be very good companions.

An explosion booms from outside, and you turn to look at Ni’tareus, who in turn, looks up from his book at you. Each one of you stands up and cautiously steps over to the balcony door to peer outside, already fearing another attack from the Shadow.

But it isn’t. Instead, the sky lights up in brilliant eruptions of color. Sparkles fly from the eruptions, and waves of color radiate outward, expanding from tiny points to fill the sky with every bright color you can imagine. Blues, reds, greens, golds, silvers, purples….vibrant colors in every hue erupt in the sky.

Looking down at the city, you can see a small dot of grouped women gathered on the west wall. They are so small at this height that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to make them out as anything more than specks, but they are channeling Saidar, and a lot of it, so you know it is a gathering of linked Aes Sedai.

This must be the celebration display that was planned by the Amyrlin.

Ni’tareus: Time to leave, it seems. The Amyrlin said we could take horses from the stables. Are we ready then?
Elia Savari: Ready.
Sochaia Doisech watches out the window for a moment.
Sandulf Machera rises and nods
Sochaia Doisech: Yes. I’m ready to go.
Ni’tareus eyes Elia.
Ni’tareus: Are you sure this is what you want to do, girl? The road we’re traveling is dangerous. There’s no sense in getting yourself killed on a quest you have no personal reason to be on.
Elia Savari gives Ni’tareus a very level look…one to match any Aes Sedai.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): don’t call me girl, bitch!
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hahaha
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): hehe

Elia Savari: I can take care of myself warder. You worry about you and your Aes Sedai and let me worry about me. Besides…that Aes Sedai told Mother that I am Ta’veren now too.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): he’s just faking it to avoid me…

Ni’tareus: Maybe Telandria could see Ta’veren and maybe she couldn’t. It obviously made no difference in deciding her own fate, now did it? Coming with us just because you may or may not be Ta’veren is lunacy. You may die out there. You do understand that, don’t you?
Elia Savari continues to stare at Ni’tareus right in the eye, almost defiantly.
Sandulf Machera: Ni’tareus leave her be
Elia Savari: I can take care of myself. You may think me nothing but a girl, and that’s fine. You won’t be the first man to make that mistake.
Ni’tareus stares at Elia, then nods to Sandulf.
Sandulf Machera: you will not stop any women from doing what they wish. The best you can do is help them when you can.
Sandulf Machera: Now lets move!
Ni’tareus: Right. Let’s go then.
Elia Savari sticks her tongue out at Ni’tareus when he turns to grab his gear and head for the door.


Sandulf Machera supresses a smile

Despite Sochaia wishing for everyone to stay together after what happened to Telandria and Tasalaya, you find you can’t leave without saying goodbye to Elder Inoa and Lorent. Both have been very good to you during your stay here in Tar Valon, and knowing that Sandulf, Elia, and Ni’tareus are all with her makes you feel better about being downstairs with the other Ogier. Besides…her rooms were sized for humans, and you and Terith really make Sochaia’s small apartments feel even smaller.

So you returned to the Ogier House. Now, you, Terith, Lorent, and Elder Inoa are joined by several other Ogier elders down in the common room. It’s too cold and there’s far too much snow outside for your customary evening on the balcony, so you’ve all stayed indoors tonight. You’re sitting around a large table chatting, while Lorent and another elder play a game of stones. Terith stands by the fireplace, stoking the fire with a poker and ignoring everyone else, as usual. Ever since the Amyrlin arrived with that bag of gold and a map, he’s been quiet.

A booming noise gathers everyone’s attention. It came from outside. Ears twitch with anticipation at what it could be.

Elder Inoa turns his head slowly. “Hmmm….I’d say that must be the Aes Sedai and their celebration display, youngsters. Lorent, be a good lad and run upstairs and see, would you?”

The younger Ogier nods his head vigorously and bolts up the huge marble stairs. They are larger than human stairs, sized just right for Ogier, as everything else in the Ogier House is. You’re going to miss this place. And the company.

Moments later you hear Lorent shout down the stairwell. “It’s true, greatfather! They really are putting on a display! Come look! It’s beautiful!”

The elder pushes his chair back and reaches for the walking stick that Terith created for him from Sung Wood. “Well…I suppose I should go take a look. They’re going through the trouble and all…” Inoa wheezes.

The other elders nod and stand. Slowly, one by one, they begin climbing the stairs to go outside and see what the Aes Sedai have prepared. Terith turns to you after the last one is out of earshot.

Kael looks at Terith. “It’s time.”
Terith: Yes. Time to go. Grab your gear.

Kael gathers his pack and follows Terith.

You stand to go grab your gear and as you approach the stairs, you see Terith pull a letter from his pocket and place it on the table. It is clearly labeled “Elder Inoa” in Ogier script. Perhaps it is a letter of goodbye. After placing the letter on the table, he leaves for his room.

You reach your room and grab your gear, then head back downstairs and outside. Terith is already waiting for you with his own gear hanging over a shoulder. The two of you head to the Tower Stables while brilliant lights explode in the gray sky above, and snow falls all around you. It is bitterly cold. Out in the city, beyond the walls that separate the White Tower from the rest of Tar Valon, you can hear joyous music playing from everywhere. It seems as if every Tavern and inn is filled with music tonight. You can hear people in the streets as well, laughing and shouting. Apparently it will take more than a little snow, ice, and freezing temperatures to keep everyone in tonight.

You arrive at the stables and find the others already gathered and having horses saddled. They are almost finished saddling when you arrive. Sochaia is already mounted, as is Elia. Sandulf and Ni’tareus are both finishing up now. Apparently the ladies horses were saddled first. The stablemaster gives none of you any trouble when he sees Sochaia’s Keeper’s Stole on her shoulders, though she quickly packed that away in her saddlebags now that you are all supposed to be traveling incognito. You’re each given your own horses with no trouble.

Terith eyes Elia, but says nothing.
Terith: Then we are ready?
Ni’tareus nods to Terith as he finishes checking the saddle straps.
Sochaia Doisech smiles at Terith. “Yes, my Big Brother. I am ready.”
Terith nods, then turns and walks out of the stable.

You set out from the stables. All but Kael and Terith are mounted. Snow continues to fall, and the sky continues to light up in vibrant colors that wash the entire city in different colored lights. It really is spectacular. The eruptions explode, then slowly dissipate over time, washing the city in different colors. Music can be heard coming from everywhere in celebration. The taverns and inns are filled with muffled music, and here and there, you hear fiddlers playing in the streets.

You exit the Tower Grounds and begin traveling down the main thoroughfare, passing children throwing snowballs at each other, and adults dancing in the streets to a jaunty tune created by a fiddler and a minstrel playing a hammered dulcimer. Everywhere people laugh and sing and celebrate. None of them know it, but this celebration is only possible because of the people passing quietly by on their horses, headed for a Waygate in the Ogier Grove. None of them recognize any of you, nor pay more mind to your passing than to occasionally ask you to join them. At one point a woman in her middle years runs up to Terith and attempts to pull the towering Ogier into the dance. He looks absolutely appalled at the thought and bruskly tells the woman to leave him alone. The woman laughs and runs off to find someone else to dance with.

Terith stares at her as you all continue to march slowly along the street. “These idiots….do they not realize that one victory doesn’t spell the end to their troubles. The Shadow is still out there, barely weakened by this defeat. They will be back, and perhaps not quite so arrogant as to leave themselves open for a direct assault like the one we were part of last night. IT IS TOO SOON TO BE CELEBRATING, YOU FOOLS!.” He yells to the revelers. Some of them stop their dancing to look at Terith and frown, but most just ignore him or dismiss him with a wave of the hand. They are far too lost in their celebration and fun to let a curmudgeonly old Ogier ruin their night.

Ni’tareus looks straight ahead while he rides. He speaks though…softly. “Every day should be a celebration, master Ogier. A celebration of one more day of life. None of us know when our time will come. You or I may die old in our beds, many years from now. Or we may die tomorrow. Let them have their celebration. For someone who knew exactly what the Amyrlin was getting at during that speech of hers earlier, you sure seem to have missed the message.”

Sochaia Doisech: This gives them hope.
Sochaia Doisech nods at Ni’tareus. “Exactly.”
Terith grunts at Sochaia and Ni’tareus, but he doesn’t chastize the people anymore.

You travel for a few minutes down the main Tar Valon thoroughfare, and the guards wave you through absent-mindedly. They’re too busy staring at the sky and smiling to be concerned with an Aes Sedai and her escorts wanting to enter the Grove at such an odd hour.

Once inside the Grove, the huge trees muffle the explosions and the music somewhat, dampening the mood. It takes only a few more minutes before you find yourself standing in front of the tall, slate gray slab of the Waygate. Just over a week ago you had all met here. On the morning of that day, you were a much larger group. Nevren and Alreghar had yet to part company with you. Telandria…Christoff…Tasalaya. There were ten of you that morning. By that evening, your party had shrunk to eight. Then grew to ten again in the ensuing days…and now it is down to six. In Al’Cair’Rahienallen, you lost a dear friend. In Tar Valon you lost more.

Through the light generated by a bluish-white orb that Sochaia wove as soon as you entered the darkened Grove, you see the intricate carvings of leaves and vines etched into the face of the Waygate. Terith stops in front of it, singles out a large leaf that at first looked to be a solid piece of the carved face, then pulls it out with one hand. As he does so, the Waygate doors begin to slowly swing outward.

The sound of stone grating on stone accompanies the doors opening, and when they are fully open, a silver, almost mirror-like surface shimmers in front of you. The reflections of yourselves on horseback is duller than it would be with a mirror, and it shimmers slightly, almost like the reflection of a still pond.

Terith nods to the party, then steps into the mirror. As he does so, his body first seems to…blend into it, then become absorbed into it before finally disappearing completely.

Each of you have heard of the Ways, if not experienced them. You know its safe, and after seeing Terith step into it, you each follow. As soon as your horses heads hit the shimmering mirror, the horse flinches, yet each one of you manages to coax the animals through, and when your own bodies hit the mirror….ice floods through your veins. It isn’t exactly the same sensation as the bitter cold of outside, but the sensation is very similar. It floods through you, and for long moments it continues until you pass through the mirror completely…

…and find yourself standing on a stone…island of some sort. It is surrounded by an intricately carved balustrade railing that spans the entirety of the island, protecting visitors from falling off of it. Which is your first concern once you really get a good look at the Ways. The legends about this place are true.

The Ways are brightly lit, with light coming from everywhere…yet nowhere at the same time. It is lit up as if noonday with clear skies above, yet you see no sun…nor any clouds. And it is much warmer in here. The temperature is comfortable.

The Ways are an awesome sight. You’ve all heard of them, but only Kael and Terith have seen them before. All around you, more islands float, seemingly suspended in the air with absolutely no means of support that you can see. Hundreds of them, ranging from small, fifty span wide circles, to larger oval-shaped islands that may be double that size. They are everywhere….all around you, and moving so far away as to fade from your vision the further away they are. Up, down, to the sides…the islands fan ever outward in every direction as far as you can see. Ramps extend from each island. Some wind their way up, some wind their way down, some spider off in multiple directions, but pretty much on the same level you’re on. All of them end with a connection to one of the numerous islands dominating your view. The overall view almost reminds you of a spider’s web, with the islands and ramps branching every which way as they do.

Each island is covered in green foliage as if fresh from a Spring growth. Trees dominate each island, and vines hang down from the sides of the islands. There are bushes, trees, shrubs and grass…every type of foliage you can imagine is growing in here. And some of those trees and bushes bear fruit!

Terith inhales deeply, taking in the fragrant air. “Ah…the Ways. I didn’t realize it, but I have missed them.”

You all understand why. There is a sense of peace in this place. A serenity to it. Not quite the serenity associated with the Stedding, but this place feels…good.
Campaign saved.

Terith adjusts his pack, then turns. The path in front of you is made of cream colored paving stones. The center of it is striped with a white line. “You should all be careful in here. Stay away from the edges. If you fall….you’ll fall forever, or break your back on one of the islands below, if you’re lucky. Best to just stay clear of the edges and not have to worry about it.”

Kael mimics Terith and sighs. “It is good indeed, Brother.”
Terith nods at Kael, then inhales the air again.

Terith looks around. “Now…we have to find the seal first, then we’ll use the Guidings to take us to Jenshin.” He unfurls a small, hand drawn map and checks it, then heads onto the path and begins following the white line. Everyone follows.

Sochaia Doisech: Is it safer to ride or walk?
Terith: Either is safe. There is plenty of room. Just avoid the edges.
Sochaia Doisech: Not that I’m afraid of heights, but this horse does sway.
Terith eyes the horse.
Terith: Perhaps you should lead it then. I never understood the human fascination with beasts of burden anyway.
Sochaia Doisech smoothly dismounts, straightening her skirts as she lands.

You pass off the island onto one of the ramps. This one winds up, circling upwards in a slow arc that seems to wind inward on itself the further up you go. But its a gently sloping climb, and your horses have no problems traveling it. When the path ends, you find yourselves standing on another island, similar to the first, but this one has no Waygate on it. Instead, it is covered in trees and vegetation in a variety of colors. Looking over the side of the island, you can see the island you entered from down below you, and the Waygate is now a tiny slab sitting at the far end of the original island.

All around you, flowers bloom and pass off their aromatic scents, filling the air. Several apple trees line the path you now walk on this island, and Terith reaches up to one and picks an apple as he passes. He takes a bite, and continues to walk.

Kael plucks a small red fruit and eats it in one bite.

Moments later he stops and checks his map as he chews another bite of the apple. He looks at the vegetation on the island, then steps into some brush and reaches down. He lifts a small bag out of the brush, opens it, then pulls out the seal.

Terith: Do you want to carry this, Keeper?
Sochaia Doisech looks at Terith.
Sochaia Doisech: I think you can carry it, if you wish.
Terith nods in agreement.
Terith: I’ll carry it then.
Terith tucks the seal inside his own belt pouch.

Terith checks his map again, then turns and begins following the white line once more.

Kael continues to snack on various fruits as they walk.

You resume traveling the Ways, admiring the beauty of them, and making small talk while you travel. You sometimes travel up, and other times you go down. Terith and Kael check the Guidings when you come to them, then change directions as needed. At some point several hours after you entered, Terith stops on a large island. “We’ll make camp here. It’s about ten o’clock in the outside world, and I’m tired. We’ve gone far enough for one night.” He pauses, looking around and frowning as he drops his pack to the ground. “One thing I’ve never liked about camping in the Ways…it’s always daylight in here. Sometimes I wish the Light-forsaken men that made this place could have at least made it go dark once in awhile. It’s hard for an Ogier to get his proper rest in here…”

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): famous last words…
DragonSypher (Kael): lol
Lanndon: Hehe, a bit…prophetic, in a sense. When I was reading the description of the Ways before writing all of this, I thought that exact thing. It would be a pain to sleep with the light always on.

You break for camp and settle in for the night. There is plenty to eat, as far as fruit and berries, and no reason to waste your travel rations. You each eat dinner, talk for a bit, then bed down for the night.

You wake up the next morning…or what you assume is the next morning, as the light never fades to night in the Ways, just as Terith had said. You pack your gear, then resume traveling. For two more days you travel the Ways, stopping to camp at “night” when your internal clocks tell you it must be evening out in the real world. Not one time do you meet any other people here, though Terith did mention that humans only rarely travel the Ways, and when they do, they must have an Ogier guide to see them through.

An hour or two into your third day in the Ways, Terith and Kael lead your party to another island, this one with a Waygate on it. You’ve seen them many times in the last couple of days, passing close to gates that would have taken you to the oddest of places. One gate that supposedly led to Ancohima, in Aelgar, stood not half a day’s ride away from a gate that supposedly led to Mafal Dadaranell, in Shadow controlled Aramaelle. Time and distance in the Ways makes no sense to any of you, near as you can tell. It simply is what it is. How two Stedding an entire continent apart in the outside world could be merely half a day’s ride apart here makes no sense. Especially when you’ve had to travel for two full days to go half the distance you would travel in the outside world to find your Waygate to Stedding Jenshin.

Terith stops at this Waygate, telling each of you that this is the gate to Stedding Jenshin. You’ve arrived.

He finds the large treefoil Avendesora leaf in the mass of carved vines and leaves on the face of the Waygate, then plucks it, and the doors begin slowly opening again.

As the doors open this time, you realize there isn’t a mirror like reflection of your faces staring back at you on the other side of the Waygate doors. Instead, you see a dampened reflection of the world beyond. Outside, this Waygate leads to a swamp it seems. You can see toppled trees and moss growing on the bark of the trees, and thick vegetation growing where the swampy water gives way to muddy ground. But you see no snow, and that’s a good thing.

Taking the lead once again, Terith steps through first, passing through the smoky dimness of the Waygate and out into the real world once again.

One by one, each of you do the same, passing through the icy stillness of the Waygate and stepping out into the swamps of Haddon Mirk.

It is about ten in the morning, judging by the sunlight filtering through from above, though it is hard to tell. Tree limbs entangle each other overhead, and you’re sure that during the summer months it is almost impossible to see the sky when there are leaves on those twisted branches above you. The tree trunks themselves are covered in a dull greenish-yellow moss. Spring is only just arriving after a bitterly cold winter, and the leaves have yet to bloom on anything. In fact, some dead remainders from last year still hang on the branches, giving this swamp a haunted look.

Once everyone is out of the Ways, Terith consults the map the Amyrlin gave him. “I’ve never been to Stedding Jenshin. It should be…”

The Waygate’s doors begin to grate closed, and as Terith raises his arm to point in the direction he believes the stedding to be, you suddenly hear a terror filled scream. A deep throated scream, yet definitely feminine. Terith stops speaking and turns his head in the direction of the scream, ears suddenly standing fully erect and his two braids whipping to the side at the violent turn of his head.

Another shriek calls through the swamp, accompanied by the guttural grunts and growls of trollocs. Each one of you knows the sound of a trolloc well by now. There’s no mistaking it. The source of these noises seems to be coming from the northeast of your current position.

“That was an Ogier woman.” Terith growls. “And trollocs…” His eyes widen, then grow dark with anger, and he breathes a name. “Blana.” Kael, you know that was the name of his long dead wife. Without another word, Terith lays his ears back, then tears off through the swamp, yanking his axes free from his sides.

What do you want to do? Follow Terith blindly into danger, or hang back and formulate a plan? Terith isn’t waiting around, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you have to follow his lead. In fact, you don’t have to get involved at all if you don’t want too.

Sochaia Doisech whispers to herself, “Blana?”
Kael follows Terith keeping pace at his side.
Sochaia Doisech: Terith?! Wait!
Sochaia Doisech: Ni’tareus, we must follow him!
Sochaia Doisech: Light burn him?
Sandulf Machera: We must go, stay a little back Sochaia Doisech s.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): !

Kael draws his axe as he runs.
Sandulf Machera coaxes his horse forth.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I’m already dismounted.
Sandulf Machera: Wilderness Lore [1d20+24 = 38]
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): fine. i’m mounted.

Sandulf Machera: follow my path closely
Sochaia Doisech follows Sandulf.

You each kick your horses to a gallop, following Sandulf as he picks the best route available. You rush through the swamp, muddy water splashing at every step, pushing your horses hard to try to keep up with Terith and Kael.

In moments you break through a patch of brambles and thick brush. In front of you, you see four unknown Ogier. One is an adult male, who lays next to a trolloc cook fire. Another…the source of all of the screaming….is an adult female. She fights and kicks at two trollocs. One has a good hold on her from behind, and the other is approaching her menacingly with his scythesword drawn. She kicks at him and flails about trying to break the grip of the trolloc holding her, but to no avail. The other two Ogier are nothing more than children….what you would guess were the equivalent of ten year olds, roughly, in human years. Of course, they are much older than that as Ogier live far longer than humans do, but you have no idea how old they might actually be.

Several other trollocs are holding the children while they weep, laughing and enjoying the struggle…savoring the terror shown by each of the Ogier. One of the trollocs…much larger than the rest…curses at the other trollocs in that harsh language of theirs. He points and speaks some angry words in the trolloc tongue, gesturing toward the cookpot.

Terith stops well before the trolloc camp and shouts at the top of his lungs. The trees seem to quiver as he does so. “YOU WILL STOP!” He starts plodding forward at a determined walk through the swamp water, both axes drawn, braids swinging from both sides of his head as he walks, shaking his head angrily. “I am so bloody tired of you filthy goat kissing sons of…” He has to duck to avoid two rushing trollocs wearing black chain mail. He pivots from his ducking position, rising and swinging his axes in quick blows that sever a neck on one trolloc. Kael does much the same, planting Blightslayer in another trolloc sentry’s gut, dropping him, squealing in pain. With two quick blows, both trollocs drop. As he yanks his axes free he continues. “…sewer dwelling vermin. Killing, butchering, murdering wherever you go. No more! Not today. You will not kill those Ogier!” He yells, pointing an axe at the trollocs. “NOT TODAY!”

With the exception of the two smaller trollocs that had the presence of mind to attack Terith as soon as he came into view, the others seems completely shocked to see him there. They were far to engrossed in the pleasure of killing and torture. But they snap out of it, and they see all of you arriving behind Terith. Each one curses and howls in anger, drawing their weapons and moving slowly to engage you. The trolloc holding the female Ogier tosses her roughly to the side and pulls his own weapon, and the large trolloc that appears to be in charge…a trolloc with the head of a bear…pulls a wicked, barbed axe and snarls as he too moves forward, shouting commands to his kinsmen in that harsh, foul sounding trolloc language. From the immediate area, you can see several other trollocs that must have been acting as sentries rushing in from the brush to the sides of you. The two Terith dropped must have been sentries as well, though they weren’t very good it seems. Both lie spasming in the swampy water as you rush past to meet the other trollocs.

Roll for Initiative.

Sochaia Doisech: Initiative [1d20+2 = 4]
Kael: Initiative [1d20+4 = 5]
Sandulf Machera: Initiative [1d20+8 = 17]

Ni’tareus: Initiative 4
Ni’tareus: Initiative 5
Ni’tareus: Initiative 17
Ni’tareus: Initiative [1d20+5 = 21]
Ni’tareus: Initiative 21
Ni’tareus: Initiative [1d20+5 = 19]
Ni’tareus: Initiative 19
Ni’tareus: 4
Ni’tareus: Initiative [1d20+8 = 21]
Ni’tareus: Initiative 21
Ni’tareus: [1d20+1 = 18]
Ni’tareus: 18
Ni’tareus: [1d20+3 = 13]
Ni’tareus: 13
Ni’tareus: [1d20+1 = 10]
Ni’tareus: 10
Ni’tareus: Power Attack (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 12]
Ni’tareus: Power Attack (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 22]
Ni’tareus: Power Attack (attack 3) [1d20 = 3]
Ni’tareus: Power Attack (attack 1) 12

Terith rushes forward and swings at the first trolloc he encounters. The trolloc ducks and Terith swings wide, completely missing the creature’s head as he intended.

GM: Shortbow (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 22]
GM: Shortbow (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 23]
GM: Shortbow (attack 1) 22
GM: Shortbow damage [1d6+1 = 7]
GM: Shortbow damage 7

Elia deftly moves out of the swampy water, drawing her bow as she does so and firing it. An arrow suddenly sprouts from the side of the ram trolloc that Terith had just engaged, and he howls in pain at it.

Ni’tareus draws his sword, but moves cautiously, sizing up the opponents rushing in from all sides and not wanting to stray too far from Sochaia.

Sandulf Machera

Sandulf rides onto the earthen part of the swamp, then dismounts his horse and prepares for combat.

The trolloc chieftain charges at Terith, swinging that cruel looking barbed axe.

GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 24]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 29]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) 24

He hits, landing a blow on Terith’s side as he moves in from the side, around the fire. Terith grunts at the pain of it.

GM: Barbed Axe damage [1d12+6 = 13]
GM: Barbed Axe damage 13
GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 15]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 7]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 15

A bear trolloc swings a thick piece of wood at Terith’s head, but misses. It’s a clumsy attempt.
A boar trolloc charges Sandulf.

GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 19]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 18

A trolloc with the beak of an eagle charges at Kael.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 26]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 16]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 26
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 12]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 13]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 12

DragonSypher (Kael): how far can I charge?

A goat trolloc rushes forward, screaming something in the trolloc language as he moves to engage Elia. When he reaches her, he swings hard….perhaps too hard. His attack is so fierce that he completely misses her and she steps to the side to easily avoid the attack.

A trolloc with the head of a mountain cat dismisses your party and goes for the easy kill. He attacks the Ogier woman as she flails about in the mud, trying to stand up from being so roughly thrown to the ground by the earlier trolloc.

GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 26]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 24]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 26
GM: Hafted Axe damage [1d12+3 = 10]
GM: Hafted Axe damage 10

DragonSypher (Kael): still on FG but I have company….brb

He plants his axe in the small of her back, and she lets out a horrified scream at the pain.

Lanndon: No problem Jesse
GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 17]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 6]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 17
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 6
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Reflex save 9
GM: Great Club damage [1d10+3 = 11]
GM: Great Club damage 11

The ram trolloc is so angered at Terith’s attack and Elia’s arrow that he howls in rage and attempts to smack Terith with his great club. The first attack narrowly misses, and the return attack…somehow his fist hits Terith’s elbow and he loses the grip on his weapon. It falls on the other side of Terith, and the trolloc grunts in fury.

A raven headed trolloc charges Sandulf.

GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]
GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 25]
GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 1) 13

He swings his massive, black warhammer at Sandulf, but Sandulf jumps to the side and the violent blow hits nothing but mud.

DragonSypher (Kael): back

Two trollocs rush forward from the edges of the swamp. They are presumably sentries that were guarding the area. Neither make it in far enough to attack, but they howl battle cries just the same, already succumbing to the bloodlust trollocs are known to fall for.

A third sentry jumps off of a fallen log and rushes forward to reach Elia. He takes a swing at her with a large, twisted looking black mace.

GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 23]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 14]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 23
GM: Heavy Mace damage [1d8+3 = 4]
GM: Heavy Mace damage 4

A wolf trolloc rushes in from the sides, howling in fury as he pulls his scythesword. He…seems to recognize Ni’tareus’ cloak and somehow manages to mutter the word “Wor-dor”. He snarls as he makes a slashing strike at Ni’tareus.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 24]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 8]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 24
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 9]
GM: Scythesword damage 9

Sochaia, you feel Ni’tareus take a small wound from the rushing wolf trolloc’s blackened scythesword. Ni’tareus, for his part, doesn’t even acknowledge the cut, but you know he felt it just the same.


Lanndon: Can you guys hear me in Vent?
DragonSypher (Kael): can you hear me?
DragonSypher (Kael): I dont know whats up with my mic.
Lanndon: Vent seems to act weird when we run FG sometimes.
DragonSypher (Kael): lanndon, can I charge that one I have selected
DragonSypher (Kael): or is he too far?
DragonSypher (Kael): lanndon?
GM: Can you not hear me?
GM: Did you leave vent?
l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): can you log back into vent?
GM: Yeah, at least I can just tell you what is happening
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): brb, tea
DragonSypher (Kael): ok. I will charge 7 and can I grapple with him instead of attack?
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): back
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 18]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 28
DragonSypher (Kael): I have a 29 w/o combat exp.
Kael: Grapple 22, +4 [1d2026 = 39]
DragonSypher (Kael): grapple is an attac though
DragonSypher (Kael): oh, I know
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 19]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 20
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 7]
GM: Scythesword damage 7
DragonSypher (Kael): like at the 10?
Kael: Melee attack [1d20
17 = 32]
GM: Melee attack 32
GM: [1d20+8 = 26]
GM: 26
DragonSypher (Kael): Grab and hold him, if I can I will throw him.
DragonSypher (Kael): I can life some 1400 lbs. I should be able to hurl him into the group around Terith.
DragonSypher (Kael): *lift
Sochaia Doisech: just getting ready for my turn here, but I want to run in the direction of Elia, kinda, and throw arrows of fire. i don’t have my manuals installed yet, tho.
DragonSypher (Kael): ok.
DragonSypher (Kael): in that case, can I slam him to the ground?
DragonSypher (Kael): based on beating a str chk
GM: Yeah. That I’ll allow. Like a slam just to get him off the Ogier woman?

Sochaia Doisech

DragonSypher (Kael): yeah bot when I slam him can I slam him on the ground away from the woman so I am between him and her?

Kael charges forward, getting hit by one of the trollocs as he rushes past. He runs headlong into the trolloc attacking the Ogier woman and grabs a hold of him. The trolloc snarls and lashes about at Kael, but he is caught.

Lanndon: Sure. I’ll let you pick where you toss him.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): Max level Arrows of Fire (I have a 3), split evenly between the two on Elia.
Kael: if at all possible, I would like to discuss the mechanics of combat expertise. Just so that I have the rules down on how it is used.
Sochaia Doisech: [10d20 = 130]
Sochaia Doisech: [10d20 = 96]
Sochaia Doisech: [5d4
5 = 19]
GM: 19
Sochaia Doisech: [2d20 = 13]
Sochaia Doisech: [3d4 = 3]
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): she was the “weakest” fighting two trollocs. i’m trying to share her wealth, i guess. draw them off.

Sochaia weaves Arrows of Fire and sends them spinning at the two trollocs attacking Elia. One of the trollocs is pelted with several of them, while the other is hit harder. Both trollocs growl and snarl when they are hit.

The Ogier female gets up this round. She stammers back on her hands and feet, crawling backwards while watching Kael grapple with the trolloc.

The Ogier boy screams and charges at the trolloc, pounding on him with fists while Kael holds the creature. His blows do no damage, but at least he tried. Never attack a boy’s momma.

The Ogier girl screams and flees.

Terith takes a five foot step backwards, then rains blows on the chieftain.

GM: Power Attack (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 24]
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) [1d20 = 20]
GM: Power Attack (attack 1) 24
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) 9
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) 20
GM: Power Attack damage [1d6+12 = 13]
GM: Power Attack damage 13

Terith steps back, keeping the trollocs from flanking him, and he swings his axes in a flurry. One of them connects with the chieftain, cutting the bear trolloc deeply along his right arm.

Elia backs away from the trollocs and fires her bow.

GM: Shortbow (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 18]
GM: Shortbow (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 12]
GM: Shortbow (attack 1) 18
GM: Shortbow damage [1d6+1 = 4]
GM: Shortbow damage 4

Elia fires and an arrow sprouts from the chest of the goat trolloc that was attacking her.
He snarls, then laughs at her.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): brb
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 20]
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 2) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 1) 20
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 2) 18
GM: Heron-marked Blade damage [1d8+5 = 6]
GM: Heron-marked Blade damage 6
DragonSypher (Kael): afk 1

Ni’tareus dances the swordforms, ending with Parting the Silk. He cuts the trolloc twice, leaving a splash of blood flying from the tip of his blade with each successive hit. The trolloc howls in pain.

Sandulf Machera

Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) [1d2016 = 24]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) [1d2011 = 20]
GM: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) 24
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) 20
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 17]
GM: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe damage 17
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 20]
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 20
Campaign saved.
DragonSypher (Kael): back

Sandulf howls and swings his axe in a vicious arc two times, biting the trolloc twice, severing tendons in the raven trolloc’s left arm and sending blood spraying everywhere. The trolloc screams in agony at the blows.

GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 30]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) 30
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) 20
GM: Barbed Axe damage [1d12+6 = 11]
GM: Barbed Axe damage 11

The trolloc chieftain swings and hits Terith once with his barbed axe. Terith grunts again at the pain.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 23]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 14]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 23
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 14
GM: Great Club damage [1d10+3 = 11]
GM: Great Club damage 11

Terith is hit again as another bear trolloc moves from his other side and swings his great club, smacking Terith hard on the chest once.

GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 30]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 24]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 30
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) 24
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 14]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 14
GM: Hafted Axe damage [1d12+3 = 5]
GM: Hafted Axe damage 5

Sochaia, you feel a spike of pain through the bond to Sandulf. The boar trolloc on him landed a blow with his own hafted axe. Sandulf grunts at the pain, but shrugs it off.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 11]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 19]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 11
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 19]
GM: Reflex save 19
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 19
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 6]
GM: Scythesword damage 6
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): back

Another spike of pain through the bond as Ni’tareus is cut once again by another scythesword.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): I feel your pain.

A goat trolloc ignores Elia and rushes toward the woman that just channeled.

GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 25]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 21]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 25
GM: Heavy Mace damage [1d8+3 = 9]
GM: Heavy Mace damage 9

Sochaia Doisech grunts.

Sochaia Doisech: actually, i think that’s still with the D6, and not the D4…

Sandulf, you feel pain from Sochaia as she is clubbed by a trolloc’s mace. She squeaks at the hit.

GM: [1d20+8 = 18]
GM: 18
Kael: Grapple [1d20+22 = 25]
GM: Grapple 25
DragonSypher (Kael): wait
DragonSypher (Kael): my mic is off.

The trolloc in Kael’s grasp kicks and squirms, trying to break the attack. With a growl of anger he breaks Kael’s grasp and pushes away.

DragonSypher (Kael): I have a 27 because i didnt factor in the 2 from the gloves you gave me.
DragonSypher (Kael): crap my mic is off again. Oh well. I dont factor in my +3 vs shadowspawn unless I am fighting them.
DragonSypher (Kael): i just use the normal +1
DragonSypher (Kael): ok.
GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20
10 = 22]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 17]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 22
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 17

The ram trolloc on Terith swings wildly twice in anger. He almost hits Terith with one blow, but Terith is quicker and manages to just dodge the blow before it connects.

GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 26]
GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 11]
GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 1) 26
GM: Trolloc Warhammer (attack 2) 11
GM: Trolloc Warhammer damage [1d10+3 = 8]
GM: Trolloc Warhammer damage 8

The raven trolloc swings hard and smacks Sandulf in the chest with his warhammer. Sochaia, you feel another spike through the bond. Your warders are getting hit quite a bit tonight, it seems.

Sochaia Doisech smothers a wince.

A wolf trolloc rushes toward Sochaia, but at the last second decides to take a swing at Elia as he passes.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 21]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 6]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 21

She’s nimble though, and dodges the attack.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk1
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 17]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 23]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 17
GM: Hafted Axe damage [1d12+3 = 12]
GM: Hafted Axe damage 12

Ni’tareus is hit again, this time from behind. The trolloc swings his hafted axe in a charge and hits Ni’tareus across his back, causing Ni’tareus to yell out at the surprise and pain of the attack.

DragonSypher (Kael): back
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 20]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 18
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) 20

The goat trolloc roars and rushes to attack Elia. He swings once and misses.
The ram trolloc running in from the side responds to Sandulf’s taunts and attacks.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 24]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 12]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 24
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 12
GM: Great Club damage [1d10+3 = 12]
GM: Great Club damage 12

The trolloc swings his great club once and just manages to hit Sandulf. He laughs at Sandulf’s wince of pain as the blow connects.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 28
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 9
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 8]
GM: Scythesword damage 8
DragonSypher (Kael): is it cool if I drop FG and reload it. My headset is kinda messing up on me.


Lanndon: Yeah no problem.
‘DragonSypher’ disconnected

Ni’tareus is cut again by the talking trolloc. He continues to speak in broken common, taunting Ni’tareus as he strikes him.

Sochaia Doisech

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): harden air or arms of air to pick up the trolloc in front of me?
‘DragonSypher’ connected
DragonSypher (Kael): ok, I guess no mic. I need a new headset. Lanndon can I get the map again?
DragonSypher (Kael): thanks
DragonSypher (Kael): i’m going to full attack the one i was grappling with.

Sochaia weaves her hands and as the trolloc is thrashing about during his attack, his fists suddenly pound against air that is impenetrable. He stops attacking and screams in the trolloc language, knowing something is going on and frustrated.

DragonSypher (Kael): lagging
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 18]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) [1d2010 = 30]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) 18
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) 30
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (+2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack
(Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 31]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 31
DragonSypher (Kael): add the 2 to hit and damage on both those strikes.
DragonSypher (Kael): 1 or 2 hits?
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage [1d1010 = 18]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage 18
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage [3d1010 = 27]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (+2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage 27
DragonSypher (Kael): and the additional from the gauntlets
Sochaia Doisech: i tied that weave off, right? I don’t actually need to say it, cuz it’s a single item thing, right?
DragonSypher (Kael): afk 1
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ooc
DragonSypher (Kael): back

The trolloc twists out of Kael’s grip and turns, growling and ready to attack Kael, fury in his eyes. But Kael is quicker with Blightslayer and with two quick and powerful blows, he swings. The first hit cuts the trolloc’s neck so deeply that only tendons remain to hold his head to the shoulders. The second blow seals the deal, with another deep cut that removes the creature’s head completely. It doesn’t even get a chance to scream…or gurgle. It falls, twitching in death spasms. The Ogier boy next to Kael yells in triumph as the trolloc falls, and the woman…who has been scooting back on her hands and legs to get away from the trolloc…stops, staring with her mouth agape in astonishment.

The Ogier woman is stunned, but she rises to stand. The Ogier boy cheers and yells at Kael. The Ogier girl continues to flee.

GM: Power Attack (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 13]
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) [1d20 = 19]
GM: Power Attack (attack 1) 20
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) 13
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) 19

Terith swings at the chieftain, but misses all three times. The trolloc snarls at him as he dodges the blows, raising his own axe to return the attack.

GM: Shortbow (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 27]
GM: Shortbow (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Shortbow (attack 1) 27
GM: Shortbow (attack 2) 20
GM: Shortbow damage [1d6+1 = 4]
GM: Shortbow damage [1d6+1 = 7]
GM: Shortbow damage 4
GM: Shortbow damage 7

Two more arrows sprout from the chest of the goat trolloc Elia has been concentrating on. He howls in pain and you can see he’s growing weaker by the second.

GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 16]
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 2) [1d20+10 = 24]
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 1) 16
GM: Heron-marked Blade (Attack 2) 24
GM: Reflex save [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Reflex save 20
GM: Heron-marked Blade damage [1d8+5 = 10]
GM: Heron-marked Blade damage 10
DragonSypher (Kael): I love Kael. :)
Sochaia Doisech: :)

Ni’tareus shifts his focus, concentrating on the wolf trolloc that has been speaking broken common and taunting him. He nearly fumbles his weapon, but manages to turn the second attack into a nice cut down the trolloc’s thigh. It snarls at the pain.

Sandulf Machera

Lanndon: I like him too. He’s a cool character.
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) [1d2016 = 24]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) [1d2011 = 22]
Lanndon: Plus, he gives Terith a pal.
GM: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) 24
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) 22
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 18]
GM: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe damage 18
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 15]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 15
DragonSypher (Kael): what other warder can hold his Aes Sedai on his should WHILE he fights. lol
Lanndon: True enough!
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol. i know. Ni’tareus would be too busy making sure his skirt was straight.

Sandulf swings his axe, cutting the leg off of the raven trolloc he had been fighting. It drops in a heap at the neat blow that severs his leg, and begins to bleed out, growling weakly and thrashing on the ground. As the first trolloc falls, Sandulf shifts his attack and focuses on the boar trolloc. He plants his axe in the beast’s shoulders and it squeals at the pain.

DragonSypher (Kael): I just figured I would prove the statement “Ogier are fierce in combat.”
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 21]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) 21
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) 9

The trolloc chieftain swings savagely at Terith as the two of them trade blows. He manages to miss Terith completely both times.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 22]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 18
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 22
GM: Great Club damage [1d10+3 = 5]
GM: Great Club damage 5
DragonSypher (Kael): brb

The bear trolloc attacking Terith manages to club him on the skull, and Terith spits at the trolloc.

GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 23]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 13
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) 23
DragonSypher (Kael): back
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 12]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 13
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 12

The boar trolloc attempts to return Sandulf’s blow, but misses twice. The eagle trolloc on Ni’tareus moves in and attempts to skewer him, but misses.

The goat trolloc attacking Sochaia tests the barrier in front of him with his weapon. He howls in fury when his mace is stopped butt cold.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 14]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 17]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 14
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 17

The ram trolloc on Terith swings twice, missing Terith both times.

Sandulf Machera: [1d20+12 = 30]
GM: 30
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 9]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 28
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 7]
GM: Scythesword damage 7

Elia screams as she is cut deeply by a scythesword.

GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 27]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 10]
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 1) 27
GM: Hafted Axe (attack 2) 10
GM: Hafted Axe damage [1d12+3 = 8]
GM: Hafted Axe damage 8

Ni’tareus is cut again. Another spike of pain through the bond. He curses, but maintains focus, staying one with his weapon.

GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 17]
DragonSypher (Kael): is this the last round or do we want to continue?
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) 17
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 18
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): it is last

The goat trolloc on Elia swings his mace and misses her twice.

DragonSypher (Kael): Sochaia should bond both of them in their sleep.
GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 22]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 18]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 22
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 18
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): lol
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): don’t think i won’t…

The ram trolloc on Sandulf swings wildly but Sandulf manages to fend the blows off and dodge them.

DragonSypher (Kael): just to keep them alive and safe,
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 15]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 23]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 15
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 23
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): for their own good…
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 8]
GM: Scythesword damage 8

Another spike of pain from Ni’tareus as he’s hit again.

DragonSypher (Kael): which is more damaged?
DragonSypher (Kael): 3 or 6?
DragonSypher (Kael): attacking 3
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 17]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 17
DragonSypher (Kael): 2
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 [1d1012 = 15]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (+2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 15
DragonSypher (Kael): i added the +2 this time

Kael charges in and attacks the ram trolloc focusing on Terith. He screams at the pain from Blightslayer as it hits him on the back, upper shoulder. The Ogier boy cheers more, yelling “Yeah! Kill it! Kill it!” It seems Kael has an admirer.

Sochaia Doisech

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): tie off the first weave.
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): immolate this guy. max level.
Sochaia Doisech: [10d6 = 48]
Sandulf Machera: 48
GM: [1d20+2 = 11]
GM: 11

Sochaia weaves her hands and suddenly the boar trolloc attacking Ni’tareus from behind bursts into flame. He roars at the pain and runs off into the swamp attempting to put the flames out. Finally he drops, no longer strong enough to survive the flames. Steam hisses and rises around his corpse as he finally falls into the muddy swamp water.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): good game!

Picking up at the beginning of round 4 next week.

Session October 23rd, 2012 Chat Log

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