Session October 30th, 2012 Chat Log

We pick up at the beginning of round 4. Sochaia just finished round 3 by bursting the boar trolloc attacking Ni’tareus into flames. The three Ogier move around the battle, but do not get involved in the fight. The Ogier boy makes as if he wants too, grabbing a dead tree branch and holding it as if it were a weapon, but his mother quickly grabs him and pulls him close to her, not letting him get involved.

It is Terith’s turn.

Terith faces off with the chieftain.
GM: Power Attack (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 16]
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 12]
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) [1d20 = 17]
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): callhim back from frolicking…
GM: Power Attack (attack 1) 16
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) 12
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) 17

Three times he swings, and misses each time. The chieftain snarls as he avoids the blows.
Elia drops her bow and pulls her swordbreaker.

GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) [1d20+11 = 15]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 2) [1d20+6 = 20]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) 15
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 2) 20
GM: Swordbreaker damage [1d6+2 = 8]
GM: Swordbreaker damage 8

She manages to hit the trolloc, cutting him along his waist. The trolloc growls at her.
Ni’tareus uses a powerattack on the wolf trolloc that has been taunting him.

GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 28]
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 20]
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) 28
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) 20

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): that’s my boy/girl

Ni’tareus dances the swordforms, ending in Parting the Silk. He cuts the trolloc deeply and it howls.

GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade damage [1d8+10 = 12]
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade damage 12
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nice hit, um, Ni’tareus!

Sandulf Machera

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nuh uh

The wolf trolloc howls in pain at the two expert blows carve the trolloc up. It drops, gurgling “DIE WOR-DOR….”

Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) [1d2016 = 25]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) [1d2011 = 25]
GM: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) 25
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) 25
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 20]
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nice
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe damage [1d129 = 18]
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 20
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 18
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): or…nice?
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): he’ll hit once and kill the three by elia…

Sandulf growls and puts all of his strength into his attacks, devastating the boar trolloc he was focusing on with two severe blows. The trolloc squeals in a guttural, evilly distorted way, and falls backwards at the force of the blows. It is dead.

GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 23]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 25]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) 23
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) 25
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 25]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) 25
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe damage [1d12+11 = 16]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe damage 16
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): then i guess i’m glad he isn’t my warder. that truly sucks.
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe damage [1d12+11 = 23]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe damage 23
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): no
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you aren’t allowed to kill him.
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): please
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you better keep him alive or else
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ok.
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): ok
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 16]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 22]
GM: Power Attack Barbed Axe (attack 1) 16
GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 18]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 8]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 18
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 8

The trolloc chieftain swings and narrowly manages a critical miss to Terith that would have surely killed him. The second blow lands, and Terith grunts in pain. He is bleeding profusely at this point. The bear trolloc on Terith turns as Kael hits the ram trolloc next to him, and he swings his club, missing Kael with two wild swings that don’t even come close to damaging the larger Ogier.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 22]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 14]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 22
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 14
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 6]
GM: Scythesword damage 6

Sochaia, you feel pain surge through the bond from Ni’tareus. He feels as if he’s weakening too.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): toughen up, bucko! i just killed one of them for you… sheesh.

The trolloc that has been beating on Sochaia’s invisible wall gets clever, and turns to walk the perimeter of it, dragging his sword against it.

He discovers where it ends when his sword suddenly falls free, and he smiles evily and yells something in the trolloc tongue, then moves toward Sochaia, sword in front of him to detect any more barriers he can’t see.

The ram trolloc that Kael just hit spins, snarling at the Ogier, and attacks.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 23]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 16]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 23
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 16

His attacks fall on Kael’s armor, but deflect away harmlessly.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 24]
GM: Scythesword (attack 1) 13
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 24

Kael laughs as the feeble trolloc blows bounce off his armor and shield.

GM: Scythesword (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 26]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 11]
GM: Scythesword (attack 2) 11
GM: Scythesword damage [2d4+3 = 8]
GM: Scythesword damage 8

A wolf trolloc slashes at Elia and manages to cut her across the shoulder. Elia cries out at the pain.

GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 12]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 8]
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 1) 12
GM: Heavy Mace (attack 2) 8

The goat trolloc on Elia swings his mace wildly and she deftly dodges from side to side, avoiding each blow. The trolloc curses in anger.

GM: Great Club (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 13]
GM: Great Club (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 21]
GM: Great Club (attack 1) 13
GM: Great Club (attack 2) 21

The ram trolloc attacking Sandulf swings and narrowly misses the wolfbrother. He too curses at Sandulf.


Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 34]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) [1d2010 = 21]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) 34
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) 21
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 [1d1012 = 18]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 18
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 [1d1012 = 16]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 16
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (+2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack
(Attack 1) 15 () [1d2017 = 37]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 15 () [1d2017 = 26]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack damage 10 [1d1012 = 15]
Kael: 2 [1d10+12 = 17]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack damage 10 [1d1012 = 20]

Once again, Kael takes Blightslayer and uses it for what it was built for…killing trollocs. The ram trolloc he was facing goes down with two hard blows to that sever and drop the trolloc. With a cry of power, he carries the blow around, cleaving the trolloc behind him and splitting its skull. Neither trolloc has a chance to scream…they simply fall. And the Ogier boy back with his mother cries out triumphantly once more. “You’re the greatest Sentinel ever!” He yells. “He’s amazing, mother!”

Sochaia Doisech
Kael shouts at the Trolloc Chieftain, “Now you die, shadowspawn!”

Sochaia Doisech: [6d6+10 = 29]

The chieftain, seeing two trollocs drop in one series of mighty blows, snarls at Kael…but there is fear in his eyes.

GM: 29
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 19]
GM: Reflex save 19
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 14]
GM: Reflex save 14
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 15]
GM: Reflex save 15

Sochaia unleashes a fireball that flies over her hardened air and lands with a tremendous explosion on the other side. None of the trollocs caught in the blast were prepared for it. The goat trolloc attacking Elia is immediately obliterated, while the other two take major damage and parts of their fur catch fire. The smell of burned flesh and sweaty fur hangs heavy in the air.

The Ogier continue to watch from a safe distance, with the Ogier boy cheering with each trolloc that falls. The two females simply watch in silence.

Terith is bleeding profusely, but refuses to surrender. With a snarl he furiously swings, putting all of his power into his attack.

GM: Power Attack (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 11]
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 17]
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) [1d20 = 19]
GM: Power Attack (attack 1) 11
GM: Power Attack (attack 2) 17
GM: Power Attack (attack 3) 19
GM: Reflex save [1d20+5 = 18]
GM: Reflex save 18

Already weakened by the attacks from the chieftain, Terith swings wildly, looking tired and in a lot of pain. He misses each blow.

GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) [1d20+11 = 15]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 2) [1d20+6 = 8]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) 15
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 2) 8

Elia yells thanks to Sochaia over her shoulder as she focuses on the lone trolloc remaining on her. But her concentration is disturbed, and she manages to do no more than rip the trolloc’s chain mail, doing no damage to the creature.

GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 17]
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 15]
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) 17
GM: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) 15
GM: Heron Marked Blade damage [1d8+5 = 6]
GM: Heron Marked Blade damage 6

Ni’tareus swings and catchs the eagle trolloc facing him with the tip of his blade, cutting it slightly.

Sandulf Machera

Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) [1d2016 = 19]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) [1d2011 = 31]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 2) [1d2011 = 24]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe damage [1d129 = 15]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe damage +9 [3d1227 = 36]
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage +9 36
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 15

Sandulf swings his axe and batters the ram trolloc in front of him. The first attack cuts the creature through his midsection. The second blow is devastating, landing on the side of the trolloc’s snout and obliterating it. The trolloc’s head is almost disintegrated at the blow, and it falls backwards hard, landing on the ground behind with an audible smack.

GM: [1d20 = 14]
GM: 14

The chieftain just saw two trolloc’s fall to Kael’s blade and one get absolutely pounded into nothingness by Sandulf. His eyes widen with fear, then deepen. He snarls and turns, fleeing.

GM: [1d20 = 12]
GM: 12

The eagle trolloc hears his chieftain curse and flee, spitting out words in the trolloc tongue that none of you can understand. And he too turns and flees.

GM: [1d20 = 8]
GM: 8
GM: Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 20]
GM: Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 24]
GM: Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) 20
GM: Heron Marked Blade damage [1d8+5 = 11]
GM: Heron Marked Blade damage 11

Ni’tareus swings at the trolloc as it flees and cuts it deeply on its back thigh, hobbling it.
The goat trolloc seeing his comrades fleeing snarls at Sochaia, then turns and flees.

GM: [1d20 = 16]
GM: 16
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) [1d20+11 = 20]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 2) [1d20+6 = 7]
GM: Swordbreaker (attack 1) 20
GM: Swordbreaker damage [1d6+2 = 4]
GM: Swordbreaker damage 4

The final trolloc turns to flee, but Elia is nimble and manages to swing her swordbreaker and spear the creature in his back before he can even get five feet. He howls and falls to the ground. Elia jumps on top of him and stabs him again, to be sure.

Terith looks at the fleeing trollocs, and drops to one knee, clutching his wounds.


Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 15 () [1d2019 = 30]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 15 () 30
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) single attack damage +10 [1d1012 = 22]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 25]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 30]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) 25
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack damage +10 22

Kael rushes after the chieftain and swings when he closes, cutting the chieftain hard on his shoulder. The trolloc howls at the pain of the blow.

GM: [1d20 = 11]
GM: 11
Campaign saved.
Sochaia Doisech
Sochaia Doisech: [6d6+10 = 32]
GM: 32

The goat trolloc is racing through the swamps, fleeing for his life, when a fireball races in behind him, exploding right on top of him. The trolloc is thrown into the air, his body ripped violently by the blast. What lands in the swampy waters around the blast is nothing but large pieces of what used to be a trolloc.

Elia picks up her bow.

Sochaia Doisech: Ni’tareus! Are you alright?
Ni’tareus: I’m fine!
Sochaia Doisech suddenly sees Terith across the swamp.
Ni’tareus growls as he runs, intent on catching the trolloc in front of him.
Ni’tareus catches up with the hobbled trolloc and swings.

Ni’tareus: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 1) [1d20+10 = 12]
Ni’tareus: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) [1d20+5 = 23]
Ni’tareus: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade (attack 2) 23
Ni’tareus: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade damage [1d8+10 = 13]
Ni’tareus: Powerattack Heron Marked Blade damage 13

Sochaia Doisech: Terith! Light!

His attack hits the mark, but the trolloc doesn’t fall. Instead it howls in pain as Ni’tareus’ sword sticks the trolloc right through his lower back.

Sandulf Machera

Terith shakes his head at Sochaia.
Terith: I’ll be fine.

Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) [1d2016 = 20]
Terith: *Power-wrought 2 Hafted Axe (Attack 1) 20
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage [1d12
9 = 20]
Sandulf Machera: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 20
GM: *Power-wrought +2 Hafted Axe damage 20

Just as Ni’tareus catches the eagle trolloc and stabs the creature in the back, Sandulf arrives a split second later and swings, bringing his axe in from the side and splitting the trolloc open. It shrieks at the pain and falls over from the blow. It makes a few feeble attempts to get up, but finally slumps back down permanently.


Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) [1d20+15 = 21]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack (Attack 1) 21
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack damage 10 [1d1012 = 16]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork 1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) *single attack damage +10 16

Kael: You cannot escape me!
Sochaia Doisech: Terith, you’re hurt. Let me heal you.

Kael is right behind the chieftain as he flees, screaming in the trolloc tongue in anger at the Ogier. Kael manages to land another well placed blow. The trolloc growls in fury at the attack and stops, turning to engage Kael.

Sochaia Doisech

Terith looks at Sochaia, but shakes his head.
Terith: Kill that trolloc, if you can. I’m fine.
Sochaia Doisech: Don’t be a bloody fool!
Sochaia Doisech places her hands on either side of his large head.

Terith: Shortbow (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 34]
Terith: Shortbow (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 18]
Terith: Shortbow (attack 1) 34
Terith: Shortbow (attack 2) 18
Terith: Shortbow damage [1d6+1 = 5]
Terith: Shortbow damage 5
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): brb

Kael, as the trolloc chieftain spins to face you, an arrow suddenly sprouts in his shoulder and he snarls, grabbing it with his free hand and snapping the shaft as he turns to face you.

Sandulf Machera

Ni’tareus nods to Sandulf as the eagle trolloc falls, a sign of respect at killing the creature, then turns and rushes through the swamp water to catch the chieftain.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): back

The chieftain spins and attacks Kael, snarling. His breath is atrocious and powerful enough to waft its way the five or so feet in between him and Kael.

GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) [1d20+15 = 18]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) [1d20+10 = 20]
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 1) 18
GM: Barbed Axe (attack 2) 20

He swings twice and misses Kael both times.


Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) +15 () [1d2017 = 35]
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) +10 () [1d2012 = 24]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 1) +15 () 35
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) (Attack 2) +10 () 24
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): brb, like two minutes…
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 [1d1012 = 18]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 18
Kael: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *
1 to attack) (2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 [1d1012 = 19]
GM: “Blightslayer” Ogier Waraxe (Masterwork *+1 to attack) (+2 additional Attack and Damage vs Shadowspawn) damage +10 19

With two hard swings, Kael first cuts the chieftain across his face, disfiguring his bear snout badly. As the trolloc spins from the ferocity of the blow, Kael delivers the killing blow, catching the trolloc on his left shoulder and burrowing Blightslayer deep into the creature’s flesh, breaking his armor as he does so. The trolloc howls in pain as he falls into the murky water of the swamp. It twitches a few times and Kael pulls his axe free and kicks it once more for good measure.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): back
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): nice.

Kael grabs the chieftain by the leg and drags him back to the group. “Perhaps this one can tell us a bit of who sent them.”

Terith looks at Kael as he returns, dragging the corpse of the dead chieftain back.
Terith: I hope you’re kidding, brother.

“You’re amazing!” The Ogier boy says as he runs through the swamp, murky water splashing at his feet. The last trolloc isn’t even done twitching and he’s already looking at Kael in awe. “Light! I bet you killed five of them!” He says earnestly as he arrives at Kael’s side.

Kael shrugs. “Anything’s possible.”
Kael: How are you doing?
Sochaia Doisech: Terith, I know you feel strongly about this, but I know you’d have fewer wounds if…
The rest of you return to the trolloc camp. Some of you are in bad shape. Ni’tareus is bleeding profusely. And Terith looks only a few steps from death.
Ogier boy: You killed them all! You avenged my uncle!

The Ogier female composes herself as she walks toward the dead Ogier laying near the trolloc fire. “Oh Naven….you were so brave. If you had only waited until these fine people came along…” She says, tears gathering in her eyes as she drops to a knee to stroke the dead Ogier’s face with a large finger.

The little Ogier girl walks up behind her mother and lays a head on her back, hugging her. The Ogier woman turns slightly to put an arm around her daughter. The Ogier boy, who is now eyeing Blightslayer and raising a hand as if to touch it, continues to stare in awe at Kael. “How tall are you? When I grow up, I wanna be that tall.”

Kael looks down at the ogier boy, “The shadow cannot stand against the Ogier.”
Kael grins.
Terith looks up at Sochaia, still clutching his wounds.
He laughs. Mirthlessly, but a laugh nonetheless.
Sochaia Doisech: I’m sorry, my friend. This is not the time to say that, is it?
Terith: I know where you’re going with this, but I still cannot. Perhaps I just need to meet Kael’s armorer.
Sochaia Doisech: Ni’tareus, rest. I’ll see to your wounds momentarily.
Ogier boy smiles at Kael and strokes the hilt of a now sheathed Blightslayer.
Kael chuckles, “Few Ogier are as tall as I.”
Ni’tareus nods at Sochaia and takes a knee to catch his breath.
Sochaia Doisech plants a tiny kiss on Terith’s large cheek.
Ni’tareus: Tend to Terith. He’s always looked worse than me, but now….much worse.
Terith looks completely shocked at Sochaia’s attention.
Sochaia Doisech chuckles softly. “I think he’s handsome enough.”
Terith: I…uh…thank you.
Sandulf Machera checks on Elia
Kael goes to the Ogier woman, “Are you ok?”
The woman nods to Kael as he walks up.
Sochaia Doisech: Sandulf, are you well? I don’t think you’re hurt at all.
Sandulf Machera: a few minor cuts.
Sochaia Doisech nods.
Kael: Sochaia Sedai can tend to that wound, if you wish.
Shaelen: I will be fine, good master. I am Shaelen, wife of Amrel, daughter of Sharael. Thank you for your assistance, friend.
Sochaia Doisech: Kael? No hurts on you, either?
Ogier boy tugs on Kael’s elbow.
Kael shrugs, “A minor scratch, Sochaia. Can you see to Shaelen here?”
Ogier boy: Is she really an Aes Sedai?
Sochaia Doisech: Madam Ogier, I need to see to your hurt. If you’ll permit me, that is.
Kael looks down at the boy, “Of course.”
Kael smiles.
Shaelen: Yes, of course, Aes Sedai. The one you call Terith looks far worse though…please, tend to him first.
Kael looks to Shaelen, "I am Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth’n.

Sochaia Doisech: says the two most talkative guys ever.

Kael takes out Blightslayer, “Would you like to help me clean and sharpen my axe, son?”
Kael looking at the boy.

Sochaia spends time healing Terith first, then she moves from person to person, stopping to heal each one as she gets to them. The whole process takes perhaps an hour and a half, depending on the severity of the wounds. In the meantime each of you talk, and you learn the names of these three Ogier. The mother is named Shaelen (pronounced Shai-uh-lehn), wife of Amrel, daughter of Sharael. The boy is Salle. The daughter is Coralna.

The Ogier are truly grateful for your help. After Sochaia finishes healing Terith, he stands and walks over to the corpse of the dead ogier male near the cookfire.

Terith takes a knee and stares at the woman as she weeps into her small daughter’s shoulder. “He was your husband?” He asks, speaking softly and with great compassion for once.

The woman, still weeping and hugging her daughter, uses her left hand run a finger through the fallen Ogier’s hair, pulling it back from his face. She shakes her head. “My husband is dead, three years this winter. This one was my brother. The trollocs cornered us as we were picking berries. He…We never heard them coming. But Naven fought them, trying to protect us.”

Terith nods, then murmurs “A true Ogier’s heart beat in him then, protecting those he loved with his last breath. The blessings of the Light be upon you and your fallen brother. Your pain sings in my heart.”

The Ogier woman looks up at Terith and smiles, wiping a tear from her cheek as she does so. Despite only Kael and Terith being Ogier, the rest of you realize for the first time that there is a delicate beauty to this woman. It’s hard to see, given she isn’t of your race, but compared to Kael and Terith….she is very beautiful.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): especially compared to terith…

Shaelen: Thank you. All of you. We are in debt to you and your friends.
Shaelen reaches down and closes her dead brother’s eyes.

“I am Terith, son of Kadan, son of Aydeel. This is Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth’n.” Terith says. He turns to the rest of you, introducing you. “This is Sochaia Doisech Sedai, Keeper of the Chronicles, and Green Ajah. The two over there are Ni’tareus Kellemvor and Sandulf Machera, her warders. And the small one there is…I don’t remember. Enalia or the like.”

Elia gives Terith a look that would burn his soul if looks had that kind of power. “Elia. Elia Savari, my lady.” She says simply as she removes her bowstring and begins packing her bow. She’s still staring daggers at Terith.

The Ogier woman nods to each of you. She speaks softly. “Terith…son of Kadan? THE Kadan?” She asks.

Terith nods sadly. “You know of him, I see. Kadan was my father.”

She smiles, a sad smile, but genuine. “Your pain fills my heart as well then, Terith. Kadan was a great man. I believe his spirit lives on, in every leaf of every tree in every stedding. In every Ogier.”

Terith looks dumbfounded. “I…thank you, Shaelen. Your words mean much.”

Sochaia Doisech watches Terith’s face, interested.

Shaelen smiles again, still sad. She continues to speak softly as each of you come out of the mud to stand near her and her children. She crouches one more time to stroke her dead brother’s face. “We will leave Naven here for now. The Elders will send others to retrieve him for burial. It is not safe out here. This winter was one of the worst for trolloc raids. Why we thought they would be gone is…I was foolish, and never should have come here.” She blinks as she looks up at your party. “My apologies. I do ramble sometimes. Please, the stedding. You can recover from your wounds there. There is peace in the stedding. You will be safe in Jenshin. Shadowspawn do not enter the stedding unless driven. And even then, they’ve learned more than once the cost of angering the Ogier in our homes.” She says that last part with a look at the human members of the party. Obviously Kael and Terith already know about the peace of the stedding.

Terith answers before any of you can say a word. “We would be delighted, Shaelen. Thank you.”

After the healings are finished, you gather your horses and your gear and begin following Shaelen and her children. Stedding Jenshin is only a few miles away, she tells you. As you travel, she tells the tale of what happened. She and her brother had decided to go pick berries outside the stedding in an area known to be rife with the fruit. As she said earlier, trollocs had been seen raiding all about this area throughout the winter, but they had never come anywhere near the stedding. Scouts hadn’t reported any trolloc activity in quite some time, so she and her brother felt it was safe. Besides, fresh berries were a luxury nowadays. No one in the stedding had had anything other than dried berries since last summer.

Kael picks up Naven, “I will not leave him here.”
Shaelen nods to Kael and gives a small, thankful smile.

As they began gathering berries, trollocs ambushed the Ogier. Naven fought bravely, using a long handled axe he carried with him “just in case”, but there were too many trollocs. He managed to kill one and injure another, but they were overcome quickly. She and her children tried to fight them, but failed. The trollocs seemed to delight in their fear and prolonged it, all the way back to the camp.

Kael nods in return.

“They prolonged it too long then, it seems.” Ni’tareus says quietly. You realize you aren’t treading through swamp water anymore and seem to have entered a heavily forested area of leatherleaf and pines.

“They did. We are very fortunate you and your friends arrived when they did. I can’t thank you enough, friends.” She says to Ni’tareus.

Sochaia, as the party talks while traveling through the forest, you suddenly feel a sense of icy stillness envelop you, and your connection to the True Source…disappears. You can’t even sense it. Saidar simply isn’t there anymore. You reach out, trying to find it, but find nothing. Suddenly you feel weak as a newborn kitten. Without Saidar…you are powerless. Kael senses alarm through the bond, and looks to you.

Sandulf, you feel the icy stillness envelop you as well, though it is quickly followed by a sense of absolute calm and serenity. You are in the stedding now, no doubt. The peace of the stedding isn’t a story told by gleemen. It’s real…all of your worries, your inner pain, even your anger…it all subsides the moment you enter this place. You are still capable of feeling these things, its not that…just that you suddenly feel…well, better. Better than you have in a very long time.

Sochaia Doisech: sways slightly with the exhaustion of healing.
Elia: Oh Light…is this what the stedding brings? It feels wonderful.
Ni’tareus: It does. Are you okay Sochaia?
Sandulf Machera smiles slightly
Sochaia Doisech nods.
Terith eyes Sochaia
Kael sighs. “It is good to be back in the Stedding.”
Sochaia Doisech: Just a bit tired, is all. Nothing to think on.
Terith shakes his head at Sochaia.
Terith: It’s not tiredness…not for you. It is alright, Keeper. You aren’t severed, or in danger of losing your connection to the Source. It simply doesn’t work in the stedding. But when you leave, it will return to you.

Sochaia Doisech watches Terith’s face as he speaks. “I believe you. I feel the loss deeply, but there is a peace here, too.”
Terith: Yes. Yes there is.
Terith looks around at his surroundings, and sighs, raising his head to inhale deeply. “I have been away far too long. My war with the Shadow…it will be the death of me one way or the other. If trollocs don’t kill me, the Longing will for certain.”

Terith looks up at Sochaia. “I hope you will understand if I remain here for a short time, Keeper. I need this. If you choose to travel on to Maredi, I will understand. If you leave before I am rested, I will find you on the road to Tear, I promise. But I need some time in the stedding. Just a few days. I can’t speak for Kael, but all Ogier experience the Longing when we’ve been away for too long. He may need the rest as well.”

Elia looks up at Terith as she rides. “This Longing…I have heard only stitches here and there. Is it a sickness, Master Terith?”

Kael nods. “A few days will be….nice.”

Terith looks at Enalia or whatever her name is, and nods. “Yes, small one. Or something very close to sickness. When the Breaking of the World was in full force, and Ogier were spread about the world and lost, fleeing the terror of those madmen that channeled tainted Saidin, we came to miss the stedding. These places are our sanctuary, and we are tied to them in a way I cannot explain to you. When the Ogier during the Breaking couldn’t find their stedding, they began to experience the Longing…a deep desire to return. An urgent need, so powerful that it killed many Ogier. We were in danger of dying out as a race before the first stedding were rediscovered again. The world was in turmoil, you see. The very land itself was changed. Nothing was the same as it had once been before the Breaking. Oceans covered the stedding, or mountains had been raised where they had once been. Finding them again was difficult, if not outright impossible. I am told there are places in the Aiel waste where you can still sense the peace of the stedding, yet there are no Great Trees there. What had once been a lush forest teeming with life is now a desert wasteland where no Ogier would ever want to live. Now…now it is as if the Longing has been bred into our very souls, and if we are away from the stedding for too long, we wilt and die. Much like the trees of that long dead forest died when there wasn’t enough rain to sustain it.”

Sochaia Doisech: You both need this. We will stay. Unless Ni’tareus or Sandulf object.
Sochaia Doisech arches an eybrow at the two men.
Ni’tareus: I have no objections.
Elia: Nor I.
Kael: We could all do with a day or two to heal and rest.
Terith: I agree.

Shaelen nods. “Indeed. You all need rest. Stedding Jenshin welcomes you.”
Sandulf Machera shrugs

Salle nods his head vigorously. “Yes, you should stay. When I grow up, I want to be an Ogier Sentinel, like you Kael. Will you teach me how to use that axe?” He asks. The boy has been nonstop with questions about Blightslayer almost since you left the trolloc camp.

Shaelen pats her son on the head. “Peace, Salle. It’s time to let Master Kael rest. He needs this time in the stedding for quiet contemplation. Why don’t you run along and tell the others that guests will be arriving shortly. Tell them what has happened and that we will be along soon.”

Salle looks disappointed, but he nods at his mother’s commands and does as instructed, sprinting off ahead of the rest of you.

Kael I remember Stedding Jenshin. Do the Aiel still come to trade?
Shaelen raises an eye at Kael’s mention of Aiel and having visited.
Shaelen: They do not. Stedding Jenshin is too far away from the Spine of the World.

Elia watches the boy go. “Is it really safe to let him go off on his own like that? I mean…you were just attacked by trollocs, Shaelen.” She asks.

“We are already in the stedding. We are safe here. As I said earlier, shadowspawn wouldn’t dare breech the sanctity of this place. Besides…there are scouts here. Watching us even as we speak. They will not leave their posts to report what they see unless what they see is dangerous. We are not. Be at ease, Elia Savari.”

Sure enough, as you travel, you do catch glimpses of Ogier Tree Wardens, as they are known among the Ogier, keeping watch over the stedding, protecting it and all inside it. Over here, you see an Ogier wearing the same multicolored browns and greens that Terith is so fond of, almost blending into the surroundings. He wears leather armor, and a leather braid wraps around his forehead, keeping his long hair from falling in his face. Over there, you spot another Tree Warden crouching inside the brush, long axe held lightly as he relaxes and watches your party travel. They are spread out, but not so far that they couldn’t come to each other’s assistance if needed.

Another fifteen minutes of travel and you arrive at the heart of the stedding. Great Trees extend high into the air, and you are amazed to find that there are leaves on every tree, as if winter never came, and you are standing in a forest in the middle of summer. Large mounds of earth bubble up from the surface here and there, with portions of the earth dug up and replaced with wooden stairs that lead down, into the mounds. There are large doors at the bottom of each stairwell, granting access to the Ogier homes contained beyond. Sometimes you see a protrusion poking up from the mounds, with streamers of wood scented smoke filter out above them. Here and there, you see Ogier going about their daily lives. Some of them stop to watch your party enter, and give a polite greeting to Shaelen, but most simply continue about whatever task they are currently on.

In the center of Jenshin you find a flattened tree stump that has been sanded, polished, and smoothed to a fine surface. The perimeter of this stump is lined with a wooden balustrade that’s been ornately carved and detailed, much like the surface of the Waygates you’ve seen. The Ogier take great pride in everything that they make, especially wood working. There are twelve very large chairs, sized only for Ogier, sitting around a large oval table that’s been placed in the center of the stump.

Gathered at the stairs of the stump, you see Salle with a small gathering of aged Ogier. Shaelen leads you towards the party, where Salle is re-enacting the battle he just saw with great enthusiasm. The elders merely stare at him in silence, then raise their eyes to stare at your party as you approach. Even from this distance, you can each see great wisdom in the eyes of these elders.

Salle turns when he realizes the elders are no longer paying attention to his story. “That’s him, Elder Dolen, Elder Rone. That’s Kael! He’s the greatest Ogier warrior ever!” He exclaims.

The elders, for their part, give Kael a polite nod, but they look on Shaelen with sadness, and address her first as you finally reach them.

Dolen looks at the body of Naven in Kael’s arms.
Dolen: It is true then. I am sorry, Shaelen. My heart sings for you.
Kael bows. “Elder Dolen. Elder Rone. I remember you both from when I was here last. It is good to see you again.”

Several other elders softly repeat the phrase. “My heart sings…”, they say.

Dolen looks at Kael with a curious expression on his face, then his face brightens.
Dolen: Ah…I do remember you. It has been many years. Kael, son of Ashal, son of Borth’n, yes?
Rone bows to Kael
Rone: And I remember you as well, young one. You have returned to us.
Shaelen curtsies to the elders. “Thank you father. My heart sings for your pain as well.” She pauses, to address the other elders. “Thank you elders.”
Kael: Yes. I did not have this armor nor this axe, but I have joined the Sentinels and my fight against the shadow goes well.
An Ogier woman who bears a striking resemblance to Shaelen, looks at Kael with curiosity.
Sharael: I do not remember this one, Dolen. He has been among us before?
Kael: Are there still refugees from Stedding Chiantal in Jenshin?
Dolen: He has, wife. He was much younger then, and as he said, he didn’t wear armor back then.
Sharael looks at Kael and nods to Dolen.
Sharael: Yes, there are. You are from Stedding Chiantal then?
The elders seem to be defering to this woman.
Kael nods. “I intend to reclaim it from the shadow.”
Elia dismounts from her horse.
Rone: A noble task. We can’t afford to lose stedding like we did Chiantal.
Shaelen clears her throat
Kael: No we cannot.
Shaelen: Your pardon, elders. I should introduce you to the others. This is Terith, son of Kadan, son of Aydeel.
Sandulf Machera dismounts and keeps his eyes shadowed
The elders nod and extend their hands to grasp Terith’s arm in greeting. You notice a measure of respect in their eyes when they meet Terith’s own. Each one introduces themselves to him. For his part, Terith grimaces when he realizes so many know of his father.
Shaelen: You know Kael, it seems.
Salle bounces up and down in excitement at mention of Kael’s name.
Salle: I told you he was big! Bigger than any Ogier I ever met!
Kael, you notice a few curious looks at the warder cloak on your back. There’s a frown or two in there as well.
Kael smiles.

Salle continues to sing Kael’s praises, but Shaelen continues on with the introductions. “This is Sochaia Doisech, Keeper of the Chronicles in the White Tower, and Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. And these are her two warders, Sandulf Machera and Ni’tareus Kellemvor. The woman over here in the cloak is Elia Savari. We were lucky they came when they did, elders. I have told them that they would be welcomed in Stedding Jenshin, and that they could rest here if they wished.”

The elders fan about, greeting all of you before one elder, the one with white hair, brings some semblance of order back. “You are all welcome to the peace of Stedding Jenshin. We will find places for you to stay, if you wish. Rone, is the human house prepared for visitors?” he asks.

The elder with gray hair nods. “Taina and Mosfa went through it and ensured it was clean and ready after the last visitors left us.”

“Good.” white hair responds. “Please be welcome in Stedding Jenshin. I am Elder Dolen. This is Elder Rone. The other elders are….” And he gives a laundry list of names of each elder in attendance, to include his own wife, Sharael, who is also Shaelen’s mother. Each elder politely comes forward to bow or curtsy as the case may be, then steps back to allow Dolen to continue speaking. He appears to be the eldest elder of the group.

When he is done introducing the elders, he makes one last request. “All of you are most welcome here in Stedding Jenshin. We ask only that you respect the peace of the stedding. If you must carry your weapons here, please keep them sheathed.”

Sharael, Shaelen’s mother, speaks. “If it pleases you, eldest, I will see to settling them in?”

Dolen nods. “That would be well, my dearest.”

Sochaia Doisech approaches a young-seeming female Ogier and politely and carefully asks for the story of Terith’s father.

The Elders spread out and you are led away by Sharael, the older Ogier. Shaelen thanks all of you once more before leaving herself. You are shown to the “human house”, which is where human guests stay when they visit the stedding. The small house is still oversized and the furniture, while being smaller than Ogier furniture, is still slightly oversized for humans.

Sochaia wanders off after being given a room, and finds a young ogier woman folding laundry. The woman curtsies to Sochaia when she approaches, then looks down at Sochaia and tries to answer her question.

Young Ogier Woman: I have heard the son of Kadan was here. Kadan was a hero to our people, mistress. He was a general, a philosopher, an advisor. And a diplomat. A great man, and he led the Ogier to greatness in the early years of the trolloc wars. To tell his story would take more time then you probably have. But that is the gist of it, if it pleases you.

DragonSypher (Kael): afk but still on headset

Young Ogier Woman: Sadly, he was killed…perhaps fifty years ago? I do not remember the exact date. But he was killed in battle.
Sochaia Doisech: I see. He sounds like a legend.
Young Ogier Woman smiles at Sochaia
Young Ogier Woman: Yes. That is a good word to use for him. Whether or not his son lives up to the…legend…remains to be seen.
Young Ogier Woman: But we have high hopes for him.
Sochaia Doisech nods at the young ogier as a realization comes into her mind. “Thank you. Most enlightening.”
Young Ogier Woman: You are welcome. Peace be with you.
Sochaia Doisech: And also with you.

You spend several days in the stedding, resting and recuperating. The Ogier here treat you well during your stay. At some point on the second day, Ni’tareus pulls Sochaia aside.

Ni’tareus: Sochaia…I’ve been thinking about the Amyrlin’s plan. Would you care to hear my thoughts?

Lanndon: I guess not. Fine. I’ll go pout.
Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): would i EVER!

Sochaia Doisech: Yes, my warder. What is your thought?
Ni’tareus: Should we gather the others? Or do you just want to hear it? They are involved too.
Sochaia Doisech: Let’s find them all first. I know it’ll be of interest to us all.
Ni’tareus: Okay.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): you do look pretty when you pout, boy.

Every one of you are summoned to the common room of the human house, even Kael and Terith, who are staying as guests in some of the larger homes in the stedding. One by one you arrive, and when you’re all there, Ni’tareus begins.

Lanndon: He always looks pretty. He wears lipstick.

Ni’tareus: The Amyrlin Seat gave us a plan to follow. Traveling incognito once we re-enter human civilization, so that the Shadow can’t follow us. I’ve been thinking about this, and I’d like to share my thoughts on how we can accomplish it. Feel free to interject your own thoughts, if you wish.
Sochaia Doisech: Let him speak his mind fully, if you please, first. Please.
Ni’tareus: So…here is my plan. Sochaia, you are the Lady Quintaros. I’ll let you pick your own name, but the House name is Quintaros. It’s suitably…Eharonian, don’t you think?
Sochaia Doisech: Indeed. I like it.
Ni’tareus smiles
Sochaia Doisech: Saviendha, maybe. Or Lylaeve?
Ni’tareus: Me too. Now, as you know, I am from a noble family. I should have no problems portraying a lord, since…technically I still am a lord, though I have renounced my claim to the title so that I can serve you.
Ni’tareus: I like either. Pick which ever you feel suits you.
Sochaia Doisech: Saviendha it is.
Ni’tareus: Anyway, you are Eharonia, and I am from Coremanda. What if…what if I were to play the role of your husband? It isn’t uncommon for nobility from different nations to marry into other houses. In the case of Eharon, the noble lady rules her house, which will allow you to remain in charge. I would have to defer to you, though you would come to me for “advice” as needed. In this way, I could still serve as your warder and protector.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): that house name seems….familiar, too. ;)
Lanndon: It’s a bastardization of Quintara…Tylin Quintara…the Queen of Ebou Dar. Which is in Eharon during this era.

Sochaia Doisech: eyes her warder. "This is a well thought out plan. You’ve been working on this since the Amyrlin spoke, haven’t you?

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): oh.

Ni’tareus: I’ve been thinking, yes.
Ni’tareus: But there is much more, if we are to pull this off properly.
Ni’tareus stands and looks at Sandulf.

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): to be my husband, you must first answer me these questions three, ‘ere the other side you’ll see…

Ni’tareus: Sandulf, you can pick a name of your own, though you are obviously from the same part of the world I am from, in both accent and appearance, so it is better if our story is that you came over with me as part of the marriage custom. You will be the "Head of our House guard. House Quintaros would have a private guard. You will be the head of it, which makes you our primary guardsman. This allows you to stay close to Sochaia as well.
Sandulf Machera nods
Ni’tareus returns Sandulf’s nod.
Ni’tareus: Elia…
Ni’tareus turns to Elia
Ni’tareus: Elia, you will be Sochaia’s maid. Every noble woman travels with at least one maid, and sometimes many more, depending on how powerful her House is. In this case, we will be unknown, and as such, should pretend to be a minor house. So one maid will suit the Lady Quintaros. She could play the part…if we spruced her up a bit, anyway.
Ni’tareus eyes Elia up and down, sizing her appearance up.
Sochaia Doisech lays her hand on Elia’s forearm. “I swear to you I will not abuse this.”
Sandulf Machera: conall anon
Ni’tareus: We’d have to put her in a dress. Something suitable for a maid. Nice, but not as nice as anything her lady would wear. And she’ll have to do something about her hair. Perhaps put a few curls in it. Yes. And she’ll need powders for her face. A lady’s maid would most definitely need to look beautiful…though not as beautiful as the lady she serves, of course.
Sandulf Machera gives a look at Ni’tareus for eyeing Elia up and down
Elia eyes widen in shock
Elia: I think not…
Ni’tareus gives Elia a very level look
Ni’tareus: You’re supposed to be in disguise, Elia. All of us are. We need you to play this role. It may take some getting used too, but it will suit you, I promise.
Sandulf Machera: Elia there are times when everyone on a hunt must dawn a disguies
Ni’tareus shrugs his shoulders at Sandulf’s words.
Ni’tareus: True enough, I suppose.
Elia looks from Sandulf to Ni’tareus, then nods reluctantly.
Elia: Alright, but if you expect me to bow and scrape for either of you, you’re gravely mistaken.
Ni’tareus smiles slyly
Sandulf Machera smiles broadly
Ni’tareus: Only in front of others. When we’re…in character. I promise.
Elia crosses her arms under her breasts, but nods just the same.
Elia: Fine. But don’t expect me to be practiced at this sort of thing. I wouldn’t know the first thing about being a lady’s maid.
Ni’tareus: I’ll teach you.
Ni’tareus: So, that covers Sochaia, me, Sandulf, and Elia. All that is left are the Ogier. Now…they’ll have to consider dressing in something more…common for an Ogier. Or at least, for an intellectual Ogier, which neither look the part. So we have work to do with them. But I think they can pull it off if we dress them right and control Terith’s temper.
Sochaia Doisech: I assume you mean something more than merely giving them glassless eyeglass frames.
Ni’tareus: You see, it’s very rare, but not unheard of for a noble house to have Ogier allies and friends. Or even an advisor that sometimes visits with regularity. They even travel together at times, if they’re friends.
Ni’tareus: Yes. I mean giving them haircuts, and making Terith take a bath.

Terith gives Ni’tareus a very dark look at the insult.

Ni’tareus: No offense implied, Master Terith. I am not saying you stink, just that we need to clean the mud off of you from time to time. To keep up appearances.
Terith: Right.
Sochaia Doisech: I could comb you, if you like.
Kael: I have worked with the Ogier masons and before my Stedding was taken I was nearly a master stonecrafter. I can slip back into that role easily enough, though I would like to wear a bit of armor under my coat. Perhaps some mail.
Ni’tareus: In any case, they would be friends to House Quintaros. You see, having an Ogier ally or advisor lends great credibility to a house. It builds honor and respect from the rest of the nobility.
Terith stares at Sochaia, obviously not seeing the humor in her words.

l1wolf-WoT (Sandulf Machera): she would like to braid your hair

Ni’tareus: Armor will be out of the question for the time being, Kael. We’ll need to put you both in coats and breeches.
Kael frowns. “If it must be, so be it.”
Ni’tareus: You’re advisors. Or at least intellectuals.
Sochaia Doisech winks at Terith.
Kael: I will be known as Tevenar, son of Doelen, son of Ealoc then
Ni’tareus: Good. I’m glad you understand. Hopefully, with our disguises complete, we won’t need armor. People will leave us alone, especially darkfriends.
Ni’tareus: I like that name, Kael.
Ni’tareus eyes Terith again.
Sochaia Doisech: conall anon
Kael smiles, "He was my mentor when I began as a Stonemason.
Ni’tareus: We’ll have to do something about Terith’s eye…that’s a pretty identifying mark he has there. Perhaps an eye-patch?
Sochaia Doisech: What would you say to a low-slung hat?
Ni’tareus: That will work well then. Knowing your own history would be important to playing the part, I think.
Ni’tareus: Who? Terith? He’s so tall that the hat will hide nothing, yes?
Terith grunts
Sochaia Doisech: You do be making sense.
Terith: I won’t wear a hat. Maybe an eye patch though.
Ni’tareus: Well enough then, Terith. We should try to find you one before we leave the stedding, so that it fits right. As you always say…clumsy human hands and all.
Terith nods
Terith: Perhaps…perhaps Shaelen could find one for me.
Ni’tareus smirks
Ni’tareus: Speaking of eyes…what do we do about Sandulf’s eyes?

Sochaia (Sochaia Doisech): punch his face. hard.

Ni’tareus: Can you weave something to change the color in them? Just temporarily, I mean.
Ni’tareus eyes Sandulf.
Sochaia Doisech: A disc of colored air in front of his eyes, maybe? He could still see through them.
Conall Anon: well since I am to be your guard my normal methods will not work

Sochaia (Saviendha Quintaros): look. i’m a cool kid, too.

Ni’tareus: Let me think on this one a bit more. We’ll come up with something. That or we’ll just have to hide him away in our luggage when we travel through town.
Ni’tareus smirks at his own humor.
Conall Anon stands to his full height
Conall Anon: I don’t think I will fit
Saviendha Quintaros attempts to weave two tiny blue colored discs of air hovering in front of Conall’s eyes.
Ni’tareus: The last thing we need to do is set ourselves up to travel like nobility. When we arrive in Maredi, there is no hiding that we arrived on horseback and look nothing like nobility. So we need a back story. One that will convince them that our appearance is plausible, given the proper circumstances. So here’s what I propose.
Conall Anon: we could try bandages or wraps also, thick enough as to not to see my eyes but not to thick for me to see.
Conall Anon: sinsitive eyse from a wound in battle, with no Aes Sedai around to heal them
Ni’tareus: We were traveling from Londaren Cor to Tear, by way of Aren Mador given the invasions that are taking place. Outside of Aren Mador, we were beset by trollocs and most of our house guard were killed. We managed to escape but lost most of our posessions, including the carriages and our luggage, and need to resupply in Maredi. I think this story will work.
Ni’tareus: Ah, yes. That could work. A wound from the trolloc attack. Very good, Sandulf.
Kael-Tevenar-: What of my axe?
Ni’tareus: You see? Our story gets fleshed out more and more.
Ni’tareus: What of it. All travelers carry weapons. Even Ogier, if they are wise.
Terith grunts.
Kael-Tevenar- nods. “Good, because I wasn’t planning on giving it up.”
Kael-Tevenar- grins.
Ni’tareus: Alright, so when we arrive in Maredi, we’ll rent out rooms in the finest inn they have…to help solidify our story of being nobility. While there, I’ll visit the wainwright and purchase a carriage. I’ll have them paint the house colors…blue and silver, I think….on the doors. And perhaps the house sigil. A running wolf with a raven in its mouth has a nice image in my head.
Ni’tareus: Since all of your “finest dresses” were lost when the trollocs attacked, we’ll need to get you some new ones. And a few nice coats for me. And while we’re at it, a few servants tabards bearing the sigil of House Quintaros made as well.
Ni’tareus: Who knows, we may need to hire some new “servants” before getting to Tear, and we may need them.
Ni’tareus: Oh, and jewelry for you and Elia. And a few nice rings for me. And maybe a necklace. To complete the look, you understand.
Ni’tareus sighs
Ni’tareus: And lastly…we’ll need to locate someone that can forge documents for us. A few patents to show us as outlander nobles in case anyone asks. Complete with our sigil and seal. That part I won’t be of much use on, but I think Sandulf there can locate the kind of scum that would create such a thing. Are you up for it Sandulf?
Ni’tareus: So…what do you think? Any objections?
Conall Anon: With Elia’s help it should not be a problem
Saviendha Quintaros: Less jewelry and more clothing and I think it sounds very good.
Elia nods at Sandulf and sniffs at Ni’tareus for not asking her first.
Ni’tareus: A true noble lady would have lots of jewelry, Sochaia. You must trust me here. And I need boots too. Nice ones.
Kael-Tevenar-: I have no objections though I am bringing my armor, wrapped and packed so it wont clink.
Ni’tareus: I wouldn’t expect anything less, Kael. Good then. We’re agreed. When we get to Maredi, I’ll get to work on my part. THe rest of you do your part. And we’ll see how this works.

Session October 30th, 2012 Chat Log

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